Did you get the Amex Platinum ‘5000 points for a travel booking’ letter?

A lot of American Express Platinum charge card holders, including myself, got a special offer in the mail yesterday.

The card offers 5,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for making ANY booking on the Amex Travel website before 31st January.  This is on top of the current ‘triple points for a travel booking’ offer.

You can, of course, play silly games with an offer like this.  Which is exactly what I intend to do!

Amex Travel

You should be able to find a hotel to book for under £9.  That would be 5,o00 Avios for under £9!

I am not going to point you to any specific item, because it would overwhelm the properties involved.  However, if you pick some typical backpacking cities in Asia and search for a one-night hotel stay, you should find a few options under £9.

Don’t forget that you need to register for this offer before making a booking, using the instructions on the card.

(I do not want to encourage people who did not receive the letter to try this, as Amex insists it is targetted.  However, if you were making an Amex Travel booking anyway, you have nothing to lose.  Log in to your Amex online account and go to www.americanexpress.co.uk/platinumtravelbonus.  The left-hand menu has a box marked ‘Opt In Bonus’.  Enter UIT0112348.)

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  1. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    Date: 09/01/2013
    Charge: £8.69
    Base points: 8
    Bonus Points: 5,016
    Total Points: 5,024


    • Fantastic! Let’s see if we all get them automatically.

      Relieved to see one of these posting automatically and not in arrears …. one less thing to chase up!

      • Flashware says:

        I’ve received mine automatically as well. On top of that I also got the easy 5000 points that are for the taking by complaining that HHonors Gold is now gone 😉

  2. Well I got the offer in the mail, but couldn’t register with either FF or IE – text was all corrupt. I didn’t want to use the code above in case it wasn’t the same for everyone so thought I’d phone them – boy what a mistake! Took 20 minutes as rather than just registering me for the offer they instead put me through to travel to make the booking. This was for a simple domestic return where I even knew the flight numbers, but it still took an age!

    They also provided incorrect info (saying BA required photo ID when this isn’t the case for domestic flights – they even say so on their website!), didn’t have my BAEC number on file (despite me having used it with them on a previous bookIng) and to cap it all off said there “may” be a £4.50 CC fee, but they couldn’t confirm either way?!! Certainly inspires zero confidence to book through them again.

    • Just as a follow-up – when the charge moved from pending to actual on my account it did indeed incur and extra £4.50 cost. Plat CS have now refunded this as well as crediting an extra 5000 MR as goodwill for such rubbish service on their part!

  3. My 2,500 MR for Gold posted today and I got a hotel for £4.92 (is this the best?) – in Bodrum, Turkey.

  4. christian says:

    Thanks for this, Even better for me. The website wouldn’t let me register so I had to call in. The nice lady said thanks for reporting it and gave me 5k ex gratia any way! Now that with my 25% transfer bonus 🙂