Register now – IHG brings back its generous ‘Accelerate’ promotion for the Autumn

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IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn, HI Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc loyalty scheme, has launched a website for its Autumn 2016 promotion – IHG Accelerate. Yes, it is repeating the Autumn 2015, Spring and Summer 2016 offer!

To be honest, during 2016 IHG has been the only major hotel chain offering global promotions which offer genuine value.  Everyone has their own personal target but, for most of us, the challenge is pretty straightforward.


Here are the headline details:

IHG Accelerate (Version 4) covers stays from 6th September to 15th December

All hotels are participating

Your bonus is personalised – you need to log in here to discover yours

This year IHG has excluded the Christmas period.  This is a shame as hotels are traditionally very cheap between Christmas and New Year and it was possible to pick up some ‘mattress run’ nights to hit your target very cheaply.

This was my target for 64,900 points maximum, comprising:

  • 5,000 points on my next stay
  • 5,000 points for a stay in September
  • 10,000 points for staying five nights
  • 3,500 points for booking three stays via the IHG app
  • 6,400 points for booking 2 x 2-night weekend stays
  • 2,500 points for booking two stays using my Corporate Rate (where I haven’t worked for 5 years!)
  • 12,000 points for one stay in North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Greater China, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa
  • 1,500 points for spending $160 on food and drink (this is excluding VAT or local taxes)
  • 19,000 points for completing six of the seven targets above, excluding the September bonus

This is a bit trickier than last time, to be honest.  Even ones that you may think are easy, such as the Corporate Rate one, are not because only about 10% of hotels used to give a special deal to my ex-employer.  The Corporate Rate is also higher in many cases than sale rates.  Spending $160 (roughly £150 when you add back VAT) on food and drink isn’t easy either.

At the moment, I don’t think I can manage this.  My plans are still very flexible for the Autumn so things may change.  64,900 points is also well worth having – even if I had to spend £175 on mattress run nights it would be worth it.

My wife got an easier one for 46,600 points:

  • 3,000 points on her next stay
  • 5,000 points for a stay in September
  • 10,000 points for staying five nights
  • 6,400 points for booking 2 x 2-night weekend stays
  • 3,600 points for booking a Bonus Points Package
  • 18,600 points for completing three of the four targets above excluding the September bonus

It isn’t a no-brainer though.  It would require at least four nights over weekends or five nights midweek to trigger the 46,600 points.  I might be able to justify two mattress run nights if necessary – perhaps another day out before Christmas at the Holiday Inn Brent Cross?!


As long as your target is sensible, this is highly likely to be the most generous hotel promotion you are likely to see this Autumn.

That said, for my household it may be that the maximum bonuses are out of reach.  8,000 to 10,000 bonus points for a stay in September (well, 6th September to 30th September) is not to be sniffed at though.

Log in to the Accelerate website here and see what your target is!

Remember that you can earn DOUBLE base points on ALL your IHG stays by booking through the special Head for Points link.  This is a world exclusive offer (spookily!).  Visit this HFP page for more information and the link to book.

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  1. 5,000 Stay Once Get 5,000
    14,000 Stay More, Earn More – stay 7 night(s) and earn 14,000 bonus points
    3,200 Travel with the IHG® App – Book 2 stay(s) with the IHG® App
    8,800 Saturday Stays Bonus – Stay 3 weekend(s), including a Saturday night
    17,600 Globetrotter Bonus – 3 IHG hotel(s) outside of your country of residence.
    1,100 Eat, Drink, and Earn – Spend $110 on food or beverages
    18,000 Your Achievement Bonus -Complete 5 of the 6 offers and earn 18,000 bonus points
    5,000 September Bonus Offer – Stay once in September and get 5,000 bonus points.
    500 Registration Bonus – Register for Accelerate and earn 500 bonus points.

    So potentially I could go for triple bonus here, if I booked 2 stays with app, one of them being in September: 5000 stay once + 5000 September bonus + 3200 book with app? And potentially booking without breakfast and hit the spending on food for 1100 more?

    Do Cash + Points count towards Accelerate Bonus (unlike Reward nights)

  2. My target is pretty much the same as this quarter. Apart from the “stay 7 nights” for 10,500, they’re all very achievable for 35k points. Book a couple of stays via the app, including a bonus points stay and spend £40 on food & drink. It’s effectively a “buy 2, get one free” offer. By the time I’ve completed the current offer and do this, I’ll have plenty of points for next summer’s jaunt somewhere warm.

  3. Thank you for the sign up notice. I am not a business traveller yet I find I am given targets that would suit business travellers. This year only stayed two nights, and have a target of 79,000 with over 15 nights to stay so again not worth it for me. I hope at some point my targets become attainable.

  4. Lois Hutton says:

    Many thanks for the link – nothing from IHG themselves. I have just chased up a missing app booking from the current promotion; I found the customer service excellent with the points added manually and after next week’s stay they will manually add the bonus points that will be due.
    My new target isn’t too bad; the only one that isn’t achievable is a stay in Americas or Asia.

    As above do the cash and points stays count?

    • Cash and points don’t count unless a target states that method. Cash and points is really just points, the cash is used to buy extra points to credit the stay

  5. This is the 3rd ‘Accelerate’ I’ve registered for – anyone else noticed that their possible total earnings have gone down each time, or is it just me! My first one totalled 80k+, second 55k+, and the latest 44k+! The first was easy, but I won’t manage to hit all of them in the current or the next, but I now have enough points for at least 5 nights in a top category property. Thanks Rob – I also haven’t had any notification from IHG.

    • Yep, every time the offers are harder and the rewards are less. I wasn’t going to bother chasing mine this time but I already have 7 nights booked out of target of 9 (was 4 on the first, 6 on the second) so booking two more on the app will achieve about 3 of the targets. Got to work it all out when home…

      • Yes, just two stays booked through the app, one as a “bonus points” stay, and a random redepmtion of some points for a digital download will get me 5 of the 6 and trigger that bonus. the only outstanding thing would be spending $70 on food and drink which only yields an extra 800 points

        • JamesWag says:

          One of my goals is to book two stays via the app. Could they be reward redemptions using points and still meet the goal correctly ??

  6. Hi, if I use HFP double IHG points link to book a IHG stay will it be eligible for the current and the new IHG Accelerate Promotions? THX!

  7. Do you just use the best available rate from the drop down for the ihg accel?

  8. I have done and completed every one of the IHG Challenges over the past few years. Yes the points earned have dropped a bit but mine seem to be easier to achieve even though I am now a Platinum Ambassador. .Just a quick question. My family – and everyone else – all have the Sept stay bonus. Will a stay on the 30th Sept and checking out October 1st qualify?

  9. Perhaps unethical, but my accelerator offers to make two bookings with two different brands… Would this work if I made flexible bookings and then cancelled them?

  10. John Tickner says:

    My partner has 30,000 double points starting with second stay.

    Does that mean ‘up to 30,000’ in doubling of points from 2nd stay, or a 30,000 bonus from 2nd stay?

  11. Do you really have to wait until the start of the offer period before booking in order to qualify for the “Book 2 stays” offer? It doesn’t seem logical. I have just been told by IHG customer service that a reservation I made on 30th May, well after registering for summer Accelerate, did not count as the offer dates are 1 June – 31 August. Do you think this is correct, or have I been wrongly advised (in which case I should contact them again)? This has meant I have failed to meet my completion target/bonus.

  12. Can any help re: corporate rate target? My company doesn’t have an IHG account, therefore I don’t have a corporate rate available. Is there any way I’m able to “access” the corporate rate? Thanks.

    • One of my targets is to book two stays through the app. Would reward redemptions satisfy the this promotion target equirements ??

      • No

        • Cheers :-(
          Got a couple of free nights to take before Dec 31st and am thinking of taking my parents to Bordeaux The Grand for a couple of nights. Shame I can’t hit an accelerator target with them or the 80k points (or 60k+$120) I’ll spend for the 2nd room :-(

          • Have IHG Plat status but not Ambassador. Doesn’t seem much point in taking it out for this trip, unless others have experience of this hotel (Bordeaux Le Grand) honouring Ambassador status benefits (include. upgrade) on reward nights ????

  13. This is probably common knowledge, but I have just noticed that IHG points from E-rewards count towards Spire Elite status.

  14. Andi Hawes says:

    Relating to the Accelerate that has just finished, 31st August 2016, does anyone know:

    my stay of 31st August 2016 checking out on 01 Sept, does that count as a stay of 31st therefore will post ok?
    i spent £46 on food, so roughly $60, but the post seems to have credited 58% to the food spend target i had of $60

  15. Well, an underwhelming offer for me.

    5,000 September Bonus Offer – Stay once in September and get 5,000 bonus points.
    3,000 Stay Once Get 3,000
    30,000 Double Points- Earn double points starting with your second stay.

    What on earth? 30k worth of double points? Not very generous!

  16. So for the bonus stay in September, points stays & cash & points stays won’t qualify? I know 2 bookings for consecutive nights in a hotel counts as 1 stay but consecutive stays in 2 different hotels even if next to each other counts as 2 stays?

  17. if anyone has a “Earn When You Redeem” target you might be interested in this: In the magazine section of rewards you can download a magazine called “Best Ideas For Christmas” for zero points