Excellent Groupon deal for DragonPass – a cheap way to use Plaza Premium lounge in T5

A very interesting Groupon deal has come up which will get you into the new Plaza Premium lounge in BA’s Heathrow Terminal 5 for just £19, and just £16 for further visits.

Let’s take a step back first for some background …..

If you do not have airline status or are not travelling in Business or First Class, the only way to get airport lounge access (without paying steep walk-up prices) is via membership of a lounge club.

The three major lounge access cards are:

Priority Pass (buy outright here via a generous Black Friday discount or free with Amex Platinum)

Lounge Club (two free visits per year for Amex Preferred Rewards Gold cardholders) and

LoungeKey (for MasterCard World Elite cardholders, eg HSBC Premier)

These are all owned by the same company, Collinson Latitude.  Whilst there are some differences between the lounges available across the three Collinson Latitude products, the similarities are far greater.

DragonPass is the only independent group offering airport lounge access cards.  It is not connected with Collinson.  This has allowed it to cut some interesting deals which are not available with the three Collinson products.

Here are some interesting London examples which are NOT available with Priority Pass or Lounge Club:


In Terminal 5 and Terminal 2, you can use the Regus Express business centre lounge in Arrivals

In Terminal 5, you can use the new Plaza Premium departures lounge

In Terminal 3, you can use the No 1 Lounge in departures (this is in Priority Pass but not Lounge Club)

You get dining discounts – but no freebies – at The Prince of Wales (T4), Giraffe (T3, T5), Comptoir Libonais (T4), The Curator (T3), Apostrophe (T4), Wonder Tree (T2), Market Gardener (T3)


In South Terminal, you can use the Regus Express business centre lounge in Arrivals

You can get dining discounts – but no freebies – at Nicholas Culpepper (North), Giraffe (South), Garfunkels (North), Wonder Tree (South), Apostrophe (South), Eat (North), Armadillo (North), Shake-a-Hula (North), Comptoir Libonais (North), Joe’s Coffee House (South)

Obviously DragonPass will also get you into most of the ‘usual suspect’ lounges which Priority Pass can also access such as Aspire and No 1 Lounges sites.

You can search the DragonPass lounge directory here.

What does a DragonPass card cost?

The standard prices for a DragonPass card are listed here (toggle to £ in the menu bar):

£68 gets you one lounge visit, with future visits and guests charged at £16

£128 gets you eight lounge visits, with future visits and guests charged at £16

£268 gets you unlimited lounge visits, with guests charged at £16

However, at the moment there is a very attractive deal available via Groupon.

The Groupon deal – save 57%!

Click here for the offer.

Via Groupon, you can buy a 1-year DragonPass card for just £29 instead of £68.

If you do not have a Groupon account already, code NEW50 should take a further £10 off if this is your first order, taking your cost down to just £19.

This includes your first lounge visit for free.  Future visits plus guests, as per the above, will be charged at £16.

This is an excellent way of accessing the very impressive new Plaza Premium lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5 (see our coverage here and here and here.)   This lounge charges £40 on the door and the only other way in at present is by showing an American Express Platinum charge card.  It does NOT take Priority Pass, Lounge Club or LoungeKey.

Even if you only planned to make one visit to Plaza Premium in Terminal 5, this is £11 cheaper (£21 cheaper if you use the NEW50 code) than paying £40 on the door.  Future visits will save you £24 each time.  Given the cost of food and drink in the terminal, you won’t struggle to get £16 of value from a visit to Plaza Premium Terminal 5.

It is worth nothing that the lounge is incredibly quiet.  I have never seen a report which said it had more than 10 guests.  Unless it starts to accept Priority Pass, or until American Express starts to promote it to Platinum cardholders, I expect it to remain a haven of solitude!

If you want to buy, the Groupon link for a cheap DragonPass is here.  Thanks to Harry for flagging this.

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  1. pointsarb says:

    @ TRH1 did you base your ‘guests go free’ with member (hence appeal to families) comment above based on your personal experience as luck getting your family in free or is it actual Dragon Pass policy? Cheers!

    • the real harry1 says:

      I rang them up & asked – a couple of days ago 🙂

      it’s not ‘guests go free’, though, it’s ‘guests get in with the main cardholder @ £16 each’

      I was more concerned about how a Luddite mobile phone user (mine is a 2007 brick with a rudimentary screen) could do this, ie no app on mobile – they said I could download/ print a PDF of my membership credentials then add the extra passes on with my PC at home

      I think in reality I’d just use one of my kids’ mobiles + the app

      • pointsarb says:

        Thanks for confirmation, so that would be £64 for one visit for our family of 4. I’ll stick with Priority Pass issued via Amex Plat me thinks! Cheers

  2. Tim Millea says:

    Just purchased the Groupon DragonPass for access to the Plaza Premium Heathrow Terminal 2 in January before our strictly no-alcohol served Egypt Air flight to Luxor – if the UK FO don’t stop us travelling before. Thanks Rob!

  3. Planning to try out the new T5 Plaza Premium lounge next weekend (via Plat) after going through security via the First Wing and briefly stopping off in the BA Flounge 😀 Will be interested to see what it’s like.

  4. O/T: Could someone clarify if I could refer someone from my Amex Platinum for cards other than Gold or Platinum and get referral bonus. I read something vaguely but am not sure how it works. Can they toggle and choose say an SPG Amex or BA Amex? If yes, what’s the referral bonus?

    • Reports over last couple of days have suggested success. Looks like should be 18k per successful application if generated by an Amex Plat, regardless of card.

      • Thanks Alan, I can only see the usual referral link option when I log-in. Are they able to choose the SPG etc Amex on the other end?

        • Yes – if you copy the link and try it yourself in incognito/private browser window you’ll see there’s now a big button ‘view other cards’ – this will initially show charge card options, then click on ‘credit cards’ to see the full range of SPG, BA, etc.

        • Thanks Alan. Very useful.
          Do you know what happens with the points when I refer from SPG and they convert to Platinum for example? Do I get 18,000 SPG or just 5,000?

        • 5k SPG

        • Agreed, so whatever you do don’t refer from Nectar, you’ll only get 5k Nectar points! If you hold Plat long term (like I do) then always refer from it until 90k hit, then move on to refer from another card (prob SPG if you have it, esp as 90k limit takes more referrals to hit).

        • Thanks Genghis; as I suspected.
          Still, better than nothing.

  5. I just got this on Groupon. I am in T5 next Saturday (2nd). How can I gain access as I’ve not received any confirmation email with any membership number or such? Nothing in my inbox at all. I doubt I receive the physical card by then too.

    • Email or phone them if you’re worried. Good customer service, I’ve found.

      But if you download DragonPass app from Apple or Google play stores to your smartphone.

      Then register your email address.

      A virtual card will then appear on the app. You don’t need a physical card.

      • Thanks but cannot activate the app without activation code and membership number. The group-on instructions are really confusing. There is an activation link in the Groupon voucher but the T5 Airside lounge NOT listed as available for activation, only the Arrivals one! Why is this so difficult? I guess will need to make a phone call tomorrow. Is Raffless sure this is valid for th airside lounge? If so, why cannot gain access to this one with the groupon activation link?

        • I was as confused as you are, you do not need to select a lounge just go to the “Redeem Now” page on the site that is linked from the Groupon receipt https://redeem.dragonpassuk.com/Payment and enter your details and the code from the groupon voucher. You should then receive an email with password number & activation code/password

        • Because the Groupon deal was presumably launched before the lounge opened and so is not on the list.

  6. Cuchulain says:

    Thoughts please : 1.Travelling ET BHD to LHR and LGW ( South ) to MCO next July on BA for 25th wedding anniversary ( 241 BAPP thanks Robb / HFP ) – DP deal seems like a good deal plus then load it with 1 guest pass for LGW (S). ( I have no status and not likely to change )
    2. Returning MCO to LGW in BA CW and LHR to BHD in BA CE – do both / either return flights allow us lounge access and what / where ? ( BA have already cancelled our LHR to BHD flight on 1st Aug and offered us the next flight 6hrs later …)
    Thanks in advance

    • You did not say which cabin for the outbound longhaul. I assume CW which means you will have lounge access at LGW, MCO and LHR, as well as BHD if you are connecting same day. There is no need to get a dragon pass unless you have become jaded with the BA lounges, or your LGW-MCO is actually in WT(P)

      • Cuchulain says:

        John, sorry for not making clear : Outbound on same day Economy from BHD and PE/WT+from LGW to MCO.
        Inbound ( overnight 31st July ) MCO to LGW in CW and CE LHR to BHD later that day ( 1st Aug ).

        • You should have BA lounge access for the return legs.

          Outbound you won’t have anything unless you get into a independent lounge with membership/cash…

        • As an aside had you considered MIA so you didn’t have to go LGW—>LHR

          Often do outbound to MCO/TPA and return via MIA through LHR, can get a 24hr oneway rental of a Mustang/Camaro convertible with VS/Alamo for £50-£60 inc fuel!

        • Cuchulain says:

          Thanks – as I thought Outbound, so I’ve jumped on this Groupon / DragonPass deal !! Will just add missus on for £16 to get us into LGW DP lounges – thx.
          Re MIA : considered that but minimal redemption opportunity for 241 and mega taxes.
          Re car hire – priced up the mad Mustang !! Currently approx £38 all in per day for 16 days but probably go Intermediate / Standard SUV – any ideas ?

        • I normally do Avis Base SUV for 14 nights rtn to MCO, then a 1 day one way down to MIA with Alamo as described above.

          Avis tend to let you choose the actual car in that level, think VW Tiguan, Ford Escape/Kuga.

          Also try holidayautos.com for a quote to cvompare prices, they have certainly gone up since the Brexit vote…

        • Cuchulain says:

          Thanks TR

    • fivebobbill says:

      Reading all that gave me a headache…

  7. Ben Goulding-Huckle says:

    Looks like the NEW50 voucher has stopped working “Sorry, the code can’t apply to this purchase. Check the code’s rules.”

  8. OT but re Groupon – i’ve just checked my emails and someone seems to have hacked my Groupon account, changed the name on it and tried to place several orders, though these appear to have been rejected. I’ve changed my password and contacted Groupon but obviously don’t know how this has happened or if it’s affected anyone else. As a precaution, I’m also going to remove my credit card details from the account.

  9. One way to get the Dragonpass membership for free is through Regus (go to my account, tools, lounges)…I believe this is available even with the basic PAYG Regus membership, although you still have to pay for lounge visits at 16gbp each

    • £16 is still less than the Groupon deal. So thank you for this – just signed up via my existing Regus account.

      Anyone doing the same, please note – when you use the app, you log on with the membership number and password from the email. Don’t select the “activate digital membership” option as that won’t work.

  10. With all the reports of lounges being full and travellers being turned away, what’s the chance of actually getting into these lounges having forked out on a Priority/Dragon/Lounge Pass? Not that I’m likely to be flying much next year, due to other commitments, but it seems that everyone and his dog seem to think that the lounge is the best place to be these days.

    • Graham Walsh says:

      There is no guarantee of getting in unles you pay extra to pre book (defeats the purpose). You will find that the lounges are reserved for airlines such as Norwegian etc who don’t have heir own lounges when flying in their premium product. I’ve been turned away a few times. But then if you say you are only going to be 45mins, they might let you in.

      I ended up the the Turkish Airlines lounge as the first PP lounge was full. Think that was IAD.

    • No 1 is the only place you ever have trouble due to their airline contracts.

      • I was in the Gatwick no1 lounge on Friday and they wouldn’t let me in as it was full unless I paid £15, which I did using a lounge key card, but they said the same for lounge club.
        The lounge was empty, they said I could have pre booked, for £5 and, also got fast track for security. Which would have been a good deal.
        The people in front of me had priority passes and were told to come back in an hour, I suspect if they had time to come back they still would have not got in.
        The lounge was great because it was very quiet and the menu excellent, champagne ( I saw someone ordering) was charged for.

        • So basically, they lied!

          When I had PP, I never had a problem getting into lounges abroad, but only used one lounge at LHR on a weekday, which was fine. I’d be more than a little miffed if they told me I’d have to pay extra, as there were about 8 people in there and only 2 others with me in the bar area.

  11. Neil Bulloch says:

    Just purchased DragonPass via Groupon “first order” deal for £19.
    I was going to use it next September at Heathrow for a trip from Newcastle to Nashville with BA.
    However,unless I am misinterpreting the fine print the pass expires on 31 March 2018!
    It seems not my finest hour,but just wanted to give a “heads up” to others who may have had a similar plan.

    • Neil, after I redeeming it, you can see on the app that the membership is until Nov 2017. The March date is maybe the Groupon voucher expiration, as to until when you can redeem the voucher with DragonPass.

  12. Neil Bulloch says:

    Thanks for that,Ariel.
    I interpreted the fine print as the DragonPass expiring on 31 March 2018 – not the Groupon voucher to obtain the pass.
    It looks like I may be confused – no change there!

  13. Neil Bulloch says:

    Thanks for that,Ariel.
    I have spoken to Groupon and it was a bit confusing.
    My understanding now is that you get a years membership of DragonPass as expected.
    However.the first free lounge visit must be taken by 31 March 2018.
    I am not 100% certain that is correct,but that is how I understand it after their clarification.
    This information seems to be exactly as you (correctly) outlined it above!
    Thank you.

    • the real harry1 says:

      I doubt it – you’d be better off speaking to DP than Groupon

      I gave DP a ring here in the UK earlier and they knew all the T&Cs connected with the Groupon deal

      31/3/18 much more likely to be either when the deal expires @ Groupon or (as you say) the latest you can redeem your Groupon voucher

      ie nothing to do with using the lounge pass

      but phone them & ask?

  14. Neil Bulloch says:

    The real harry 1
    Thank you for your advice. I will ring DP and get everything clarified

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