Huge 18,700 Avios for ONE UK Avis rental – but does it make sense?

Iberia Plus and Avis have launched a very low key promotion which a HFP reader flagged up last night. If you can make this work for you, you could do very nicely.

Take a look here.

Avis is offering 18,000 Avios if you book a Group C car, or above, for 3 days or more, starting on 8th, 9th or 10th December.

You will also earn at least 700 base Avios for the rental.

If you can get a good rate from your local depot this could be a real winner.

Avis 350

The devil is in the detail with offers like this.  If you are thinking of taking part, read the rules carefully as well as my summary below.

You will earn these Avios in Iberia Plus.  You will need a free Iberia Plus account to take part.  You will not get the bonus if you credit to or British Airways Executive Club.

You must book on, or   Bookings on or do not qualify.

Your rental must be in the UK, mainland Spain, Balearics and Canaries, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium or Holland.

The deal is NOT valid on Prestige rentals, Chauffeur Drive or van rentals.

You cannot use any other coupon, promotion or frequent flyer points offer.  This implies to me that you must book at the standard Avis rate.  It even implies that using the Iberia discount code would disqualify you.  This may be taking the rule too literally but you don’t want to risk 18,000 Avios.

It is worth pricing up a 3-day rental from your local Avis depot.  Try out rentals starting on the 8th, 9th and 10th for three days for a Group C or above.  If the price works then it could be worth renting a car and sticking it on your drive for the weekend.

I tried a random booking in Bolton and got a price of €51 – a bargain for 18,700 Avios.

Unfortunately, because I can’t park anywhere near my own house without a parking permit, it isn’t one for me.  If you can make it work for you it could go nicely.  Just make sure you follow the rules to the letter.

Thanks to Jovanna.

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  1. Dumb question here but it says minimum category group C for the car so I’m presuming group E is okay?

    87 EUR, was hoping for cheaper but I think still worth it.


  2. Has anyone retrieved their booking on the Avis website? I just looked and the price is higher than what I booked at 59 euros. Although my email confirmation says 49 euros as it should.

  3. After checking the booking on the Avis website, at the bottom on the booking page it states a promotion has been applied, I assume this will be the discount/ promotion used on the Iberia system after completing the booking? As I haven’t applied any promotional codes when booking the car rental on the Iberia website.
    Has anybody else noticed this on the Avis website?

    • just checked now on and the same happens….
      yet on where i originally booked it doesnt.

    • Howard – Did you book a group C or go for the Group E?

      I was going to go for Group C but E was the same price so I went for that. Im just thinking now if that is a special price then maybe thats why I have the same message as you saying ‘promotion has been applied’ and would explain why my rental is showing as the normal price of a group E car when retrieving the booking, but the reduced special price in my email confirmation.

      Im considering cancelling and rebooking a group C car as Im sure they will find any excuse to wriggle out of crediting avios.

      • I have two bookings. One which is a group c rental and the other a group e. Both bookings display the message “promotion has been applied”. I think and hope I’m correct in saying that the promotion is refereeing to the 18000 avios bonus.

  4. Just booked, thank you very much HFP for highlighting this.

  5. Our booking was more expensive than we would have liked, £87 for 3 days, but its a cheap boost to our avios so we have booked 2 cars for 3 days.

  6. TigerTanaka says:

    Booking on for 3 days from Durham tees Valley airport:

    €74.35 (with Spain as the country of residence)
    £46.34 (with UK as the country of residence)

    Now if Avis just did currency exchange then €1.60 to the £ would be really good!

  7. Yes, my boking also about 40 euros more expensive than booking through even with my AVIS Preferred details entered, but worth it if the avios come through.

  8. I assume this can only be used once per account number? I could do one for me and one for my wife but it’s much easier for me to set this up for myself.

    59EUR from the Central Manchester branch of Avis and just 3.5 miles from the secure carpark at my work where I plan to leave the car for the entire weekend 😉

  9. Three bookings (with three diferent ff numbers) made in Spain for less than 40 €.
    We asked Avis and they said no problem putting the iberia plus number when you did the booking by iberiaplus site.
    Hope it works!!

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