Thoughts on the new Amex / Foursquare deals for February

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I must admit, I was a little surprised when – like many of you – I was emailed on Saturday with details of the new Amex / Foursquare promotions that will run in February.  Did they learn nothing when we cleaned out Harvey Nichols before Christmas?!

I posted last week about the Shell deal (£15 off £50 spend) which runs until mid April.

On Saturday, the following deals were announced.  They all run from 1-28 February, and it seems that you will not be able to register until the 1st.

  • Harrods – Spend £50, Get £25
  • House of Fraser – Spend £50, Get £25
  • GAP – Spend £50, Get £25
  • Banana Republic – Spend £50, Get £25
  • Carphone Warehouse – Spend £25, Get £10

The two other current offers continue:

  • Starbucks – Spend £10, Get £5 (to 13 February)
  • Pizza Hut – Spend £30, Get £15 (to 6 March)

To learn how to sign up for these deals, if you haven’t done this before, see this post from last year.

Remember that you don’t need a smartphone to do this.  I downloaded the Foursquare app to my (wi-fi) ipad and was able to ‘check in’ to relevant London stores from the comfort of my house!  If you are too far away to check-in, take your wi-fi ipad to a wi-fi enable coffee shop near Harrods etc and check in from there.


Remember that the key to exploiting these deals is to buy gift cards for exactly £50.  You can then combine them for a larger purchase, and you will have 12-18 months (depending on store) to use them.  Remember that you can even use gift cards in sales, so you may get an effective double discount!

Remember that you can register EVERY MBNA, Lloyds and Amex-issued Amex card you have.  Even supplementary cards count separately, as long as the account number is different to the main card.  You will need a new Foursquare account for each card, and don’t forget to register and sync each card with each store.

We have six qualifying Amex cards – 2 x BA Amex, 1 Lloyds Amex with a supplementary and 1 Platinum Amex with a supplementary card.  That means £150 of free stuff from Harrods and £150 of free stuff from House of Fraser.  (I’m not into GAP or Banana Republic, although I could buy some £50 gift cards to use as birthday gifts.)

The £25 credit goes back to your statement quickly – within a couple of days for an Amex-issued Amex and a bit longer for an MBNA or Lloyds card.

Since these deals run to the end of February – and since Amex has also promised that Debenhams and Fenwick / Bentalls will be launching deals later on – it may be worth getting some extra supplementary cards ordered.  It is also another good reason to get the SPG Amex before the 20,000 point bonus expires on 1st February.

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  1. cardiffmatch says:

    Thanks Raffles – we had a v successful trip to our local HoF yesterday, armed with our current cards. By sheer coincidence we are in the middle of a card “turnaround” so new ones are in the post which I will be playing with when I return to London in the week!

    Just a thought – could you maybe introduce a “Foursquare” category or tag for your blog, to save time in searching for previous posts on this topic? I have to refer back to the instructions and lists fairly frequently in order to make sure I’m doing things right…

  2. Russell Evans says:

    Tried to make two purchases today in HOF for 2 x £50 gift cards one main cardholder and second my OH supplementary card on same BAPP account (different card numbers though). Both cards sync’d to separate Foursquare accounts but only got a notification via the Foursquare app on the main cardholder that the credit was applied. Anyone got experience of this working/not. Hoping the 2 x £25 credits will post!

    • I’ve used Lloyds duo primary and supp cards together and separately, never got a Foursquare confirmation, and once neither transaction credited (see reply below). My Amex Plat normally gets a Foursquare confirmation, but not always, and I think even less frequently with MBNA. I wouldn’t worry about the confirmations – hold the worry for if the refund doesn’t post, which normally it does. So far, out of 63 transactions, 5 didn’t post, 4 were at the same restaurant and 2 of those were credited promptly after a chase.

      Of course not getting £5 on one £5 purchase at a reasonably priced shop is less worrying that missing £25 out of £50 at a pricey place. Let’s hope all goes smoothly tomorrow when I visit HoF and Harrod’s armed with 5 cards!

    • Normally I find it only shows a notification (and even then not always) if you’re logged in to an a/c on your phone at the time of purchase. Sometimes afterwards you can go into the notification tray and refresh it. However in all the transactions to date (around 50 or so of which only 20 or so showed a notification) I’ve only had one not track – I raised a manual query and it posted (twice :D) a week later. You should be fine 🙂

      • Mark Brackenridge says:

        Alan, I have had one of my HoF purchases not track, can I ask who you raised the query with, was it Amex of Foursquare? Thanks, Mark

        • Hi Mark it was the sync team, there’s a contact form on the Amex Sync website from where you register your card.

        • Hi Mark, it’s definitely Amex you need to ultimately contact, but it depends on what card you use too. I’ve not seen the link on the sync site that Alan refers to, but when I had a purchase not track with my Amex Plat, I contacted Amex directly and they sorted it out quickly. With my LTSB and MBNA cards I was advised by them to email [email protected] and give card and transaction details.

          How long have you waited for the transaction to track/refund though? Since it often takes 2-3 days for a normal transaction to post, it does take another day or 2 for a refund to post with an Amex issued card, and much longer with LTSB. Note that the T&C state that while it should track within days, it could take 2 billing periods to be added to your statement!

  3. cardiffmatch says:

    The only problem I’ve had is that none of the credits on my BAPP card (the main card on the account) have ever gone through normally – I’ve always had to phone up to have them added manually. This is despite the ones on the supplementary card tracking just fine. It’s odd as the shop small promotion tracked fine on both cards, even when paying in the same restaurant at the same time.

    The good news is that Amex have always been happy to do it manually. They’ve looked at their system and confirmed that the card is synced to my Foursquare so we can’t work out what the problem has been.

    • Strange… My “other” promotions have always gone through, and 5 shop small transactions didn’t – 2 of those were primary and supp cards on a Lloyds account, but had same result with an Amex Plat and MBNA – all used together at a restaurant. That accounts for 4, and one other also on Lloyds card at a shop. I’ve had the MBNA and Plat credits applied, but strangely I have emailed Amex twice regarding the other missing Lloyds card transactions and they’ve never even responded!

  4. I had all kinds of fun trying to get this to work on Friday night. Not sure whether it’s the app, my phone’s GPS or more likely my own incompetence. I stood in the Carphone Warehouse nearest to Oxford Street station and it seemed to be convinced that I was in a store further up the road. I therefore decided not to chance it (similar issue with Gap). I then thought I’d correctly loaded the House of Fraser deal but after failing to get a confirmation I checked and it appears that I might have loaded it to a different store (Victoria Street) even though I was standing outside the shop and thought that I had double checked. Managed to get a couple of sale bargains anyway so I won’t be that upset but hopefully MBNA will add the credit. Everything worked perfectly at the Starbucks in Stratford Westfield the day before (although annoyingly the LHR T5 Starbucks isn’t set up to accept the Starbucks card).

    • You can check-in anywhere, anytime. I don’t even have a smartphone! I do it on my ipad at home, often days before I visit the shop. And it all still track fine!

      • To make check-in even easier, while you can’t do it from logging in to the normal webpage, from the mobile webpage you can. So instead of messing around on tablets of phones, you can use your computer if you visit the mobile website at – it’s a very limited interface though, doesn’t show the specials, can’t save places to a list, but you can search quickly and easily and if you already know where you are going, simply search and check-in!

  5. bjaockx says:

    I have a platinum card with an additional card to separate expenses, can I use both to £100 of HOF vouchers for £50?


    – have different card numbers,
    – are both for me (my name / my name a.c.)
    – but are showing as the same amex account when I log into amex.
    – both seem to have synced with different foursquare accounts

    Thank you in advance

  6. bjaockx says:

    thanks for the clarification! I assumed that since it synced it would work but worth double checking!

  7. Nice tip. Has anyone checked into and had success with HoF in Oxford street? I find it doesn’t show the special offer, so while it may track by checking into any HoF and still shopping there, I am a bit wary…

    • I had problems but as Raffles has mentioned you can try to regsiter before leaving home. In my case it was an unplanned trip so I had to do it from the phone and may have accidentally loaded the card for the wrong store. I’ve emailed MBNA to see whether they will apply the credit retrospectively. For anyone with kids there are some clothes bargains to be had in the POP store up on the 5th floor e.g. £8 for trousers that genuinely go for nearer £30 at other times.

    • Victoria shows it OK

      • Yup, I might browse Oxford St as it’s supposed to be their flagship store, but buy voucher sin Victoria to be sure. There are 3 tips on the Oxford St branch listing stating that the Amex check-in special isn’t working there! Any chance you think that vouchers would be accepted at the Forex bureau? A few extra points with Amex is on ething, but 50% free forex is quite another!!!

        • Mmm, just put my mind at rest and called HoF Victoria. Was transferred to the Bureau de Change and told gift vouchers are not accepted 🙁

    • You don’t actually need to check in to the particular store you are visiting. In fact, for almost all of my offers, I’ve checked in at a different store to where I’ve actually made the purchase and 100% have tracked through (over 30 transactions)

      • But RIch I suspect the offer was also available at those stores that you checked into – right? I’d be delighted to be proven wrong as I’d much prefer to go to Oxford Street rather than trapse over to Victoria but I can’t help but feel that Oxford Street was deliberately excluded.

      • Like RB, and having seen the tips on Foursquare regarding HoF Oxford St, I am wondering if the offer is specifically not valid there, it does say “participating stores”. Glad you’ve had such tracking success. So far I’ve had 60/65 and 3 refunds have been awarded subsequently.

        I missioned all the way to Victoria yesterday and I’d rather that than miss the refund, certainly because the Oxford St store is way better.

        Bare in mind whoever is interested in technology shopping – I was advised at Oxford that all tech had moved to Victoria, yet the tech section in Victoria is all but closed down!

  8. millwall says:

    Today is the first time Ive used foursquare, I bought a £50 gift card in HOF today. I first checked in, unlocked and loaded offer and was definitley the correct store (Victoria) so just waiting a few days for the notification of the £25. But should there be any indication in my foursquare account that I have unlocked and loaded offer to card?

    When I look at my account now it is saying I have not unlocked this special.

    • HI Millwall, if you try & load your card again it your Foursquare account should show already loaded.

  9. Hi Mark, thanks for reply, still saying offer is not unlocked on app, when I try and go to load on card again like you said its telling me to check in, and its also saying I am checked in! PC site is saying the offer is ‘unlocked every check in’

    Be interesting to know if anyone else had this happen, maybe Im being stupid.

    Tomorrow will be doing it with Lloyds amex so will compare what happens!

  10. Hi Raffles – further to your “PS. I am happy to answer questions about Harrods stock for non-locals” comment.. I’m looking to buy a fridge freezer soon, any idea if they sell them/how big of a range they have??

    • Annoyingly, I have just come back from Harrods where I did 3 cards. However, I will pop back tomorrow to do the rest and will take a look. They certainly have big kitchen equipment.

    • Harrods has 4 fridge freezers, Miele and Siemens, cheapest £1,600 that I saw. The appliances departments seems to have been cut down aggressively during the recent refurbishments.

  11. Quick update on House of Fraser, Oxford Street. Just had a call from MBNA to confirm that it did work even though my check-in showed up as Victoria Street and I hadn’t received any sort of notifcation via Foursquare. The £25 credit is showing on my credit card account as the 4th February although I think that it only actually appeared this morning (I made the purchase on the 1st). For any future queries for MBNA purchases they confirmed that the [email protected] address should be used.

    My Starbucks credit from 31st January for which I did receive a Foursquare notification is also showing on my card statement as 4th February.

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