3,000 Membership Rewards points for Amex Plat holders if they take the Platinum Credit Card as well

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Yesterday, a few people found a leaflet on their doormat from American Express entitled “Introducing The Perfect Companion To Your Platinum Card“.

Basically – and for reasons which are not fully clear to me – Amex would like Platinum charge card holders to apply for the Platinum credit card.  And they will give you 3,000 Membership Rewards points if you do.

Platinum credit card

The deal is very simple:

  • You need to have an Amex Platinum charge card to apply
  • You must apply for the Platinum credit card via this website
  • You must spend £500 within three months to receive the 3,000 Membership Rewards points
  • On-going spend on the card earns 1 Membership Rewards point per £1
  • There is no annual fee for the Platinum credit card
  • You cannot keep the card if you cancel your Platinum charge card – you must retain both

It is also interesting to note that this card remains a secret card.  It has not been featured on the Amex website for some years.  Interestingly, I know of someone who asked about this card recently when cancelling his Platinum charge card and was told that it no longer existed!

The obvious question is whether you can apply for this card even if, like me, you didn’t get the mailshot from American Express.  My gut feeling is yes, as long as you do have the Platinum charge card.  (They ask for the number on the first page of the application form.)

All in all, I find this another odd strategic move by the boys in Brighton.  Let’s see if this card becomes offered to the general public again.

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  1. I must not be in the right clan of secret squirrels. I didn’t get this offer. I did however get a offer for 5000 membership reward points for 2.5k spend in 3 months. I guessed it was cause my platinum card was being used as much as it used

    • Thomas says:

      Like Paul I didnt get the offer in the main article but basically the “2 MR per £” offer instead. Would be interesting to understand how these offers are derived as my spend is high on the platinum card so should be “free” points. Interestingly you have to “register” for this offer which doesnt make much sense – you click the link and “agree” to register, no drawbacks or anything and no other stipulations.

      • Guess it’s marketing reasons. There’s no point giving people extra benefits if they don’t know they are there as it won’t necessarily work through to enhanced brand positiveness or whatever they measure. Registering will also record just how many people are responding to emails etc to prove campaign effectiveness.

        BMI used to do this regularly for their bonus offers too – you can to click through to register.

  2. I have one of these from a previous offer.
    Called to cancel my Platinum Charge, as you suggest, and was told that “you can only have the Plat CC if you also hold a Plat Charge”.
    Oh well. £15 to transfer points to wife’s new Plat Charge

    • Interesting. The terms and conditions of the card don’t seem to say that for this offer.

    • Trevor says:

      I called this morning to cancel my Platinum having received and distributed my bonus points. I queried the option of the Platinum Credit Card, and I too was told it is only available to those who hold the Plaitnum Charge card to allow credit purchases and payment spreading. Too bad, cos that would have been an exciting option.

  3. Mottelgamzol says:

    I know there’s no sign up bonus now, but can u recommend another plat and receive the bonus using this card. Also can u keep it even I’d you’ve cancelled the charge card?

  4. No leaflet yet for me but have applied anyway – awaiting a decision. Seems churlish to turn down 3k MR points for nothing and handy to have the card whilst they’re offering it in case I cancel Plat at a future date. Also presumably will also be 4sq eligible…

    Haven’t received any email MR offers (I did get one towards the end of last year).

  5. I am a Gold card holder and was offered this when I called Amex about something else in January. Exactly the same deal – spend £500 and get 3k points. I wa a bit loath to stop spending on my Gold and get 2x or 3x in some places, but have rationalised that I will get more points overall with the bonus.

    Not sure yet whether I’ll keep it as I have more cards than I want, let alone Amex variants. But for now its very handy for 4sq and I hang on to it and try cancelling my Gold later this year- after all, I never had the ‘required’ Plat in the first place…

  6. You can ring and see … difficult to know what the criteria are, given that the card is not being advertised openly.

  7. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    I received the offer, and mentioned it on FlyerTalk. However, I’m not going to take them up on it. The benefit is 3000 bonus points for a 500 pound spend. The downside (I assume) is a hit to my credit history.
    If I want another credit card, it wouldn’t be for just 3000 points. I’d be looking through Raffles’ list instead.

  8. Trevor says:

    Why ‘convert’ rather than apply/cancel, and why not wait until there is a signup bonus again? If you’ve had the cashabck card for a while anyway, little to lose by waiting a bit longer and potentially a lot more to gain with a clean application when a bonus is available. Seems silly to throw away that opportunity.

  9. 21h21j says:

    Didn’t get the offer, but have signed up and been approved. Does anyone know what the incredible benefits are?

    “First, your Card(s) will arrive in the post within the next 10 working days. In that same package, we’ll include a Welcome Pack which contains all the incredible benefits that come with your Card(s) and American Express Cardmembership. “

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