Final call for the 20,000 point bonus (25,000 Avios) with the Starwood Amex

February 1st is the last day to apply for the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card and pick up the 20,000 SPG points bonus.

Full details of the card are here.

The headline details are:

  • 20,000 SPG points when you spend £1,000 within 3 months
  • 1 SPG point per £1 spent going forward
  • £75 annual fee
  • £30,000 household income requirement
  • No problem getting the bonus even if you have a BA, Platinum, Gold or any other Amex

SPG Amex

Now, the obvious thing to do with Starwood points is to use them for Sheraton, Westin, W, aloft etc hotel stays.  Here is the reward chart if you want to see how far 20,000 points will get you.  When my wife got this bonus, I redeemed them for a hotel in Greece that got me £370 of value for my sign-up bonus – see here for that story.

For many people, though, they are more valuable at airline miles.  This is especially true when you have 20,000 of them – as you will – since Starwood gives you a 5,000 mile bonus when you convert 20,000.

SPG has a huge number of airline partners20,000 SPG points will get you:

  • 25,000 Avios
  • 25,000 Virgin Flying Club miles
  • 25,000 Miles & More miles
  • 25,000 miles with Air Canada, airberlin, Air China, Alaska, Alitalia, ANA, American, Asia Miles, Asiana, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta, Emirates, Etihad, Flying Blue, Hawaiian, Japan Airlines, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Singapore, Thai, US
  • 12,500 United miles
  • 50,000 LAN LANPASS miles
  • 385 Air New Zealand points

There are two other perks to this card which are not clearly mentioned on the application form:

  • If you cancel, you get a pro-rata refund of your £75 fee.
  • Starwood points can be transferred – for free – between two members who live at the same address.  You can therefore get a card in the name of your partner, move the points to your SPG account and then redeem them into your airline account

Based on 2011 and 2012, the bonus will drop back to 10,000 SPG points after February 1st and will not go back to 20,000 until the Autumn.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I applied for this card last week, they couldn’t give me an answer online but as I’ve been an Amex customer for over 10 years and have good credit history I suspect it will get approved offline (I cancelled my BA Amex recently and now just hold gold charge card). If my approval comes after February 1st will I still qualify for the 20k point bonus or the standard 10k?

  2. Hey
    will this stop me getting other points cards in the future. I.e the amex plat?

  3. Once you cancel is there a period of time in which you can’t reapply and get the bonus like there is with the other AMEX cards? I looked on the website but, unlike the other cards, couldn’t see anything.

    • Nothing in writing. I always wait a year – personal choice only, no reason for a year – before I reapply personally for anything, but I will often get a card for my wife in the interim.

  4. Raffles says:

    It is also worth remembering, of course, that getting the SPG Amex gives you another Amex card to use with the February Foursquare offers I outlined yesterday!

  5. When I applied I was told they would only accept me if I closed one of my other AMEX credit card accounts, as at that point I had Gold charge, Nectar & BA AMEX (credit). In reality was no biggie as hadn’t used my BA in ages but I did find a little odd, as previously I’d held more. Obviously been tightening up their criteria recently.

    • No, this has always been rule – 2 charge and 2 credit cards is the maximum you can have. Giving you the SPG would have been the 3rd credit card.

      • Is it 2 AMEX issued AMEX credit cards that are the maximum or does that include Lloyds & MBNA cards as well? Could you have a BA AMEX, SPG AMEX and a Lloyds Avios AMEX for example?

        • Ignore MBNA and Lloyds cards. You can have, subject to credit worthiness, 2 Amex-issued credit and 2 Amex-issued charge cards at once. eg A BA Amex, an SPG Amex, An Amex Preferred Rewards Gold and an Amex Plat. Most I have ever had is 3 at once (BA, SPG, Plat and then BA, Gold, Plat).

  6. I’m considering applying for the BA PP card as well soon. Any idea if applying for SPG card first can have any impact on the BA PP bonus?

    • No, apart from the amount of credit that Amex will give you. If your BA Amex limit is crazily high (my wife had £20k, for example, but never spent more than £2k) then go online and reduce it. You are then more likely to be approved. No problems with getting the bonus in terms of any rules about having other cards.

  7. Snoozing-and-Loosing says:

    What makes you suggest the rate will go back up to “20,000 until the Autumn”?

    Historical precedence?

  8. I cancelled my SPG card last week. I checked online and it’s totally cancelled. I just reapplied, does this mean I get the 20,000 again. I see nothing in the “important information” that would constitue denial of the bonus?

    • You might be pushing your luck with this. You could have done a BA Amex or Amex Gold, assuming you’ve not got those, and you would have been fine. Do let me know how it goes, though.

  9. I’ve received an email from SPG saying that the offer is open until 14th Feb just in case anyone needs a few extra days to mull it over.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Just applied for this card and awaiting a reply as to whether it will be approved or not. Thanks again for the tip and reminder Raffles. Jonathan

  11. Just received my SPG card, now I just need to be careful when and where to use it (i.e. not supermarket, fuel or travel as I get double MR on Gold). Will capitalise on the 4Sq deals twice now!

  12. After a lot of mulling over, applied for it last night. Oddly I didn’t get an instant decision – even though I got it when I had applied for the Gold card. Oh well, now gotta wait for a letter in the post!

  13. Already having an Amex does not mean you get accepted automatically, or indeed get accepted at all. They will look at the credit you already have, look at your salary and then decide if they want to increase their exposure to you. If you want to hold numerous Amex cards at once, you need to be careful that they don’t give you stupid credit limits (my wife had £20k on her BA Amex and then couldn’t get anything else, so I reduced it to £10k and all was then fine).

    PS. I know that the Gold doesn’t have a credit limit, per se!

  14. Jonathan says:

    Just been declined for this card stating I have too many Amex cards already. I cancelled one on last Friday but that can’t have taken effect on my card numbers yet.