Revealed … the peak and off-peak Avios redemption calendars for 2017

We now have full visibility of the peak and off-peak Avios redemption calendars for both British Airways and Iberia for 2017.

The big change, as eagle-eyed HFP readers booking for February half-term had already realised, is that Tuesday and Wednesday flights will no longer automatically be off-peak.  

If you want to travel on British Airways between 7th July and 5th September you will be paying the peak Avios price.  If you are wondering why this covers nine weeks and not the traditional six weeks of the school Summer holiday, it is because it appears to be based on the public school calendar and not the state school one.  This is why October half-term straddles two weeks and Easter covers 3.5 weeks.  That said, February half-term is only blocked out for one week and not two.

You will see calendars for both BA and Iberia below.  There are substantial differences between them.  If you are flying on a route shared by BA and Iberia, it may be cheaper to book on Iberia.

For example, 15th February is peak for BA and off-peak for Iberia.  On that day, a Club World return from London to New York would be 120,000 Avios.  It would only be 68,000 Avios from Madrid to New York.  The tax would also be £335 lower on the Iberia ticket as long as you book via the Iberia website (£480 v £145).

British Airways calendar:  (click to enlarge if necessary)

British Airways peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

British Airways peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

British Airways peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

British Airways peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

British Airways peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

Iberia calendar:

Iberia peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

Iberia peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

Iberia peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

Iberia peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

Iberia peak offpeak Avios calendar 2017

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  1. In Scotland we’ve always had two weeks for the October holidays (the “tattie picking holidays”), and our summer holidays start at the beginning of July, so perhaps BA is just trying to cover all its bases… often the best time to get away is before the English schools go on holiday!

    • Erico1875 says:

      Im in West Lothian and Oct hss always been just a week

      • Sandgrounder says:

        I have often found cash fares in the last week of August which merit a three hour drive North.

    • Brian W says:

      Scottish School Holidays in the central belt have always been one week for as long as I can remember. My eldest is 9 and it’s been one week since before she was born. We’re in the West and Erico in the East so seems one week is the norm where the majority reside.

  2. another good reason to pinch the Friday (31/3/17) if you are taking the kids off on holiday at Easter next year (state schools) – saved us 4000 avios :)

    not sure why they didn’t make it peak

    • Genghis says:

      Do parents still get fined for taking kids out of school? Ie. Did you pay anything for those 4k avios? :)

      • Depends on the school sometimes if you ask permission they allow it others refuse and you just go anyway lol

      • they’re more concerned about whole weeks off, not odd days at the end of term

        our kids go to 3 different schools so no pattern will emerge :)

        actually (Scott) – all schools have been guided to refuse permission for term time hols without exceptional circumstances – so it’s better to pull a sickie, sickies are authorised absences

        • I am reminded of the days when all you had to do was to hand in a form at the school office in order to take your kids away for a couple of weeks- 5 or more holidays in the Greek Islands!

          Surprisingly, having missed all that school time, our 3 have all turned out OK, are solvent and have decent jobs :) .

          • In fairness the argument is not just about the impact on your children. They’ll have missed certain ground and the teacher will need to spend time helping them catch-up, even if it’s just arranging with you how you cover it. That time affects all the other kids in a way that, across the whole class/school, cannot be assessed or justified by your own children’s outcomes.

          • How would you quantify teachers time spent dealing with the Duffers/lazy parents v a couple of weeks away?

          • If the kid is not having any issues, a week off only affects their scores for the league tables. It has very little effect on anything else long term.

        • They should be equally concerned by both, otherwise they’re breaking the law… Attendance is a legal requirement, and saving 4000 avios isn’t a valid reason to withdraw a kid from school (though it will most likely be justified by “they wouldn’t be doing anything anyway” or “but the holiday will be educational”!)

          (For the record I have no personal qualms with missing the last day of school, but the law is the law. It’s not there to protect your no doubt well looked after children, it’s for those with bad parents. The superficial difference between them not always being obvious).

          • Genghis says:

            Do you always drive at 70mph in a motorway’s middle lane?

          • No, I keep left unless overtaking.

          • actually saving 4000 avios was just lucky, it was flying out on Friday vs Saturday that I wanted

            last day of term is a complete waste of time at Xmas & summer term, less so the other hols – and the schools are generally useless at announcing training days a year ahead of time, so they might end up not missing anything at all…

          • In this case I’d say the law is there to make sure that parents whose children are not going to suffer are for politically-correct reasons given the same punishment as those whose children will suffer through absence.

            Appropriate judgement is not allowed any more if it appears to a crude aanlysis that it causes diskwimination.

  3. This another devaluation of Avios for people with school kids as you can’t use the Tuesday/ Wednesday dates anymore. Avios now to the Far East isn’t good value anymore, and is even marginal with an Amex 241, due to the very cheap business flights currently both ex EU and occasionally the UK. Raffles, some state schools now have 2 weeks in October but I think February is quite unusual hence why BA haven’t put it as peak.

  4. well this is a shame for me. My wife is a prep school teacher- we typically go away during the private sector extra weeks of holiday because flights have historically been slightly (although really not much) cheaper. Given that my only use of Avios is going to be go away wth the wife on holiday the Avios devaluation has hit us hard.

    • Mikeact says:

      “Flights have historically been slightly (although really not much) cheaper.”

      • merely pointing out that teachers as well as those with kids are effected by this. If anything teachers more so. That said I am well aware it’s my wife’s chosen carrier and as such, as with all jobs, there are positives and negatives. It’s just a shame.

        And yes historically it’s been slightly cheaper to fly when the private schools are on holiday than the state sector. any price differential though has been eroded in last ten years as, quite unsurprisingly, travel industry pricing models have become more sophisticated.

  5. I am currently watching flight availability from LHR to ORD as we want to book for the end of next April so I am pleased that week is showing as all off peak – it’s great having kids at Uni age so we can travel off peak! The two flight options we have are 11.20 am on a 747 or 4.00 pm on a 777 – looking to book CW and need the connecting flight down from EDI. As we haven’t yet flown our first CW long haul flight which aircraft is the better option?

    • Mikeact says:

      The iconic 747.

      • Scallder says:

        Also if flying 747 get the seats upstairs. Nice mini CW cabin with c20 seats in it all in 2-2 formation. There’s 2 cabin crew as well so get pretty attentive service!

        • Agree – If you can get the upstairs of a 747! in my opinion it’s not far from the BA First cabin (apart from the seats, and some snazzy PJ’s)

  6. Billy Buzzjet says:

    Hi Liz.
    Definitely the Upper Deck of the 747 if you can (or are prepared to pay to reserve) seats. However , be wary that these super High J versions of BA ‘s 747’s are crazy busy downstairs and it feels more like a flying dormitory.

    • Ok great – we are actually booked for Chicago this Aug on a 747 which will be our first long haul flight so we should enjoy that. Haven’t paid to reserve the seats – we don’t have any status but as we have the connecting flight from EDI we can book in a few hours earlier than those from LHR so I will look then. What are the best seat numbers to look out for. There will be 2 of us travelling.

      • Mikeact says:

        No, check in on line 24 hrs prior, to the minute, and then select your seats.

      • Colin MacKinnon says:

        Hi Liz,

        Have a look at paid Business flights from Madrid to St Maarten (SXM) in the Caribbean and return to Edinburgh.

        They seem an amazing bargain at around £1,070. The great trick is that you don’t need to spend all your time in SXM – you could visit just for the day and then break your journey in Chicago on the way back for the main stay!

        Suggest that as the outbound MAD-MIA-SXM is a good flight – and you have Iberia (with Avios) or Easyjet from EDI-MAD.

        Fares like these to the US and the middle eastern flights to the Far East make me think that the BA Amex is no longer a bargain and things like Hilton or SPG rewards are the way ahead.

        • This trip for next year is a month long drive along Route 66 with several detours so not looking to add more to the journey by going via other airports – got plenty of Avios and a 2-4-1 so keeping our cash for eating out and shopping!!! Was hoping to get F on the A380 on the way back from LAX but there is never any availability! Keeping options open for San Jose or San Francisco.

  7. Mikeact says:

    Forgot to also mention, check out SeatGuru for best seats.

  8. Billy Buzzjet says:

    Hi. Personally I think the best window seats are 62 A/K or 64 A/K on the upper deck, failing that i usually opt for the last row in Club World on the main deck so I don’t have to climb over anyone to get out of my seat, although you are usually last to be served , so can present a risk.
    Have a great time.

    • Thanks – I was having a look at seat guru ! I didn’t realise it had an upper deck. Thanks for your help!

  9. Has this gotten better or worse? Seems to me that most of the year is now off-peak with the exception of school holidays.

  10. Friday 26/5/17 looks another good one to pull a sickie :) (Half term hols May/June.)

    Sorry to ask Q without doing my own research – can I book return flight 4/6/17 BA Avios RFS flight SIE (somewhere in Europe :) ) – LHR – via Iberia Avios – for off-peak rate? Instead of via BA for peak? Do the redemption flights pop up on Iberia similarly to BA, ie T-355 days?

    • Just checked & our route is offered on the IB book a flight site, ie IB codeshare & operated by BA – sounds as if it’s bookable as a redemption?

      • OK I’m on the IB book a flight page, looking at my route 19/5/16 – it’s a BA flight

        IB is quoting 7500 Avios on 19/5/16 vs 6500 for 18/5/16

        ie IB is using BA’s peak/ non-peak calendar, not IB’s (BA has 19/5 as a peak day, IB has it non-peak

        so it appears I can’t do this?

        • That is correct. Book an IB flight on and it uses the Iberia chart, book a BA flight on and it switches to the BA calendar.

    • Guess its the same as BA’s stance that all other carriers are treated as PEAK.

  11. ankomonkey says:

    Making the entire summer holidays peak is really moody. Devaluation and now this makes the number of Avios I need annually unreachable without buying some. Ultimately, it drives me away from BA. It also makes achieving status less important. If only VS flew to more long haul destinations…

  12. Avios is a Quasi Currency. BA are simply replicating the principles of their core business.

    BA are a capitalist motivated organisation, therefore you can’t blame the BA management for wishing to maxmimise their (Avios) income at a time of peak demand; otherwise they would be letting their shareholders down.

    For what its worth I’m sure the same poor availability will be apparent for peak and off peak times on core routes; again helping them generate cash for shareholder distribution!

    • yep, anko doesn’t really have much of a point though not a problem if he wants a bit of a moan.

      You might as well argue that dynamic pricing is unfair…

      There’s not really that much difference between peak & non peak on short haul

      and since you can use Avios + money, it’s just a matter of paying that little bit more (you don’t need to have the extra avios sitting in your a/c).

      I think the 4 + 2 seat availability promise is valuable enough to offset any gripes about pricing models designed to get closer to optimising revenue.

      • Genghis says:

        So you long at you get the 4 at t-355? :)

      • ankomonkey says:

        I need Avios for long haul in school holidays. Off peak represented good value to me and meant I could achieve what I want pretty much every year. BA have now taken that value away and pushed the requirement out of reach, especially since Tesco Clubcard earning opportunities are fewer and worse value where they do exist.

        I fully understand Danksy’s points on the commercial aspect, just that it hits me in the pocket and leads me to look for better value elsewhere. When my kids are older I will be able to consider ME3, ex-EU, etc. Right now the wife won’t have it!

  13. I was hoping the peak/off-peak pricing would be an experiment which they later scrap.

    IMHO the only “peak” days should be the Public Holidays in the UK, perhaps +/- 3 days either side.

    Everything else is not peak, just a “normal” time to fly.

    • Well, for Y tickets the “peak” price is just the “normal” price, and the “offpeak” is discounted from what it used to be between 2011-2015

      Of course for J both “normal” and “discounted” avios prices are increased from previously

      • Same point I was about to make. Off peak is just a nice discount to the old Avios pricing on my European route, so I’m pleased as punch. They certainly did not put the Avios cost up on peak (on my route, at least).

  14. Simon Schus says:

    Hi all,

    The GroupOn deal for Avios with Iberia has returned (seems basically the same as last time it was mentioned on HfP I’m posting here in case the deal helps anybody.

    Hopefully, the Avios will credit faster than last time. I had my points credited on Tuesday this week having purchased in January. The purchase took over 4 months.


    • Lo que obtienes


      2.000 Avios – 19€ (65% de descuento)
      4.000 Avios – 49€ (46% de descuento)
      8.000 Avios – 99€ (40% de descuento)
      12.000 Avios – 149€ (37% de descuento)
      20.000 Avios – 259€ (33% de descuento)


      1. Compra los cupones de Avios

      2. Para que los Avios comprados se carguen en tu cuenta Iberia Plus debes pinchar aquí y seguir los pasos:
      Paso 2.1. Introducir:
      – Código de seguridad de tu cupón
      – Código del cupón
      – E-mail con el que hayas realizado la compra (e-mail asociado a tu cuenta Groupon)
      – Pinchar en “Validar Cupón”
      – Si tienes más de un cupón, puedes hacer este paso de nuevo con todos los cupones que tengas.
      – Una vez que hayas validado todos tus cupones, pinchar en “Continuar”

      Paso 2.2.
      – Introducir el número de la tarjeta Iberia plus donde quieres recibir tus Avios
      – Pinchar en “Continuar”

      3. Una vez realizado el paso anterior, tus Avios estarán cargados en tu tarjeta Iberia Plus en máximo 30 días laborables, para usarlos cuando tú quieras.

      Tienes desde el 14 de abril hasta el 11 de mayo para canjear el cupón por tus Avios.
      Una vez canjeado tu cupón, no se admitirán modificaciones ni cancelaciones.

      Límite de compra
      Límite de 5 cupones o 100.000 Avios por usuario de Iberia Plus, excepto el cupón de 2000 Avios que solo se puede comprar 1 por persona.

        • Crunching the math to get best, decent amount + discount (5 Groupons) = 1 x 2000 + (4 x 4000) = total 18,000 avios. Cost EUR215

          You buy through IB Plustore. = 1075 Avios

          Total 19,075 Avios = 1.127c/ Avios = c. 0.9p/ Avios

          I’m out. Even if you add in your Amex MR points, you’re not going to make much difference to the cost.

          Are the 2000 Avios worth it?

          EUR19 = 2000 (Groupon) + 95 (IB Plustore) + 15 (MR) = 2110 Avios
          = 9c = 7.15p/ Avios

          Maybe :)

          Somebody had better check the math lol

          • Sorry obviously meant 0.9c = o.715p/ Avios :)

            What if you need 100K cheap Avios?

            EUR1295 = 100,000 (Groupon) + 6475 (IB Plustore) + 1030 (MR) = 107,505 Avios
            = 1.2c = 0.955p/ Avios

            We seen worse :)

            Doesn’t seem to tally with the % discount claimed by Groupon, odd

          • Lebron James says:

            U have been busy Harry Boy.

          • Genghis says:

            Not checked it over fully, harry, but I think you did mean 1.127c / avios or 0.899p / avios. Not too shabby but I’m not a buyer at that price

          • Harry, get your keyboard checked-out as clearly there’s a problem with the “S” tab.

            “Math” ? :) .

          • heh heh

            you WILL see a lot of “bb”s as I spilt some coffee (or ‘something’)

            & completely destroyed my keyboard @ Xmas – red wine ISTR :)

    • Oh no! :-)

      Dare I risk writing about this? Although I did get mine ….

      • I got mine in full as well

        last time on IB/ Groupon we got (between my wife & myself) 100K @ not much worse than 0.7p thanks to the more generous Plustore promo

        but I also got a different 100K @ 1p (via HFP) & at the time I was very happy to stick that in the bank

        nothing wrong with 1p when you need to have enough for a 241 or indeed any redemption

        swings & roundabouts

        I reckon you’ve got too many good stories for tomorrow, famine —> feast

        • Andrew H says:

          I purchased another 2000 yesterday. My December purchase went through fine.

          Unfortunately I forgot to go through the Iberia Store this time, but it’s only 304 avios, so it’s not a massive error!

          It was easier going through the redemption process a second time. They have exactly the same confusing procedure as in December, but I remembered all the trouble with getting the code to appear on the right hand side of the page. For anyone who is stuck, I have written out a guide:

          “Once you’ve made your purchase, it will show up in your Groupon purchases as ‘processing’. Wait 5 or 10 minutes and check again (you should get an email to confirm that the Avios are ready).

          The ‘processing’ message should have disappeared and a link should appear in its place. Click it and you will be taken to a new page to redeem the Avios.

          On the left side there should be a blue button underneath a picture of an Iberia plane. Click the button and a pdf file will open in a new tab. At the top left there should be a security code and a coupon code. You will need these codes so make a note of them (ignore the ‘ref’ code).

          Close the pdf file. Towards the bottom of the previous page, there’s a set of instructions. In the first paragraph there should be a small link. Click it, and you’ll be taken to a new page with some fields to fill in.

          Add the security code, the coupon code, your email address, click the tick box, and hit the green ‘validate coupon’ button. The page will not change, but on the right hand side, your coupon details will appear.

          This is where the main problem lies. I HAD TO DO THIS TEN TIMES TO GET IT TO WORK. Same as last December. But it will eventually work, just be patient!

          When you can see your code details on the right, scroll down the page and click the blue ‘continue’ button (not the green one, which is to validate the coupon – you’ve already done it).

          You will be taken to a new page and prompted to enter your Iberia Plus number. Again, it took me ten attempts to do this, but it will eventually accept it!

          You should then get a confirmation message on the next page!”

  15. Sebastian says:

    This change is an absolute killer for me as a private school teacher :(

    • But why? Possibly only if you fly long haul business/ first, I think.

      Short haul peak Avios redemption requirements stayed the same as the standard ‘price’ before – and off peak was the introduction of a discounted Avios cost, ie nothing was more expensive & lots of dates got cheaper.

      What are your typical destinations?

      • Sebastian says:

        The US and Asia!

        • if you fly business or better, I know you’ll have been hard done by

          but if you fly eco, did the peak/ off peak change really affect you in long haul?

          as I said, in Europe it was simply the introduction of cheaper off peak avios redemptions

          in other words, if you fly eco, did eco long haul redemptions get more expensive in peak, or did peak stay the same and off peak get cheaper (same as Europe)?

          • Sebastian says:

            To be honest I just fly biz/first with my Avios. I recognise I could use my points for Eco, but that’s what I have my Virgin miles for as they’re better value. As for Europe bookings I just fly Easyjet and book the first row, while I get my lounge through my PP as I do not find CE that much different apart from the inflight meal and the possibility of not having the middle seat free.

  16. rams1981 says:

    I bought one of each groupon. Under 1p for me gets value as I usually redeem long haul on a 2 for 1.

    • nice one

      you can buy 5 in total, up to 5 of each type – except only allowed 1 of the 2000 deal

      have you redeemed successfully already? people got confused last time round because of the Spanish but it’s a case of ‘try, try & try again’ until you get the success message

      • rams1981 says:

        All went through fine first time and got confirmation emails. But nothing to indicate it tracked through Iberia store yet

  17. 2.000 Avios – 19€ (65% de descuento) = 0.95
    4.000 Avios – 49€ (46% de descuento) = 1.225
    8.000 Avios – 99€ (40% de descuento) = 1.2375
    12.000 Avios – 149€ (37% de descuento) = 1.24167
    20.000 Avios – 259€ (33% de descuento) = 1.295

    So whilst 2000 is clearly cheapest, there’s not too much difference between the others; if you need a big chunk, no reason not to go for gold ie 100K

  18. No one seems to have commented on how late BA publish this calendar. I was planning flights for early April and expected Tuesday/Wednesday to be off-peak, wrong… Calendar published on the day I was planning to book a Tuesday flight! No off-peak first three weeks of April 2017. This strikes me as very poor show by BA…

  19. Are you running this tomorrow, Raffles?

    Chance to get 100K Avios under 1p is quite rare, regardless of the possible pitfalls.

    Stick them in the bank.

    As an Avios millionaire already, I’ll just think about it :) [but 100K of those were bought @ 1p…]


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    British Airways 2017 peak and off-peak Avios calendar