Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

Did you get the Amex Platinum ‘5000 points for a travel booking’ letter?

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A lot of American Express Platinum charge card holders, including myself, got a special offer in the mail yesterday.

The card offers 5,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for making ANY booking on the Amex Travel website before 31st January.  This is on top of the current ‘triple points for a travel booking’ offer.

You can, of course, play silly games with an offer like this.  Which is exactly what I intend to do!

Amex Travel

You should be able to find a hotel to book for under £9.  That would be 5,o00 Avios for under £9!

I am not going to point you to any specific item, because it would overwhelm the properties involved.  However, if you pick some typical backpacking cities in Asia and search for a one-night hotel stay, you should find a few options under £9.

Don’t forget that you need to register for this offer before making a booking, using the instructions on the card.

(I do not want to encourage people who did not receive the letter to try this, as Amex insists it is targetted.  However, if you were making an Amex Travel booking anyway, you have nothing to lose.  Log in to your Amex online account and go to  The left-hand menu has a box marked ‘Opt In Bonus’.  Enter UIT0112348.)

Comments (48)

  • Joanna says:

    Thete was also a targeted offer for gold card holders for2500 points

  • Flashware says:

    I received the mail and binned it, didn’t quite think of it like that! I’ve found something for 19.99 GBP – the hunt continues for the elusive 9 GBP one.

  • Doesn’t work for me as Platinum (wasn’t sent the email) – the online form doesn’t have a “register” button, and if I enter the code manually it’s not accepted.

    • Flashware says:

      Click into the text field (it auto populates the code) then hit tab, it will have a small invisible image selected, hit enter.

      Anyway, I received this via post so have now taken it out of the bin and kept in my file in case I need to chase up!

    • Paul says:


      I had same issue till I read the post again. You need to click on opt in bonus on the left and it then loads a different page on which you eneter the code.

      Good luck

  • James says:

    I got the Gold letter, but obviously haven’t tuned my brain into points collection as much as Raffles has so I put it in the recycling 🙁

    Found some very cheap hotels (<£10) so good luck!

  • FlyerGill says:

    I can see the triple points offers but not the 5,000. Where is it supposed to show up? I’m looking in Platinum travel but its the same from the link above.

    • Raffles says:

      If you have a Plat and you qualify for the promo, you will see it at after you log-in. As the site is mucked up, cut and paste the code in the box then click ‘Opt In’ from the left hand menu, paste the code and submit. You will get an onscreen confirmation that you are registered for the PltTrvPromo or something similar.

      • FlyerGill says:

        nope – not there. Probably because I don’t use the card very often. Thanks anyway.

  • Joanna says:

    is there a time limit on the booking date – i realise you need to book by jan 31 but what is the limit for the travel date. So far I’ve found a hotel for £11.44 but searching for cheaper …

  • Kim H says:

    I got the Gold offer last night after using Amex travel for the first time on Sun evening to book a hotel for a trip in 10 days time. Notwithstanding the irony, I called Amex and the chap there didn’t know about the offer but is going to ask for the points to be awarded in retrospect rather than me having to cancel and rebook. Waiting to hear back from him, but if I don’t get anywhere I may just book a £9 room and no-show.

    Interestingly, the helpful chap on the phone informed me I could take out a “companion”/supplementary credit card with no fee and get 3000 bonus points for doing so, so I may take them up on that. I think he mentioned a spend of about £500 to trigger the bonus. Has anyone done this?

    • Raffles says:

      They do occasional promos for new supp cards, but I haven’t seen one as good as 3,000 points in a long time. The last one for Plat last Summer was 1,000 points. I’d want to see something in writing rather than relying on a phone rep, though.

      • Kim H says:

        I’m quite tempted to take him up on it when he calls me back – but like you, I’d prefer to see it in writing! I’m guessing he’s probably on commission and thought 3000 points would hook me as I was calling about 2500.

        Interestingly I wrote a scathing email to customer services recently when MR messed up the re-crediting of a few points removed by promotional refunds, and immediately got given 5000 points and told they’d look into it and send me a letter. It has made me wonder how Amex value the points if they are willing to give that many to a customer having a bit of a whinge!

        • Kim H says:

          Well, they kept their promise and called me back today saying they’d decided to credit me with the 2.5k as a reward gesture.

          I’ve taken out the credit card I was offered for 3k points, contingent on spending £500 in 3 months. Apparently it will be a platinum MR credit card which I’ll probably ditch when I’ve earned the bonus

  • Joanna says:

    anyone found a room for less than £8.74? What’s the lowest? ….