BA launches ‘part pay with Avios’ special offer – but is it worth it?

Ever since ‘part pay with Avios’ was launched, British Airways has been experimenting …. and experimenting …. and experimenting.   There have been constant changes to:

the classes in which you can use it

the value given per point and

the maximum number of points you can use

Personally, I am still grumpy that you cannot use Avios to cover the entire cost of your flight.  I mean …. either BA wants you to use feature or it doesn’t.  Either it is good value for BA or it isn’t.

What I do know is that BA and Avios are very happy with the success of ‘part pay with Avios’.  To be honest, if I was them this would concern me!  If Avios collectors are happy to redeem for a value of 0.55p – the standard value for a large ‘part pay’ redemption – it shows that they don’t place much value on their points and will therefore not go out of their way to collect them.

British Airways Part Pay With Avios

Back to the offer …..

This is the ‘Part Pay With Avios’ page on

You will receive a 20% bonus when you redeem Avios points as part payment for a cash BA flight.

This applies to bookings made by 26th January for travel between 20th February and 30th June 2017.

Is this worth it?

You need to remember that you still earn Avios and tier points for any cash BA flight when you use ‘part pay with Avios’.

The only thing to think about is therefore:

am I getting a good return for my points?

should I hold my points instead for a better redemption down the line?

I can’t help you with the 2nd point.  In terms of good value, this is what you will get:

Short-haul Economy:

Varies between 0.96p per point (1,250 Avios) and 0.65p per point (27,500 Avios)

Short-haul Business:

Varies between 0.90p per point (4,000 Avios) and 0.65p per point (36,500 Avios)

Long-haul Economy:

Varies between 0.96p per point (2,500 Avios) and 0.65p per point (33,000 Avios)

Long-haul non-Economy:

Varies between 0.90p per point (8,000 Avios) and 0.65p per point (45,500 Avios)

In a reverse of the usual laws of economics, the more you spend = the worse deal you get.

Personally, I would take 0.9p.  I doubt I would take 0.65p.  After all, to replace 1 Avios point in my account I would need to:

  • transfer an Amex point, which I value at more than 0.65p
  • transfer 0.42 Tesco Clubcard points, which I value at more than 0.65p
  • spent 66p on my British Airways Premium Plus Amex, on which an effective 1% return would be poor

On the other hand, if you earn all of your Avios by flying for work – and therefore didn’t pay anything for them – it is a different calculation.  Whatever you get for your points is pure ‘profit’.  You might prefer to cash out now at a guaranteed 0.65p rather than hold them for a possible higher benefit at some point down the line.

Full details are on the ‘Part Pay With Avios’ page on the BA site here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. BA SUCKS BIG TIME says:

    If you want to use Avios to book flights and cannot find reward flights then this is an option to consider so your points don’t go to waste.Only time to use part pay.

    • Unless you are chasing status and need the tier points.

      • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect the tier points collection, you get the full amount if you pay any element via cash (as opposed to when you upgrade with avios)

      • There are 2 different things:

        – part pay with avios- sell your avios to BA for cash off normal paid flight, earn TPs
        – redemption with insufficient avios – buy additional aviosneeded from BA at discount as part of redemption booking, no TPs

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      This is a bit disingenuous. I’m a leisurely collector of avios, and trying to save money at the same time. An £80 flight to dublin +4000 avios, for example, is a lot easier to justify than a £160 flight

      • That would be 2p per point. You’re not getting that.

        It would be a £160 flight or something like £120 plus 8000 Avios. Better to do a proper redemption at 9000 Avios plus £35 tax.

  2. PeacefulWaters says:

    I have seen the identical flight booked through Iberia attract a better “part pay wirh Avios” deal than on BA. Not alway though!

    • Someone else mentioned this a while back, it is on my ‘to investigate’ list!

      • I have been looking at flights to Madrid from Birmingham. They offered the following savings for Avios on for a booking totalling £140 (these are 2x return Basic fares). At 44-46 pence per avios these are really not attractive rates.

        £ -16 with 3,700 Avios £ -34 with 7,410 Avios £ -68 with 14,810 Avios

        On I could only pull up standard Econ (not basic) seats for a total price of £160 but no Part Pay was offered, presumably because it is not a BA flight? This is an Iberia Express flight but it does carry a BA codeshare.

  3. Stephen C says:

    Does anybody know what the receipt then looks like? I’d be quite happy to cash in some points when booking a flight for work, but want to make sure they pay me the full cost, effectively ‘selling’ them my Avios.

    • Three lines on the e-ticket email.

      Cash price paid – yellow highlighted and red text.
      Avios debited
      Saving £

      • Stephen C says:

        Thanks, not sure that’s going to work then. Ah well.

      • You could pay the cash price to get a receipt and cancel within 24 hrs. Then rebook with Avios. However I think that would be considered expenses fraud so not recommended.

        • Aeronaut says:

          Definitely a bad idea!

          When it comes to claiming expenses, one needs to play a straight bat.

          • Are you seriously trying to say that you’ve never bought a book of blank taxi receipts on eBay? 😉

          • Stephen C says:

            Fully agree, keeping it all above board has gained trust and got me flexibility to book my own flights (and save the company travel agent fees to book the flights I want anyway).

  4. I took a part pay in business with with Avios last year – Dublin to NY return. Very good value. Does anyone know similar offer is coming up again?

    • That’s like looking in a crystal ball. With changes like Aer Lingus becoming part of IAG, the change in value of the £ to $, oil price changes, unknown % of flights filling up etc it is hard/impossible to predict.

  5. Metatone says:

    Suspect BA is happy with it b/c it is meaning some of the pool of outstanding points is getting used. Depending on your travel this can be much easier than finding actual redemptions.

    Also, plenty of people fly often enough to keep their Avios alive, but not enough to e.g. book the whole family on a flight. So the points sit around, accumulating, but only slowly.

  6. I’miss somewhat surprised you would accept 0.9p when it is so easy to do so much better than this. I guess it is a reflection of the fact that you are avios-very rich and there is little need to consider whether they are best saved for a specific future redemption or even a rainy day.

    • Jonathan says:

      It’s often predicated on whether you assign value to the 2:1 voucher.

      I.e. Redemption to barbados offpeak 125,000 avios. Taxes £450. Cash ticket in sale £1300

      (1300 – 450) / 1250 = 0.68p

      I’d suggest this is typical of my (and most peoples) redemptions.

      The implication is that if you used a 2:1 voucher the points value increase by 2x and you assign a £0 cost to the voucher or conversely the voucher is worth 125000 x 0.68 = £850 and the points remain 0.68p.

      If I think of the voucher having value I think I rarely get close to 0.9p

    • You can only redeem a handful if you want 0.9p, doesn’t make a massive difference either way but I’d pocket the cash I think.

    • Lady London says:

      For me James 0.96p is close but no cigar. Actually it’s a lot of people’s valuation of an Avios being pretty much as good as 1p.

      My current valuation of an Avios is higher than 1p solely due to RFS. And I’m a mug that has lost huge numbers of points in a few schemes due to rule changes, forgetting things, being unable to attend to care and feeding of points due to high workload etc.

      And the big risk is devaluation.

      So I’d say to anyone whose valuation is about 1p or so then use up some Avios now if you’re flying anyway and save some cash.

      • Good post. I’ve said it before but ‘earn and burn’ is a reasonable mentality to have in this hobby. Holding stacks of points that are subject to e.g. Central Bank of Avios devaluations (they never go up in value) may not be a great idea

        • the real harry1 says:

          OTOH I’ve got a million or so, let’s call it £10K

          they didn’t actually cost me £10K, let’s call it £3K

          I can’t cash out – I would in a flash – & if they get devalued to £5K, should I feel still happy or sad?

  7. I suppose it’s worth considering that if you’re partly redeeming but still earning Avios then it becomes slightly better value than just a simple pennies per point calculation

  8. Jimmyjimmy says:

    I’m correct in thinking that when you cancel a part pay nonrefundable ticket you lose the Avios pts or ?

    Assume you load the £ paid minus taxes.



  9. I used an Avios part payment last year. I didn’t think there would ever be chance of me collecting enough for flights, let alone get availability when I needed it, that I considered it was a way to use the ones I had collected from holiday trips to the US.

    Saved £75 each off 3 flights to Barcelona.

  10. OT – does anyone know if February’s PointsBreak list is going to be released early again? Thanks.

  11. Slightly OT on Avios – is it just me or has the hotel redemption option been removed from

  12. I used my avios points to book a 5 star hotel part pay in fuerteventura.
    It really helped me bring the cost down from £700 for 2 people down to £230 for a week.
    My flights are with Ryanair though as thats cheap as chips.

  13. Confused first time Avios user says:

    Hi Rob and others,

    Sorry to hijack this post but I spent a long time accumulating points to make a EDI-KUL journey with business class (using an upgrade voucher) and the customer service in Avios just informed me that if I fly out Business class and coming back Premium Economy (business not available), they will still charge me business class points both ways (91000 vs 68250). Is that the case or did I just meet a less than intelligent agent?

    Thanks for your help.

  14. Totally subjective but I wanted your opinion. I want to use BA 241 voucher for a trip to NYC. Going there will be from LCY so A318. Going back what would you suggest for business/first class? B747, B787 or B777?

    • My opinion of course, but IMO the top deck 747 is best.

      Rather disliked the 777, although it might be a four class on that route. Way too many people, and other classes also use the lavs even if the curtain is closed.