My Amex Travel 5,000 bonus points have posted … for £8.25 spend

If you read this post from a few days ago, I am pleased to say that the promotion is working exactly as planned.

The deal is that Amex Platinum cardholders can get 5,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for making ANY booking on the Amex Travel website.  A similar offer to Amex Preferred Rewards Gold cardholders is offering 2,500 points.

Dorm room

Well, I booked my £8.25 dorm room in Thailand a couple of days ago (as pictured above!) and my statement now show:


Amex Travel Brighton  £8.25

Base points:  8

Bonus points:  5,016

Total points:  5,024

Unlike the Mr Porter, travel insurance and FX promotions, these points are posting immediately – so one less thing to remember to chase up!

The cheapest verified room I’ve heard of is £5.21 …. there was a £4 claim on the blog but I haven’t been sent a link to that one!

(To see our list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Scott Nelson says:

    it seems Platinum holders get better perks than gold. Yet another reason to get one.

    I’ve gotta cancel my Gold and wait 6 months before applying to Platinum to get the 50k bonus right?

    • Yes. And as the card is not cancelled officially for a few weeks whilst Amex makes sure there are no outstanding transactions, plus the MR account needs to be closed as well, you are probably looking at 7 months to be sure. Easier if you can get someone else in your family to get it and then pay the £15 fee to transfer all their MR points to you!

      • Scott Nelson says:

        eugh, I can imagine how painful the conversation would be with my family. I always come across like I’m trying to sell/ con them when I ask them to help me out with a deal. Thanks for the tip anyway!

        • just tell your wife you’ll do everything… unless she is the one who manages your bank accounts!

      • Raffles- i received an email from Amex inviting me to upgrade from Gold to Plat for 15,000 MR points. I use my gold for day to day transactions and travels( both business and personal) and last year, i charged about £12k on it. do you think i should accept this deal and is it possible to downgrade after 7 months or so back to gold?

        • What is the deal on the fee?

          Fundamentally, for you, it would not be worth it unless Plat is being offered fee-free for a period (after which you downgrade yourself). Plat only gives 1 point per £1 on travel, supermarket, petrol and foreign spend whilst Gold gives 2, so the 15k would soon be offset anyway by lower ongoing earnings.

        • There’s no deal on the fee.It remains £450 and that’s a real issue as though i can pay it but i’m not convinced £450 is good value for the plat. Happy to pay £125 for gold to be part of amex MR programme but £450 must be justified and i don’t think the plat as it it currently is worth it!

        • It is totally pointless then! You’d be better off cancelling Gold, waiting 6 months then applying for Plat from scratch for the 50,000 point bonus!

  2. FanofPoints says:

    Yay I got my travel bonus too (though mine is the Gold Card so only 2500 points – oh well)

    Got the room in Turkey for £4.92 so 2512 points!

    • FanofPoints – do you still have the code? I got one in the mail but ignored it and now when i go on the website it doesn’t let me put anything into the box or click on anything 🙁

      • FanofPoints says:

        Ah I don’t have the code anymore – but when I tried going to to try looking for it, it gave me back an error.

        However, if you qualify for the deal (ie you were targetted), you should be able to see something in the link above to register. The box you mention will have some code in it. All you need to do is click on the box – press ‘tab’ then press ‘enter’.
        THat’s how I did it last time

        • Scott Nelson says:

          didn’t work for me. Thanks for the link nevertheless.

        • No worries – thanks for the reply. I phone up the super people in Brighton and the lovely lady told me that I was eligible and would get the bonus points when I booked, and that she would put a note on my account to that effect. Any problems, she has given me her extension number to call.

          So I booked a room in Turkey for about £6.50! Fingers crossed!

  3. Does anyone have the link to the Gold card rewards at 2500 please

  4. Got the 2500MR from the Gold card – it posted along with the travel spend £4.92 for a hotel in Bodrum!

  5. Does this need to be booked via the Platinum service to get the 5k MR points? Or any Amex website is ok?

    Finally which city in Thailand did you get a booking for at such a low price?

    • Must be booked on the Amex Travel website and paid with your Amex Plat / Gold.

      You need to find your own cheap property. It is unfair to the owners of these places if everyone books a room in the same place and then fails to show, as they lose income from food, drink, tour sales etc.

  6. Eshaq Choudhury says:

    How can gold card holders get this deal?

  7. Does this only work for one booking or can you do multiple ones?

    • One booking per card. Not sure if it would work on a supplementary card if that card was separately registered with Amex – in theory it shouldn’t.

  8. Thanks for this – it jogged my mind that I’d recently received a mailing but hadn’t read it, so just logged in and the code worked so I must have been a target. Just made a booking for May in Turkey for £5.21. Maybe I could have found something cheaper but it seemed like bargain enough!

  9. Does anyone know the opt-in code for the gold card redemption, i’ve tried the same code for Platinum albeit on the goldcard specific page and no luck.

  10. I assume the points still stand even if you don’t actually stay at the hotel/dorm?

    • Yes, don’t worry about that

      • Cheers Raffles.

        The link above to the offer didn’t work for me. Customer Services team say that a number of people have called in and that he would put a note on my account to have it credit me by end of Feb.

  11. Richard says:

    Has anyone has their Amex FX payment bonus yet….? Or the ‘Rock Insurance’ travel insurance bonus?

    Is it time for me to chase them…?

    • I sent AmEx a message via the website just before Christmas re the FX payment bonus. The response I got was that it would be posted within 90 days of the promotion finishing (which from memory was the end of December). It hasn’t been posted in my MR account yet.

  12. I’ve booked 3* in Turkey in May for £3.82

    Package Price £3.82
    Tax £0.00
    Payments Received £3.82
    Price includes: All air taxes and estimated other taxes, fees

    Had to email customer services and they said was issue with link and to go ahead with booking and MR points would be credited to my account in 4-6 weeks.


  13. whiskerxx says:

    Amex have just advised me that the offer was targetted at 40,000 members who actively use their BA Executive Club or Virgin Frequent Flyer accounts

  14. Just wondering…I recently referred my wife for the gold card using my own one and I got the 12k MR point bonus for doing so. Mine has just passed the year mark, so I’ve been charged the £125 fee and intend to cancel it when I get given the 7,500 MR point bonus for £15k spend in the last year. I have received the above mailing for 2500 MR points bonus on Amex Travel bookings and I’m thinking about booking a cheap room like some others have done, but since the points would take 4-6 weeks to post that’s potentially another 2 months I’d need to keep my account open just to get the bonus – and a loss of around £20 in fees I won’t get back when I cancel in 2 months’ time.

    I’d welcome any advice on whether it would be worth making such a booking and hanging on for the points or cancelling as soon as I get my 7.5k MR point bonus (where the “60 days” will be in just over a month’s time).


    • The points are instant – they go on alongside the transaction (for once). I’ve already got mine.

      • Hi Raffles,

        Do you mean the 7.5k bonus MR points or the 2.5k for the Amex Travel purchase?

        • The 2.5k for Amex Travel. Remember too that, assuming your account is currently clear, you can pay off the hotel room bill online without waiting for your statement to turn up, so that won’t delay your card closure.

        • Thanks! I will make the purchase then and cancel my gold card as soon as my 7.5k bonus points hit (after calling Amex to transfer all my points to my wife’s MR account) as I want her to refer me back again to get a new gold card myself (fee free for year 1) as soon as 6 months are up. Could you foresee any issues with us both getting another set of bonus MR points for doing that?

          Thanks in advance…

        • No issue in theory, but I would give it a bit more than 6 months. 7, 7.5 perhaps. The card does not cancel officially until you have cleared your last bill and Amex is sure there are no transactions coming down the pipes. You also need to ensure that the MR account is closed, in case they work off the date that was shut.

  15. Thanks. Will chase up the 7.5k points from Amex now then, so I can close my a/c ASAP. Good advice, I love this blog!

  16. Papy Pihi says:

    Worked out even better for me: I had booked a return SN flight to BRU via Amex Travel the day before receiving the mail, registered as soon as I got it, and two days later the 5000 points had been posted onto my MR account! 🙂
    So, in effect it’s even better than the £8.25 deal, as I had to book the flights on Amex travel anyway 🙂

  17. Could you book a hotel room at a refundable rate, get the points, then cancel the room?

    • No. These will be non refundable rooms in general, ince they need paying in advance. But if your room is £5, who cares?!

  18. Flashware says:

    It now appears to be open to all, just received this email:
    Earn an extra 5,000 Membership Rewards points with your first booking

    As a Platinum Cardmember we recently sent you a fantastic offer giving you the chance to earn 5,000 Membership Rewards points on your first booking if you register. The good news is that you no longer need to register, just book before 31 January 2013 and the points will automatically be credited to your account.

  19. Email from them today – you no longer need to register to take advantage of the offer 🙂