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Dan Brown back at Tesco with 500 bonus Clubcard points – just 0.75p per Avios!

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Back in February, Tesco Direct was offering you the chance to pre-order the new Dan Brown book for just £9. You got 500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points with each copy, so 1200 Avios or 1250 Flying Club miles!

Tesco quickly sold out of their pre-order allocation. Too quickly, as it turned out, because a lot of people had their orders cancelled.

More stock seems to have appeared, though, because the offer is back.

You can get 500 Clubcard points for pre-ordering the new Dan Brown book, Inferno (see here) and using code TD-MNRW at the check-out. You should actually order 2 copies, as book orders over £15 qualify for free postage!


Do NOT order more than 2 copies, though, as it is highly likely that Tesco will cancel your order.

The maths works out VERY nicely on this one, at 0.75p per Avios – and that is without any conversion bonus.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (40)

  • Marky Mark says:

    I also got £1 back for the cook book and the points (400cc) went on within 72hours.

    I’ve ordered two Dan Brown books why would they cancel if you ordered for example 100?

    Is there some fair usage policy?

    I buy two inks most days at my local Tesco costing £17 earning me 517 points.

    I don’t buy more than two a day but I don’t see a problem… Please advise

  • GlennM says:

    Hi Marky Mark,

    Tesco will have a price match if the pre-order price becomes higher than the price when available, and refund the difference. That’s why pre-orders are quite good opportunities.

    On the HP inks, you should be able to order as many as they have in stock and collect thousands of points – as at the end of the day its a genuine consumer purchase. Some of my family have similar printer models, no one questioned when I ordered a bulk of 30 several months ago, with the resultant points 🙂

    I use to concern myself too about large orders, but rest assured, if the system doesn’t allow it – it will tell you so! In reality Tesco isn’t a charity, and they’d prefer you spending your money with them than elsewhere so will price and points model all promotions (at least I imagine they do) against anything that’s likely to be unacceptable. Your loyalty is all they want!

  • Marky Mark says:

    FYI two ordered day the was posted and 1018 points added at midday today

  • Marky Mark says:

    Found this deal, appears to be a glitch…

  • Daleroxxu says:

    My order for 2 copies just got cancelled after 7 days with no reason.

    Points were already in my clubcard account on May 4th so I wonder what will happen now, if I will get them in the coming mailshot.

    • Andy says:

      I got the canceled order email last night after a week as well. I bet the publishers aren’t happy. Tesco refusing to take per orders of a book. I kept getting a message that there were no more available last week before finally getting the order accepted. How can you not have enough of something that hasn’t been printed jet?

      • Daleroxxu says:

        And despite the cancelled order they are still accepting pre orders on the website, but not with the promo points any more. Very cheeky on their part.

        Because of the timing, having made the pre order before the quarterly cutoff date for points, and then them cancelling it after this date, they haven’t been able to deduct the points. So maybe it will work out in my favour. I wonder if they ever give you a negative clubcard balance in such an instance?

        • Michael says:

          Mine was cancelled last night as well….total joke.

          • David says:

            My order was similarly cancelled on Tuesday night without any reason given. This was actually my first ever order from Tesco so there couldn’t be any issue of having having prior form. I find the point made above about negative points interesting though. Can anyone tell me when the miles would be expected to arrive in my Avios account.