Stockholm / Berlin / Copenhagen to Singapore from £885 business class, with 560 BA tier points

Qatar Airways is currently offering an excellent fare of £885 from Stockholm, £945 from Copenhagen or £999 from Berlin to Singapore in Business Class.

I mentioned this as a PS. to our coverage of the new Qatar Airways sale the other day, because it isn’t actually part of the main sale.  I thought it was worth highlighting again in more detail because:

you obviously can’t go wrong at SEK 10,142 from Stockholm, €1,185 return from Berlin or DKK 8,339 from Copenhagen

Qatar Airways business class is excellent as I reviewed here, here and here

you get to fly a brand new Airbus A350 from Doha to Singapore, with the latest Qatar business class seat, although Berlin to Doha is an older A330.  If you go via Copenhagen or Stockholm, you get a brand new Boeing 787 between Denmark and Doha!

you will earn 560 British Airways tier points for the trip, which is virtually the 600 tier points required for an Executive Club Silver Card – but remember that you need to have four BA cash one-way flights as well before you get promoted

Qatar 787 350 business class

This Singapore deal is NOT part of the main sale.  It is only available for departures between now and 21st June.  You can return later but the last outbound date is 21st June.  

It is not available every day but it is definitely available.  Try Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen as starting points.  You must book by 22nd May.

To get the price of SEK 10,142 / €1,185 / DKK 8,339 you also need to use the promo code MASTERCARD when booking.  Click here for details of how the MASTERCARD offer works.  The last day to use this code is 21st May, a day earlier than this fare ends.

You do not need to pay with a MasterCard, however.

The Qatar Airways website is here.  If you are looking for a long-haul break over the next six weeks or so, you may have found it ……

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  1. OT .. Can someone point to the Amex Gold to Platinum upgrade link with 20k bonus please? I think I saw it in comments section of one of the HOP articles but can’t find it anymore. Thanks

  2. I personally would never lock in £3.5k of stay unless I was getting it in a sale and I had some confidence that the regular price would never drop below the sale price.

    There is also a lot that can happen between now and Feb in the Middle East – some new hotel may open next door with super low rates, a massive building project could kick off next to the hotel you’ve chosen …..

  3. Genghis says:

    How much is the refundable rate? Or on points?

  4. Chris C says:

    What is the A320 business class like?

    • Decent, if you Google it under Google Images you’ll see it. 2 x 2, not fully flat IIRC. Bit like Domestic First on a US airline.

  5. As all the middle Eastern currencies are fixed to the US dollar except Israel, you are also gambling on GBP/USD.

    I bet it’s going to go above 1.3 after the election so for such a large amount you might be saving up to £100 if you wait and the hotel rate stays put for the next few weeks

    By next year the rate might plummet if Brexit goes badly and Trump does OK. Then you would have done well by locking in now (if the hotel charges your card soonish at least) regardless of whether the hotel rate has risen

    But if the pound recovers then the hotel rate might go up in the hotel currency but the £equivalent might be the same

  6. Seats all selected free of charge and we earn 560 BA tier points and 16626 Avios each.

    Who needs BA when going east anymore? I hope that one day soon they may start services west too from the EU!

  7. OT – for anyone who doesn’t know, re the Tesco bonus Clubcard points with gift experiences: If you want the bonus points but not a particular experience, once purchased you can exchange the voucher for another one, which gives you the entire selection to choose from. So, for example, you can book a spa day voucher then exchange it for one for a meal, either paying the difference or receiving a credit if applicable. It doesn’t affect the Clubcard points.

    • Anna, very useful info, was unaware of that. Quite often look at them but don’t bother to book up. Might do now with a different aim.

  8. The A330 used from TXL is in a brand new 2-2-2 configuration that is similar to the 787 middle seats. It’s lie flat and feels brand new. I felt almost no difference to the 787 seats.

    • Torsten, thanks for that info, lve just been looking at TXL KUL next year and was a bit hesitant because that A330 is on 3 sectors.

  9. KBuffet says:

    Does anyone know if you can collect Harris’s Rewards Points at the Qatar counter in Harrods?

  10. Craig Chivers says:

    Rob, you mention you don’t need to pay with a MasterCard, but when i get to the booking screen, only MasterCard is an option. Any way around this?

    • After you get a booking ref and before you pay, open a new browser window. Go to QA site, manage booking, enter booking ref and name. Booking will be on hold awaiting payment. Go to pay…now you can pay with any card

  11. occasional ranter says:

    Genuine question: is it really worth getting 3 flights each way in order to travel Qatar business class, rather than just travelling Singapore Airlines economy direct from London to Singapore ? The latter seems less of an ordeal to me, much as I’ve enjoyed some of the business class flights I’ve taken.

    • For that length of flight I definitely would, although I really appreciate the legroom and am used to always having to connect for long-haul flights anyway!

  12. Ive tried connecting to the Mastercard Quatar thing but I keep getting a blank screen ?