100% bonus on BAA WorldPoints transfers to Avios (and how to get 2,400 Avios for £10 if flying this week!)

You have probably already seen this if you are a BAA WorldPoints member, as it is a condition of membership that you receive their email newsletters.  However, it is possible that you didn’t read yesterdays email closely enough, as this was tucked away towards the bottom!

From April 2nd until April 14th, the conversion rate to Avios is doubled!

You will receive 600 Avios points for every 250 BAA WorldPoints you convert.  The standard rate is 300 Avios per 250 WorldPoints.


Now, there are two issues with the email that went out:

It mentions 14 May and 14 April as the closing date.  The WorldPoints website confirms that the deadline is 14 April.

It says that when the promotion ends, the conversion rate will ‘revert’ to 250 Avios for 250 WorldPoints.  Since they use the word ‘revert’, I assume this is a typo and that it will actually revert to the current rate of 300 Avios.  No devaluation, hopefully!

If you are not a WorldPoints member, this fantastic WorldPoints sign-up promotion is still running.  It offers 1,000 WorldPoints for joining and spending £10, which is worth a whopping 2,400 Avios points if you redeem for ‘double Avios’ before April 14th!

You MAY still be able to get 2,400 Avios for £10 if you are flying out of Heathrow in the next few days!  Simply open a new WorldPoints account via the link in the post above, spend £10 in Heathrow duty free, keep the receipt, and then immediately scan it and email it to WorldPoints.

They will credit your account immediately (same day, usually) and the 1,000 bonus WorldPoints will be triggered.  You can then do the transfer before the 14th April and so get the double Avios.  You won’t have received your physical WorldPoints card by the 14th, but it doesn’t matter as the retro-claim process works so well.

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  1. Has anyone tried a conversion yet, out of interest? I tried after recceiving the email but got an error saying “Unfortunately we have been unable to complete your request. Please contact Customer Services .”

    I’m wondering if this is unique to me, or if anyone else has had the same issue?


    • It worked for me just now, and many thanks to raffles for pointing this promotion out!.

      • Ah-hah, called them, and figured out what I was doing wrong! I had 10,513 points, which I was trying to convert as 42 rewards! I stupidly didn’t read the small print. You can only convert 10k points (=40 rewards) in this promotion.

        So note to others in case you also get an error: there is a limit to 10k points / 40 rewards. Trying to convert to more will result in the error I had! 🙂

  2. xcalx says:

    I signed up through the promo and received 2 new cards for family members and will be transfering through LHR tommorow, so this is good timing.
    I have some National book tokens which I am intending to use at W H Smith for the obligatory holiday read. Would this method of payment count as spend or do I need to go down the cash/card route.


  3. Yassim says:

    If I unsubscribe after receiving my double avios, how long is it before I qualify for the next sign-up bonus?

  4. Roger says:

    I think for once that ‘revert’ may actually mean ‘revert’, rather than the devaluation of such words as ‘enhancement’. I believe that the 250:250 rate did apply in the distant past.

    It’s confusing because there were different rates for converting to Air Miles/Airmiles and BA Miles before both became Avios – ISTR historical conversion rates of 250:300 for Airmiles and 250:250 for BA Miles. Of the two, I only converted to Airmiles for that reason.

  5. Did my £10 spend and got only 10 points! Didn’t get the 1000 bonus

    • Did you sign up using the correct link and promo code? Has it been 24 hrs since your 10 points appeared?

    • Email WP, they will sort it out very quickly (as long as put the 749 code into the box on the form when you registered).

  6. andy21 says:

    My £11 spend a weeek ago posted to my account within 24 hours but still no 1000 bonus points. Is it worth ringing/emailing them?

    • Definitely email. The customer service is excellent, the best of ANY loyalty or credit card scheme I use.

  7. I have signed up using the correct link and promo code and received the cards.
    However, I have no plans to travel by 14 April to spend the tenner in duty free.
    Can I buy a Heathrow Express ticket (for future date) from LON Paddington to trigger the spend by 14 April and benefit from the WP-AVIOS offer?

    • Check back to old comments on HEx and WorldPoints promos. I’m not sure if the points post when you buy the ticket or after date of travel. If the latter is the case (it may not be) – as the tickets have 3 or 6 (check) months validity from the date on them – you’d need to book one now for a date before 14 April, so the points trigger now, then collect the ticket at a later date.

      • Have commented below, but I’m afraid that in my experience so far they only post AFTER you’ve taken the trip – perhaps because the tickets are refundable (subject to admin fee) so they want to make sure you’ve take the trip first. I think it’s the actual ticket being scanned/used that triggers it, rather than just passing the date as HEX tickets are valid for (at least) 3 months so even if you don’t use it on the day you booked to use it you can use it at a later date. They also don’t bother about whether it’s LHR -> PAD or PAD -> LHR, they’re valid either direction. Once scanned it then seems to come across a few days later to WorldPoints (think you might have to have done out and return but given I normally do this within a couple of days I’m not sure if it would post after the outbound leg only was used).

  8. AndyGWP says:

    Excellent – thanks for your site raffles!

    We were due to fly out of Heathrow last Wednesday, and returned Sunday. Signed myself and my wife up to the card offer a few weeks ago due to your original post, and we spent a couple of quid extra in Boots (on top of a meal deal for 2) on each card, each way to trigger the £10 spend. Got the bonus points and redeemed them yesterday when I saw the double avios offer 🙂

    (tried to post the double avios offer on the original thread but I assume they close to comments after a certain amount of time)

    • Yes, I close threads to comments after 14 days. This is partly because it is practical, and partly to cut down spam. For ever genuine comment on the blog there are about 10 spam comments, 99.9% of which automatically quarantined. If I left all old posts open to comments, the amount of spam would be (even more) out of control.

  9. Gordon says:

    Is there any way to make the qalifying spend without passing through he airport such as an online purchase?

    • Yes, a Heathrow Express ticket bought online via their website. However, even a one-way is £20.

      Ironically, I will be in T5 arrivals tomorrow. If I was on my own (and not with the whole family) I would buy up a pile of wine in £10 increments and sell the receipts for £10 each!

  10. I did not receive an email confirmation with a pin upon Worldpoints registration a month ago though I received a membership card with account number by mail. When I attempt to login using the account number on the card and requesting a pin reset I do not receive an email response. An email inquiry to Worldpoints customer service has gone unanswered. Any suggestions?

    • xcalx says:

      Could be a typo with the email you used

      • @xcalx, I would have thought so also but I have been receiving the Worldpoints promotional emails at the email addressed used for registration

  11. So if I were to sign up for a world points card today, and tomorrow take a trip to heathrow (I’m not flying but it’s not that far) and spend 10, I would get the points? Presumably I send the receipt to them explaining that my card hasn’t arrived yet and they add the points.

    Have I understood correctly? There’s no requirement for the £10 to be spent at shops that are airside?

    • You’re fine, landside shops work OK. Spend the £10 in one transaction, though.

      You might as well open an account for any other family member with an Avios account at the same time and buy some more stuff. There is an M&S in T5 Arrivals, for eg, where you could buy normal groceries so you’re not losing any money.

  12. Matty says:

    Awesome!!! I need only 5000 points to get a return F ticket to HKG so no need to spend so much on the Amex

  13. Simon says:

    I received the newsletter and your comment that some people might not read the email closely enough, as this was tucked away towards the bottom was totally correct! I saw something about sun glasses and didn’t go any further.

    I’m in the same position as a couple of other people, booked a trip on the Heathrow Express which I haven’t taken yet and haven’t had the ponts. I emailed Customer Services a couple of days ago to ask about the rules but I haven’t had a reply yet.

    • In my experience (about four trips now) the HEX points don’t post until after you’ve taken the journey I’m afraid.

      • Simon says:

        That’s a shame, thanks for letting me know Alan. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to take advantage of this offer, I am actually in London tomorrow to go to Wembley to watch Crewe play but the only way I’d be able to get to Heathrow and back in my time limit would be a round trip on the HEX which wouldn’t make sense for 2,400 Avios.

        • We need someone at LHR willing to make lots of £10 transactions at M&S that HFP readers could then scan and email in 😉

        • Customer Services phoned me to respond to my email and confirmed what you said Alan the points only post after travel.

          You and Raffles are both correct about their customer service being excellent. The lady on the phone said she’d drop a note to someone as there isn’t anything on the sites that say when the points will post, the only mention is something that says, if you cancel your booking your points will be deducted from your account. Without prompting she then said she would credit my account with the 1000 welcome points from the Virgin offer! Fantastic service!

        • Great result, Simon 😀 Thanks for posting back to let us know what happened – agree that was very generous of them. They’ve also kindly agreed to combine two of my accounts after I emailed them to request it – gets me close to enough to have another Avios transfer!

  14. blot_bang_rub says:

    No need to scan and email a receipt; if you have your email with card number, just give the check out operator the number and they will manually enter it. I did this yesterday and the transaction’s been recorded.

  15. Just FYI in case anyone is interested… I converted 40 Worldpoint awards (10k points – the max) to BAEC Avios on April 3rd. Today (April 9th) – 24k Avios have hit my BAEC account. Pretty quick turnaround, and delighted with the small windfall. 🙂

    • Got mine today as well, converted on Fri or Sat.

      • Ditto – received mine today. Conversion requested 2/4/13 (first day of offer), so they seem to have batched them. Very pleased with this from Worldpoints, especially when I add it on the EDI £10 car parking vouchers over the years, great value!

  16. Got myactual card within 2 business days of joining, impressed!

  17. Waldek says:

    send them receipt as my card didnt arrive before my travel.
    3 days and nothing no respond at all so not really impressive customer service for me

  18. Andrew says:

    Non existent customer service would describe my experience thus far.