STOP PRESS: New Qatar Airways business class sale rolling out

As I was heading for bed last night, Qatar Airways was rolling out its major new Qatar Airways Travel Festival sale.

Prices are as low as £601 for Stockholm to Dubai in Business Class, a route that would get you 400 tier points and a large pile of Avios.

When this ran at the start of the year there were some astonishing deals, such as £800 business class tickets to Asia.  Remember that all Qatar Airways flights earn Avios and tier points in British Airways Executive Club and, if you head to Asia, you’ll earn 560 tier points per return trip.

The best deals will involve starting your trip in another EU country.

I will do a full summary on Tuesday.  Here are some deals out of Stockholm in business class:

Dubai – £806 for one person, £780 based on two travelling (in reality, it is pricing at £628 – SEK 7,000 – for one traveller and £601 based on two travellers)

Bangkok – £1200 for one person, £1020 based on two travelling

Singapore – £1295 for one person, £1087 based on two travelling

Sydney – £2160 for one person, £1750 based on two travelling

Qatar A380

These pages should have a summary of the best deals:

Qatar Airways Stockholm deals

Qatar Airways Oslo deals

Qatar Airways Copenhagen deals

Qatar Airways Paris deals

Qatar Airways Amsterdam deals

Qatar Airways Brussels deals

In most cases you must book on the Qatar Airways website by 5th September and travel between 15th September and 30th June.  No travel 15th December to 10th January.

My review of Qatar Airways A380 business class is here, 777 business class here and 787 business class here.

More tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to see what is out there.

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Etihad sale deals: £1500 to Oz ex-Istanbul, £1900 to Oz ex-Dublin and £1200 to Middle East ex-UK
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  1. From Stockholm, best deals seam to be:
    Dubai 6700 SEK (£603) and Hong Kong 10760 SEK (£970) (2 persons travelling)
    Dubai in Economi is 1,619 SEK (!)

  2. Can I redeem Avois on these Qatar fares because of course I can never redeem them on BA!? I want to fly from Edinburgh to Cape Town and don’t mind starting in Edinburgh or flying to Paris, Amsterdam etc to start. Or should I just pay cash?

    • Yes, you can redeem Avios on Qatar via – probably better to pay cash though at these rates.

    • You cannot pay avios in replace of cash, you would need to do a standard redemption which would not make sense given the low cash prices.

  3. WilliamPH says:

    I know that this is mainly a U.K. Site, but I’m often looking for a cheap deal to make a flying visit back to the UK from the Far East. A quick visit to the Qatar website seems to show that SIN – LHR returns are cheaper than SIN – AMS.

    Generally, does it work out cheaper to nest returns from Europe or Asia? It gets harder to work out with recent currency fluctuations!

    • jonboy73 says:

      I have a similar issue with regular trips newcastlel-cebu/manila which often prices around £3.5k

      I have just booked China southern via Amsterdam and china for £1590 return. Skyteam I know…wish me luck…

      Istm that ordinarily it can be cheaper from the Philippines, but then a uk/Europe sale comes along and blows that theory out of the water…

      I would prefer to be booking returns from the Philippines but the sale prices I keep seeing make that too expensive.

    • Hi William In my experience it’s better to nest and travel from theEU or UK even because of the currency (assuming you are paid in SGD) and competitive pricing in general. But you have to fix dates which might be tricky depending on your work circumstances. There are a few transient offers originating from That end though eg recent AY offer SIN LhR return on business for SGD 2900+. Other stations to consider include BKK if I want to originate from Far East

      • * if U want to start trip from Far East

        • WilliamPH says:

          Thanks. I can find SIN LHR for 2950 SGD return in Qatar J, so will probably book that. About the same price as PE on BA or SQ

          • One thing to note is that Ex-Asia the change conditions are generally a lot less restrictive than ex-UK/EU- e.g. 700gbp WT+ fares out of KL with no change/minimal cancellation penalties and can be routed via SIN with a stopover. So that can be useful.

            Otherwise it’s just a case of keeping an eye, from what I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot more quite unadvertised sales like the AY fares

            Ex-Colombo has really good pricing but it’s a long hop from Singapore so personally I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle!

  4. jonboy73 says:

    I cant get the pages to load, time outs or just blank :-(

    too many hfp’ers on there most likely lol

  5. Did manage to book our flights to Sydney based on Rob’s heads up about the Qatar sale yesterday. With a bit of help of ITA matrix, managed to get OSL-SYD-HEL for £1599 per person in May. Not as good as the January prices (even taking into account Brexit pound drop) but still happy and will help with getting my BA gold again.Now let’s hope that we get the flat bed seats on the A320 to HEL!!!

  6. I love it, this how in my family can afford to travel the world in style and get BA tier points.

    This is where I use my avios for CE; it sets me up for a ex EU Qatar flight.

    • Sorry for my spelling!!! Fat fingers.

    • Totally agree Daz. If not for sites like this, don’t think could be travelling in style around the world. Using my Lloyds upgrade voucher and Avios for positioning flights for Ex-EU makes more sense even though CE is nothing to shout home about.

      • I use CE solely for the extra baggage allowance and to get my luggage transferred right through to the end destination without hassle. The luggage humping and dumping can really put people off when transiting numerous airports.

        Agreed CE has panache and style of an Afghan “Jingle” truck.

        • Hi Daz, do you mean that when booking an ex-Stockholm long-haul QR flight, a CE (as opposed to Economy) RFS ticket from LHR-STO will convince the LHR staff to tag my luggage all the way to Singapore and vice versa?

          • Yes.

            My last long haul was LHR-FRA in BA CE on avios, then Qatar from FRA-DOH, DOH-SIN. I dropped my bags off in LHR and didn’t see them until Changi; same, same on the way back.

            I’ve done this to KL and HK as well.

  7. i think we were spoiled in January i got OSL-SIN for 2 £1300
    was looking for SYD for £1100 ,sadly 1500-1600 still good but too much for me.

    • Hi Mart,
      Was hoping for the same but I think it is unlikely we will ever get that kind of crazy prices (although I am hoping I am wrong) particularly with Brexit and exchange rates as they are. So I did pull the trigger for £1599 to Sydney this time around. Still not bad but you are right, we were spoilt in January but unfortunately I couldn’t book anything at that time.

  8. Hi! I am booked to do Copenhagen – Sydney with Qatar in the sale business fare. Trying to work out how many tier points I’ll get as BA website calculator not working for Qatar. It says 480 for return trip on R BA from London so am confused as it’s listed here saying 560 just to Asia? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Rachel
      CPH- DOH – 140 tier points one way
      DOH-SYD- 160.
      So 600 in total for a return trip, enough to get BA silver. Hope that helps.
      The calculator seems to be working now on but you need to input each leg separately to get to see the tier points and Avios earned.

    • Do it sector by sector. CPH DOH and DOH SYD.

    • The BA calculator does work for QR on the BA. You have to do each segment separately: CPH-DOH and then DOH-SYD. The return in Business is 600 tier pts.

    • thanks so much everyone for your replies! Great news :) I am seriously considering the BA card now to get that reward ticket!

  9. Anybody know what the Qatar lounge in Stockholm is like?

    • Third party lounge. Nothing special. Small selection of snacks and drinks and free wifi. Not like a proper Qatar airways lounge- unfortunately.

    • Def nothing special – a few very uncomfortable chairs, very limited food and drink…def dont waste any time there if you dont have to!

  10. serena wilson says:

    Hi Folks – am I correct in thinking that to earn BA tier points on the Qatar flights, one needs to book via the BA website?

    Also – are there any handy lists or search tools anywhere that will list the flights TO a destination rather than from? The airline sale pages are currently blank when I try to look at the country special offers.


    • Can book via any means – just need to add BAEC no to Qatar booking

      • You can’t book Qatar cash flights via anyway.

        The ITA Matrix tool (do a search on here for how to use it) should allow you to do the search you are thinking about.

    • Hi Serena
      You can book by any means including websites like Expedia etc but then go into manage the booking page on Qatar airways website using your booking reference and under passenger details, you can add you BA Executive club number.

  11. How very odd , I’m not getting any discounts at all . Looking at MAD to DEL rtn in both Business and Economy and the prices for both are exactly what they were 3 days ago (£1185 Econ in & £2200 Business) . Am i doing something wrong here?

  12. What dates are the £601 fares to DXB do not get the price when I search ?

    • It was freely available last night, just over 13,000 SEK for 2. Have they corrected it to the ‘official’ sale price?

      • Matt Lee says:

        I can’t find anything less than 16,000 for 2 now.

        I should of booked this am when I had the chance !

    • I just got it for £583 each for three of us (granted one is a two and a half year old) next March 31st for 7 days CPH to DWC

  13. K_special83 says:

    Just booked 2 business class flights to Bangkok from Oslo for £1895 – £987 each! Plus 540 tiers points in BA Executive Club! Fab deal! And flying 787-9 Dreamliner -sweet!

  14. Some good prices in economy out of Europe as well – was looking for a friend for flights to Jakarta in October/November – and for HEL-CGK-CDG is coming in at £287 (including the 10% discount code they’ve just sent out)

    • What’s the code mate
      For some reason I don’t get the emails from qatar

      • Join the celebrations with our fantastic discount fares. Book your ticket from now until 5th September and save on Economy and Premium Class fares for travel between 15th September 2016 and 30th June 2017.

        That’s not all, when you enter promo code PC2016 and book your ticket by 5th September, you will enjoy an additional 10% discount on Economy and Premium Class on top of the festival fares and earn triple Qmiles. What’s more, when you register, we will also offer you a 10% redemption discount on your next award ticket*.

    • “for a friend”…. It’s okay to admit you fly economy once in a while :-)

  15. By the way, just flew KUL to MUC via Doha on QR R fare. Bought a separate BA ticket (which included several other sectors on later dates) to LHR departing 4 hours later. Funnily QR check in at KUL managed to tag my luggage all the way to LHR.

    Unfortunately the QR departure from Doha was delayed 4h 40m. QR was fantastic, contacted BA got me another ticket for a later BA flight within the same booking reference.

    Also my bags failed to turn up & BA couriered them to me at the evening of the next day.

    Great QR business class compared to CW. Great QR lounge at Doha too.

    • I was delayed 2hrs on my recent CPT-DOH when a very unfortunate member of the crew blew the front right door off, inflating the emergency slide whilst performing final checks on it. Some people missed connections but I’m sure QR would have helped them out.
      I had a lovely view of it all from my 787 seat in J :-)

  16. David2910 says:

    Lots of talk about BA CE positioning flights to connect (oslo, cph & arl) in the comments. An important angle to factor in, which wasn’t there in previous deals, is the new Plus fare structure (non-CE): being able to change your flight on-day is fantastic for the return legs as a) you’ll be connecting in DOH, commonly same day as the final LHR/LGW leg, and certainly you’ll be on tarmac in DOH with knowledge of which on-connection to London you need to be on; and b) these airports have multiple BA flights per day.

    Example: i’m flying back SYD – DOH – CPH – LGW. the latter leg a separately bought BA Plus ticket. it takes off 3 hours after the DOH-CPH leg is due to land. i can be on tarmac in DOH and will be able to use my mobile to either delay to later flight, for free, or keep original booking with the 3 hour connection time. that’s really useful.

    This is also good, given these destinations, for Norwegian FlexPlus tickets. small premium to pay gives you significant baggage and full same-day departure flex, with no further charge and good flight frequency. Note that if you also use norwegian on out-bound from LGW then you’re leaving from south terminal so you can use your loungekey/priority pass at the no. 1 lounge and end up having a pretty sweet premium positioning arrangement for next to nothing.

    next post which would be really useful for me anyway would be which of the above listed ex-EUs have best departure lounges.

    • Priority Pass lounge in BRU was excellent. I hadn’t been able to grab a shower in T5 as BA were useless and didn’t make it clear when arriving at T5B that my next flight was going to be from there (nothing on departure boards) hence ended up shuttling to T5A to clear security to go to lounge only to find no free showers (lots closed for maintenance) and had to go back to T5B again!! Thankfully had an excellent shower in the PP lounge in Brussels – friendly and helpful staff, not bad food/drink selection.

    • David. We ve done the opposite while booking last flight out of CPH on that fare. Cheaper o/w option. So if we get to CPH on the Tarmac we can then change the flight to the next one to Lhr , if we don’t fancy spending the day in the city. But usually we hang around as it’s such a pretty city to wander around. That change option is a fantastic enhancement! the only good one this year! So best use it when we can before BA change their minds again.

      • I made use of this in TXL 10 days or so ago. Landed from a QR flight in R from Cape Town and had booked the last flight out of Berlin, couldn’t be bothered hanging about in the city and the ticket desk switched me to the next departing flight without any hassles or fees. I was well impressed.
        I had expected to be told to pay up or jog on by BA. Restored my faith in using them over the LCC – despite their slow decline towards being one themselves, minus the actual low cost !!!

  17. OT: having a BA moan! Currently in Copenhagen doing on line checkin for CPH- LHR – JFK. Site won’t let me do the LHR-JFK as it says I need a Visa before progressing. I am physically clutching our visa Waiver paperwork which states we are already ‘approved’ and ‘welcome to the United States’ . Phone call to BA ….what a rigmarole…. Says it’s a ‘glitch’ . Hardly conducive to a relaxing start to our holiday.
    Those Qatar fares look enticingly good. Maybe I should be looking eastwards instead.

    • We had the same problem checking in for dub Lhr JFK in dub.. Took ages, but worth the hassle. And yes we do east on QR sale fares. Doing HKT from CPH late October, can’t wait, RFS ret to CPH. Using our cancelled BA 241 F avios for club eu fares. Def recommend the QR routing in J. A real treat.

  18. Thanks Harry, no harm in trying though I guess….

  19. glad to be corrected!

  20. Hi all, what am I doing wrong. Could someone that knows what they are doing check this fare to Syd leaving anytime at the beginning of Dec and coming back early to mid Jan?

    Must have spent several hours trying to make this work so far but I’m seeing only double the headline sale rate.

  21. If I use the 10% off promo code does that mean my flight wouldn’t count towards the globetrotter promo ?? I ask as using the 10% code seems to get you the triple miles too and I recall it being mentioned that QR will only honour the most recent promo you sign up for.