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Head for Points offers a unique opportunity for travel brands to connect with a highly focussed audience of UK-based business travellers and upmarket leisure travellers.

On a good day, Head for Points is ranked by Alexa as one of the 3,000 most visited websites in the UK.  For UK online readership, we are ranked substantially higher than Business Traveller and Flyertalk.

In November 2014, Head for Points generated 602,000 page views from 117,000 unique visitors to the website. A further 282,000 pages were distributed via email and 444,000 post summaries were sent out via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin. 79% of readers are UK based.

Our 2014 media coverage includes a full-page article in Wired magazine (UK edition, March), another Wired piece (UK edition, July) on how to buy cheap flights, quotes in The Sunday Times (22 June), The Guardian (1 August), an article for the American Express travel blog and an interview at Nomadic Matt, the worlds most widely-read travel blog.  HFP also helped Lion TV with their 2014 fly-on-the-wall BBC series on British Airways.

For advertising, press, PR, commercial, product review, speaking or consulting enquiries (or just for help with your general miles and points queries), please e-mail raffles [at]  

We have 1.6 million 300 x 250 ad boxes for sale each month.  300,000 monthly 468 x 60 and 728 x 90 ‘above the fold’ slots are also available on request. 300 x 250 boxes can be purchased for the mobile site.  Companies purchasing advertising space on Head for Points in the last six months include Qatar Airways, Hilton, Lufthansa, Melia Hotels and phone app Roamer.  Lufthansa and Hilton have also specifically purchased mobile space.

PR requests should be relevant to an aspirational, ABC1, UK-based, degree-educated, well-travelled, predominantly 25-45 year old male readership.

About Raffles:

Raffles (Rob) is one of the UK’s leading experts on travel loyalty programmes. He currently has over 2.5 million Avios points and over 10 million airline, hotel and credit card points in total, and has redeemed over 10 million airline miles and hotel and credit card points over the last decade.

An ex-City of London analyst and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, Head for Points allows him to turn his analytical skills to helping readers earn as many loyalty points as they can, and then redeem them wisely.

What our readers say:

Congratulations on a brilliant blog. It’s basically thanks to you that my wife and I are flying BA LHR-SEA in F later this year!” (Martin)

Firstly, thanks for the great posts so far, your work has helped me a lot.” (Ainars)

Well done on the blog – excellent work. I do not even fly BA regularly but thanks to the info I pick up from your blog and Flyertalk my partner and I are off to Las Vegas on Saturday in First Class!” (Antoinette)

I have just discovered your site and find it most helpful – a great example of consumer empowerment through the combination of a motivated individual and the internet” (Neil)

I’ve been receiving your posts since coming across your website over the holiday period….some really good, interesting material and I’ve learnt quite a lot in the last couple of months!” (Mike)

Congratulations on Head for Points – a true marvel of a site for those of us mildly obsessed by the best way to get premium class flights for free-ish” (Christian)

Allow me to congratulate you on a wonderful blog. It has contributed greatly to my miles and points accumulation and spend.” (Mark)

Thanks for a great blog. Your UK perspective is a great value-add to an already well-written and useful blog.” (Arto)

I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and it’s become the first website I log into a morning when I sit down at my desk (even before Facebook and BBC Football, which trust me, for me is impressive!” (Mark)

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to run this fantastic blog, which I discovered by pure chance, and which has opened up a whole new world for me (as a modestly paid school administrator) – namely, the joys of flying Business Class on BA!” (Marco)

Great site and having read through it, I’ve been missing out for years on those extra points.” (Simon)

I have found myself increasingly turning to your blog for advice on Avios and credit cards as I make the drawn-out transition from Diamond Club – thanks for setting it out clearly and highlighting the best deals.” (Mark)

I found your blog last week, and its been incredibly useful. I’m now feeling rather sheepish for never looking into this before, which is probably common to a lot of the people finding your blog for the first time!” (Teresa)

I must first start by saying what an excellent blog you have! I tended to follow your advice and musings on FT and have now a regular source of info from your website – well done and thanks.” (Steve)

Firstly, well done what is a truly excellent blog and checking it (some would say sadly) become part of my morning routine!” (Declan)

Love your blog and I have been spreading the word about it. Keep up the great work.” (Ali)

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