How to earn 7 Avios per £1 shopping at Waitrose, John Lewis and Amazon!

As I wrote last week, Tesco has extended its gift card promotion for another few weeks.  Until 16th October, you will receive 75 Clubcard points – which convert into 180 Avios or 187 Virgin Flying Club miles – for every £25 you spend on third party gift cards at Tesco.

These purchases can be made either in-store or via the Tesco online gift card shop.

This extension coincides with a major change in Tesco gift card policy.  It is now stocking John Lewis / Waitrose and Amazon gift cards.

Here is a photo I took in Filey, North Yorkshire on Saturday morning:


The actual stock was far wider than the photo shows.  For Amazon, it had £100, £50, £25 and 3 x £10 gift card packs.  For John Lewis / Waitrose it had £50 and £25 cards available.

Here are a couple of things you need to know:

You cannot buy Amazon or John Lewis gift cards from the Tesco online gift card store – only in person, in-store

The John Lewis / Waitrose cards are only branded as John Lewis as you can see from the picture.  However, the small print on the back confirms that they can be used in Waitrose.  They can also be used at

Amazon gift cards do not need to be used for a specific purchase.  You can add them to your Amazon account as a credit balance and the money sits there until you next buy something.  Future purchases are deducted from your credit balance first with any balance charged to a credit card.

In order to add Amazon gift cards to your Amazon account, you need to visit this page of the Amazon website and input the gift card number.

I imagine that Amazon and John Lewis gift cards will remain a permanent part of the Tesco gift card range.  However, we cannot be certain that Tesco will continue to offer 75 bonus Clubcard points per £25 spent on gift cards after 16th October.

If you are a heavy Waitrose, John Lewis or Amazon shopper, it is worth picking up whatever gift cards you can from Tesco over the next few weeks.

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  1. Michael says:

    Since annoyingly I’m not targeted for the Nectar bonus, I’m planning to imtey the upgrade Gold to Plat and use these cards to hit the bonus quickly. How soon after the upgrade is approved does the card arrive? Or can I use my old Gold card and it still count? (And if so, how soon?)

  2. What’s the benefit of using the Curve over a Tesco Mastercard?
    Now that they don’t do Amex, is there any benefit to the Curve apart from the 1% foreign loading?

    • None whatsoever unless you think you can cut down the number of cards in your pocket? No logic there, either – you can only link Curve to 1 other card, so why not carry that primary card in the first place? And Curve is so unreliable you need to carry back-up cards in any case.

      • ‘… you can only link Curve to 1 other card …’ Really? That’s not what Curve say.
        ‘Link all your bank cards to just one Curve MasterCard®. Use them all with one PIN worldwide everywhere MasterCard cards are accepted.’

        I’m trying to work out whether SuperCard or Curve is superior. It seems:
        – use for purchase in UK: only Curve;
        – use for purchase outside UK: SuperCard – Curve adds 1%;
        – use in UK ATM: only Curve up to £200 per month;
        – use in foreign ATM; neither recommended
        – Curve PIN can be changed at an ATM 🙂

        Have I missed anything?

        • OK – correction: you can only link to one usable card at a time.

          You’ve missed the reward scheme. Worthless though it is.

        • Genghis says:

          And the Supercard insurance for what it’s worth.
          I use Curve – no trust for Supercard.

    • You’d use both. So the Curve would be linked to the Tesco card. You’d get Tesco points and whatever the Curve reward scheme gives you. The only instance in which that’d be a bad idea is when you get extra/bonus points for buying at specific retailers. If you do it via Curve, the transaction appears on your Tesco as a transaction with Curve rather than whomever you bought from so you’d miss out on the extra points (although you’d get base points).

  3. I used the last few days of my Diamond Club card in a Tesco store so got 2 Avios per £1.

  4. Anyone managed to find the John Lewis card in a Tesco in South London – they seem to be sold out everywhere!

  5. DebbieP says:

    I drove 25miles to reach my nearest Tesco Extra shop yesterday ; ( big store most likely to have the J Lewis cards), alas, no gift cards- in SWINDON! Back on the road today. 🙁

    • Genghis says:

      Wow. Now that is commitment. So 50 miles yesterday and then another more than 50 miles today? You’d better be seriously stocking up to make the time and petrol money worth it.

  6. rams1981 says:

    looking forward to loading up on more Amazon this Friday 🙂

  7. DebbieP says:

    Update on earlier post: rather than drive for 20 minutes for the J Lewis vouchers and then be disappointed, (as was the case yesterday,) l phoned Tesco, and incredibly, was told that they don’t sell, and never have sold John Lewis gift cards because they’re also valid for Waitrose and they wouldn’t sell a rival supermarket’s card! Naturally l begged to differ, but the Tesco lady was adamant. Unbelievable!!! Unfortunately in this day-and-age it doesn’t appear to be possible to phone individual Tesco branches directly, you have to go through an ill informed head office! Anyone else had the same denials?

    • Yes Debbie, you can ask to be put through to a specific store. I do before I drive off, just in case not in stock in that store. Still searching for JL cards in Elmbridge though. Plenty of amazon but not a sighting of JL cards anywhere…

      • Haha some interesting autocorrect there, Polly – that’s certainly a rather specific sort of store 😀

  8. Any success in finding the John Lewis card in central London? Surrey Quays have none, although there were lots of Amazon left.

    • The branch where I got mine is 35 miles (looked it up) from the nearest Waitrose and even further from a John Lewis!

    • stevie g says:

      I bought some JL vouchers from the Tesco Metro near Kings Cross Station (Caledonian Rd)

      • I confirm John Lewis and Amazon gift cards are available from the Tesco Metro near Kings Cross Station.

  9. I got my JL and amazon from the Tesco Wembley store next to IKEA

  10. Got 4 £100 vouchers for Amazon from Tesco today. The manager said the offer is max 4 gift cards, don’t know if that is nationwide..