Last chance: Avios from Tesco gift cards, Avios from LEGO, Avios from Diamond Club credit card

We will shortly be saying goodbye to three generous Avios collection opportunities.  If you want to take advantage, this weekend is the time to do so.

Last day for 360 Avios per £50 Tesco gift cards

On Sunday, Tesco is ending its longest running – and possibly most generous – promotion.

You currently receive 150 bonus Clubcard points, worth 360 Avios or 375 Flying Club miles, for every £50 you spend on third-party gift cards at Tesco.  Third party means that you can’t buy Tesco’s own gift cards or those for any Tesco subsidiary company.

You can stock up on M&S, Starbucks, book tokens, iTunes, Next, New Look, Costa or whatever else your local store has to offer.

(Remember that Next gift cards can be used to pay off Next Directory accounts – see this article.)

If you are in a Tesco this weekend, you should seriously consider dropping £50 or £100 of gift cards into your trolley whilst you still can.

Gift cards

Last day for 3,600 Avios when you spend £75 on LEGO Friends

There has been a generous Tesco Direct promotion on LEGO Friends running this week.  It ends on Sunday.

As you can see on this page, you will receive 1500 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £75 on LEGO Friends before Sunday  That is worth 3600 Avios or 3750 Virgin Flying Club miles.

That means you are basically getting the LEGO for half price if you value the Avios points or Virgin miles at 1p each.

Even better, code TDX-PKMH gets you £10 off a £75 Tesco Direct spend.  The snag, though, is that you need to spend £75 after the discount to get the 1500 Clubcard points.  This means that you need to buy £85 of LEGO Friends, for which you pay £75 and get 1500 points.

Oddly – and I tested this – you cannot buy £75 of LEGO Friends and £10 of something else and then apply the £10 coupon.  It wipes off your bonus points.  There needs to be £85 of LEGO Friends in your basket.

bmi credit cards

Last chance to spend on your bmi Diamond Club credit card

If you do decide to buy any of the items above, make sure you pay on your bmi Diamond Club credit card!

These cards stop accruing Avios points on 30th September.  However, the transaction must have posted to your card statement by the 30th.

As the timing of this is outside your control, I would ensure that any major purchases you intend to make with the card are completed by Sunday.  This gives them 5 days to hit your statement which should be fine.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Just bought £500 Amazon and £60 Nandos 🙂 can confirm a single £100 voucher earns 2 x 150 CC points.

    • When did Tesco start selling Amazon vouchers? Gutted I can’t take advantage as I spend shed loads at Amazon

      • TGLoyalty says:

        First time I’d seen them today, none of the other 3 I’ve visited the last couple days had them.

        Even if they move to base points for the spend rather than 150 it’s worth a walk now and again. I’ll be there over the next few weeks as I’ve got some money off vouchers.

  2. What's the Point says:

    If Tesco are going to stock Amazon GCs, its probably the main reason why they will stop offering the points points.

    • doubt it – Morrisons have offered Amazon cards for years same as all the other cards

      Tesco just didn’t want to cannibalise non-food sales

  3. What's the Point says:

    I meant “bonus” points

  4. New promo from today until Oct 16th : 75 clubcard points when spending £ 25 on branded gift cards.

    • I saw this earlier. Is this per £25 or for just 75 points for any value over £25? If they’re selling Amazon gift cards, that will be pretty much all my Christmas spending sorted.

  5. I would not trade him because he wants out, only if I have the deal that would benefit my organization. AP is the one who violated his child not the Vikings and now he’s looking for guaranteed money if he stays? Either he stays and I cut or trade him in the off season or before camp. I’ve lost respect for him.