Havings points problems with your Priority Club or Hilton credit card?

Last Autumn I applied for the Priority Club Black credit card in my wifes name. Barclays was offering 40,000 Priority Club points and a full fee refund at the time, so it was a no-brainer.

The card arrived OK, the £99 annual fee was charged and refunded OK, and my wifes Priority Club account was upgraded to Platinum (one of perks of the card).

However, we never got any points to post. The first statement, which including the 40,000 bonus points, was dated 17th October. Despite various e-mails to Barclays via the credit card website, nothing happened.

Just when I was beginning to lose patience, I found this e-mail address on Flyertalk – wr [at] barclaycard.co.uk

Priority Club BlackThe poster said these guys are amazing. And they were. Within 2 days we had a phone call saying that the problem would be fixed, and another 2 days later the 40,000+ points were in her account.

(As an added bonus, because they have fallen into 2013 and not 2012, they count towards her Platinum renewal for next year. If I can get another 20,000 points during the year, we can cancel the card and not pay the £99 renewal fee, because we won’t need it to keep her Platinum for 2014.)

So … if you have the Hilton or Priority Club credit cards and you are having trouble with points (missing sign-up bonuses, missing bonus points for hotel stays, missing free night vouchers etc), then contacting the e-mail address above is the way to go. (WR stands for ‘web relations’, by the way, it is not the private e-mail of a person with the initials WR!)

I am certainly more confident about recommending these cards, as I have been, now that I know there is a way of getting problems sorted.

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  1. I think I was one of the original folk to post this on FT nine months or so ago – I found the email address after Tweeting Barclaycard – they said to email the WR address. Agree they’re very helpful – I also ended up with quite a bit in cash compensation for points being incredibly slow to post 😛 Just churned the HHonors VISA so will be interesting to see if things working any better now. (I doubt it!)

    • What gap did you leave between Hilton applications?

      • pazza2000 says:

        I am interested in the answer to this also. Without knowing, I plan on leaving at least a year between applications.

        • @Raffles/pazza2000 – I’ve checked back and my last transaction on my previous Hilton card was May 2012. I tried to apply a couple of months ago but was rejected – however I had been rejected a couple of time previously the first time around anyway so I think that might just be the vagaries of the Hilton/Barclaycard approvals process! I think they said I’d need to wait six months when I closed it, although that might have been my PC VISA – given both are run by Barclaycard it may well be the same rules. Anyway this time it looks like I’ve ended up leaving 7-8 months between cards.

  2. How long should the points take to reach PC? My first statement (Feb10th) shows the 40k but no points are in my PC account.

    I applied though the 40k link you gave last month. Was the fee refund a temporary/different offer as I don’t recall that (and haven’t received it. And Platinum status – I haven’t got that on my account but didn’t know it was a benefit – you seem to describe it as a regular benefit of the card?

    • Paul,

      Platinum status is now part of the package, yes. But as you’ve had no points yet it is not surprising you haven’t had that either.

      Give it another fortnight to give them a chance of posting automatically. If they still don’t appear, email the WR address with all your details and they should fix it.

      The fee refund was a separate, earlier offer, unfortunately. You won’t get that!

  3. Thats interesting, thanks Raffles. My inlaws took out a card about 18 months ago for (I think) a 20,000 sign up. They gave my priority club number, and we phoned to check this was ok. The points have never ever been issued to them or me despite numerous calls, and they gave up in the end. Do you think this is still worth persuing?

  4. Agree, the WR team are amazing. I was once unable to log in to my Barclaycard account and lost all will to live after talking to 10 different people at some offshore call centre – tweeted Barclaycard, they told me to email WR and the problem was fixed in a matter of hours – and I even got a goodwill credit of £30 to my account!