Bits: BA credit card fee change delayed, up to 3000 Avios from Europcar

News in brief:

British Airways credit card fee change delayed again

British Airways has announced a further, but possibly final, delay to its plan to restructure credit card charges.

This was originally meant to take effect on 14th December but was later delayed until 31st January.  It has now been pushed back to 7th February.

Details of the changes are here with the current £5 flat fee replaced by a 1% fee capped at £20 per person.  This means that a family of four buying Club World tickets could be faced with an £80 fee.

This was great timing by BA, given that Virgin Atlantic has just scrapped credit card fees entirely.

Europcar Accor offer

Up to 3,000 Avios for a Europcar rental

Europcar is running a special rental deal in conjunction with Le Club AccorHotels at the moment.  This could work out nicely for Avios collectors.

The thing to remember here is that an Accor point is worth either 2 Eurocents towards a hotel booking or 1 Avios point when converted to Iberia Plus.  Do not convert to British Airways as you only get 0.5 Avios per Accor point.  (You can move them from Iberia Plus to BA via ‘Combine My Avios’.)

Here is the promo deal:

  • 1-4 day rental – usually 250 points, now 750 points
  • 5-7 day rental – usually 500 points, now 1500 points
  • 8+ day rental – usually 1000 points, now 3000 points

This deal is valid for bookings completed by 28th February.  US and Canada are excluded.

Full details can be found on this page of the Europcar site.

Whilst you can earn a decent number of Avios this way, don’t dismiss using the Accor points for hotel stays instead.  €60 of free hotel room may be more useful than 3,000 Avios.


(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. the real harry1 says:

    O/T since it’s Friday night I have to confess to a possible failure lol

    I spent about an hour today racking my brains & inbox trying to remember which flight it was that the 3 kids & I wasted 3 hrs of our lives sitting around bored & tired & fractious about 10pm at night

    mostly a chase through 4-6 year old journeys in my emails that I still had details of – I think it probably was just inside 3 hrs but thought it worth checking again

    I had whizzing away but have to admit failure, I must have wiped it or I am out of time as I didn’t go beyond 6 yrs

    shame, could have been about £1000 🙂

  2. OT – SPG Points

    I need about 15K SPG points (to convert to Airline redemption), but do not have any account with SPG or Marriott. Spouse has 30K MR points in her account.

    I am right in assuming that each of us can open a new account for SPG and Marriott and then she transfers required MR to her new SPG account and then onward to Mariott then phones Mariott to transfer points to my new Mariott account. Once in my account I then transfer it to my new SPG account. Once there I then move to my preferred airline.

    Would this work?
    If it does what are the timeline involved.
    American Airlines can possibly hold reservation for 5 days.

    • I was reading about this last night and also understood it just as you describe it. MR-SPG a few days if a new partner, SPG-Marriott is virtually instant, and I would guess the marriott-marriott is probably concluded during the call but that’s only a guess.

    • This will be slow. SPG transfer could be 3-4 days, SPG transfers tend to take 4-5 days (they are manually checked). Transfer to Marriott is then immediate though. However, the Marriott to AA transfer could drag on too. I would want at least 3 weeks to be sure this would work.

      Transfers cannot be done to new SPG accounts either. You must have shared the address for at least 30 days I think.

  3. OT does anyone know if you book transfers or trips on BA if they give you triple points on BA Amex?