British Airways announces new cuts to in-flight service

In what is becoming a regular monthly announcement, British Airways has announced a new raft of service changes.  Most of these will, I believe, kick in from 1st July although some may take a little longer to materialise.  All cabins are impacted, even First Class.

This is what I understand to be happening, based on comments at Flyertalk and from emails from HFP readers who work for BA:

First Class:

Amuse bouche to be removed from the meal service

Blanket removed from day flights, provided only on request

Club World:

Changes to Club Kitchen stocking (this is not necessarily a backwards step based on what I saw, but it seems that there will be a move to even more ambient – ie chocolate bar – stuff and away from more expensive fresh items)

BA A380

World Traveller Plus:

The second meal is to be removed on shorter routes, to be replaced by the opportunity to take something from a basket of ambient snacks passed around by the crew

Pretzels, cheese and biscuits to be removed entirely

World Traveller:

The second meal is to be removed on shorter and medium length routes, to be replaced by the opportunity to take something from a basket of ambient snacks passed around by the crew

The bottle of water will be replaced by a small plastic cup of water

Pretzels, cheese and biscuits to be removed entirely

Toothbrushes and toothpaste will no longer be provided but they will be available on request

Something for everyone to look forward to over the Summer, whatever cabin you fly, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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  1. Am I the only one wondering what the hell an “ambient snack” is??

  2. The water bottle removal could prove to be a horrible decision. At Kuala Lumpur last week we had the 2nd security later at the boarding gate that removed the water we had to take in flight. This security was AFTER the security that first screened our bags, so happened twice. Absolute joke! So on the roasting hot BA flight with no water for ages. The bottle with meal only thing we had for during the night sips without continually going to galley. BA staff pretending they didnt know this 2nd security check happens. What a joke!

    • yes the 2nd security check at some airports is annoying, even more so when you don’t know its going to happen and buy water – those in the know get their bottled water put into one the duty free security bags! Others just hide the water in their hand carry and seem to manage to smuggle it through, kinda concerning!

    • FYI Not sure about KUL but certainly at SIN where security is at gate, once through security and into her gate holding pen there are water fountains. Just need an empty bottle.

    • OK so you are on the roasting hot BA flight.

      Why didn’t you just get drinks from BA team? Water, beer, wine, spirits & mixers?

      Obviously best to wander up to the galley & ask politely.

      Surely you are not claiming the plane ran out of drinks?

      • I’m saying its very inconvenient to just wander everytime u want a sip of water. Especially true when everyone sleeping.

      • I am amazed by some off my fellow travelers. Everything related to the journey seems to be the airlunes fault. If Kul security takes away your water its no BA’s fault do ur homework before u fly. Also on a 13 hour flight there is plenty of drinks available

    • Yes KUL has 2nd security check at the international gates, which confiscates water. This totally sucks. Yes I do walk to the gallery to fill up a few times! BKK & SIN has water fountains inside the gates so fill up your empty bottle. I am local to KUL.

      BA should have additional food for sale as I find the portions insufficient. Have to stuff food in the bag. So I will have to buy the food to go at the airport LHR T5 when I next catch my flights to FCO & KUL soon. Any recommendations on food to go?

      What does it mean by short haul WT & WTP? How many hours would that be? KUL to LHR is more than 12 hours! One meal & one snack is not enough! On the rare occasions when I have to fly AirAsia, I tend to buy 2 meals to be safe!

      • At any UK airport a Boots Meal Deal is always the food to go that i take on board (same applies at train stations).

        At T5 there is also the option of getting a packed lunch from Gordon Ramsays restaurant, i think you can pre order online and it comes in a branded little insulated lunch box. Might be worth it for the smugness factor alone.

        Given the length of the flight I’d image that on the KUL flight the meal service wont change, evening meal, then breakfast in the morning. I am guessing the reduction in meal service is more for transatlantic flights. In the past with some other airlines i have only ever been served one meal, then towards the end given a snack (which varied from a pizza slice to ice cream).

      • Only on flights less the 7-8 hours that changes will affect the passenger in the future. All the Longrange wont be affected and stay the same with two hot meals. I dont know why people are so crazy about food on a plane anyway its the worst thing, after the radiation intake,that you can do to your body on a flight. Take fruit with you coz there is no harm to eat a bid less from time to time!!!

  3. OT but all customer services are closed on a Sunday.

    BA Amex premium delayed baggage cover. Is it a flat £750 compensation or up to £750? BA have lost my bag and there’s no sign of it showing up in the next few days. Need clean/any clothes

  4. It really makes me wonder whether BA is worth it anymore, you’d get better service on Ryan Air now.

    • Anthony Duke says:

      Haha! Seriously! pmpl. Has your flight ever been cancelled with Ryanair? nothing, nowt, in return at least BA give you food and a Hotel, oh and a network to Longhaul Destinations. As regular Business class passenger on BA, I can verify that the difference is in comparison, by the way the food and drink on all BA is complimentary, you pay for the seat everything else is just a nicety, just bring your own food on, like I do, saves the hassle of empty complaints.

  5. Why don’t they just introduce BoB in economy and get it over and done with – at least we’d know where they stand. If I travel economy I find it so confusing trying to find out what, if any, food I’ll get that I usually get something in the terminal to take onboard if I think I’ll want anything to eat – As for the water issue – I always take a small (250ml) empty bottle with me, (lid removed and packed elsewhere in my hand luggage so security can’t take it of me) and fill it up on the plane or in the lounge / terminal food outlet etc, as I need it for taking medication. I also keep and re-fill the 50ml empty gin miniatures and take some in my liquids bag, as a backup to when BA’s bar runs out which has happened recently – in CE! Alas, the tonic, ice & lemon is a challenge too far so I still have to go without a G & T occasionally! As a last resort, I would even fill miniatures with water. Anyone else got any other tips like this? Anyone else do this sort of thing? You can’t always beat the system, but it does give me some satisfaction that I don’t have to pay inflated prices for bottled water in the terminal!

    • I use a hard plastic bottle which I fill with water at a water fountain. Not so good at Greek airports with no water fountains though!

    • Yeah my top advice to you : get a life and stop being such WUSS !!

  6. OT: is your review of the Eurostar e320 trains still coming up?

    • Yes, sorry, was in New York last week which knocked me off schedule. Need to do it before the NY stuff can run.

  7. Well, my bouche is no longer amused!

  8. therealCruz says:

    Ferme ta gueule avec les amuse-gueule!

    Whattsamatter you, you gotta no respect, yousa gettin’ tapas and cava, armada insist on that, gettit!!!?

  9. Planeflyer says:

    All the “enhancements” are pretty bad, but I think that the toothbrushes in Y do then to just go in the bin. I think stocking them in a drawer in the bathroom would create a LOT less waste.

    The lack of water bottles is a big negative. :(

    • To be fair, Emirates don’t even do wash bags in J on day flights. You can take what you want from the bathroom.

  10. Why is the blanket removed from F but not J?

    • therealCruz says:

      Eet because of bullfights

    • the blanket isn’t being removed, it’s being proactively offered by the cabin crew as an ‘enhancementm’- although they are now supposed to collect it before landing. The blankets are still loaded for every seat in F, and there is no change to the First duvets.

  11. Willie wake up and remember what coffee used to smell like!

  12. Londonbus says:

    OFF TOPIC: Looks as if Vinoseleccion is running a further offer for Iberia – mixed case of reds – £50, yields 500 avios. Had 1 case of Rioja from the previous offer – fantastic.

    Link here:

    • Noggins says:

      thanks – I needed some way to get my new IB account activated. And Rioja is my favourite!

    • I ordered their case of rioja last time and struggled through a couple of bottles before donating the rest to the kids at school.

      Pretty horrible stuff really and I won’t order again from them.

  13. They should scrap the processed junk food entirely it just gets people more hungry and disappointed when there is nothing else coming.

  14. What on earth is an ambient snack?

    Does it play Enya?

    • It is fundamentally anything that is so stuffed with chemicals that you could send it on a mission to Mars and back and still be able to eat it ….

    • Boris that really made me laugh 😀 😀

      • Club Kitchen on my recent LHR-YVR flight was a small basket of funsize cadbury chocolates that ran out half way and was not replenished, some crisps and some leftover desserts from the main meal in the fridge. Hard to see how it could get any worse..

  15. Maybe BA should rebrand First as Premium Club World, just be done with the pretending.
    btw, best economy food i ever had was on Air Asia where you order and pay for your meal online, think it cost about £2 (pre brexit conversion rate).

  16. British Airways is not a British Airline anymore ,they are just making sure that everyone moves over to the Subsidized Arabian owned Airlines by destroying the old Brand of British Airways . never trust an Irishman with a British Company,


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