1,200 Avios points for £5 with 'Call of Duty : Ghosts'

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When will Tesco ever learn?! Hopefully not for a while.

On Tesco Direct, there is a very average offer for 500 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order the video game ‘Call of Duty : Ghosts’ for £35-£40 depending on format. It’s an OK deal if you are buying it anyway, but nothing to get excited about.

However, in store, something more interesting is back.

Call of Duty

Tesco is offering 500 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order ‘Call of Duty : Ghosts’ for £5! This is 1,200 Avios points or 1,250 Flying Club miles for just a fiver.

How it is meant to work is that you get a display box scanned at the check-out, pay £5, and receive a special receipt. Visit the store on the day the game is released and you are guaranteed to get a copy and you will get your £5 back as a discount. The 500 bonus Clubcard points are credited with the pre-order payment.

There is no obligation to ever buy the game when it is eventually released. This means that you can treat this as a chance to buy some Avios airmiles for 0.4p each!

You need to be very careful not to overdo this promotion. Tesco has removed bonus points in the past. Buying one copy is obviously fine, two is probably OK, especially if you buy one of the Xbox versions and one of the PlayStation versions. I would get very nervous beyond two copies.

The boxes tend to be on a separate stand to the usual video games. You take an empty box to the checkout, it is scanned, but you do not keep the box – it goes back on the shelf. You will only tend to find these in larger Tesco stores.

There is no stated closing date for this offer, although one poster at paidtoshop.co.uk was told that it finishes TODAY. There is no confirmation of this, but do not make a special effort after today until there is proof it is carrying on.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Yellow SEL said 12/05/13 when I told you this last Friday 🙂

    • Not sure you mentioned that bit! In that case, we’re fine.

      • Just found the email with the photo didn’t send …

        • porky says:

          Hi E14, if you are in London, can you share what store you found game in? Been to several extras and nothing.

        • Not seen any inside the M25 – Romford, Gallions Reach, Dagenham, Surrey Quays – zip – going outside into the darkest Essex – yes

          They maybe being held back in London until the new pre release chart is issued tomorrow

        • porky says:

          How far into Essex. Chelmsford a bit far for me (35mins). Anything closer say in Brentwood that you are aware of?

        • In at Romford Gallows corner

  2. James67 says:

    Also read someplace that it is now limitted to 1 per customer although I don’t see any such condition on any tesco pages. I restricted myself to one of each fornat like you recommend here to be on safe side.

  3. Rohan says:

    Could I, after a few days, go back to the store and say that I have changed my mind adm ask for the £5 refund and still pocket 500 bonus clubcard points ?

    • No. And to be honest, that is not the right approach to take to deals like this which are exceptionally generous in the first place.

  4. Phil says:

    Rumours on money saving expert of double Tesco club card promotion starting next week…rumours of course at this stage

  5. Paul says:

    I popped to my local Tesco Extra (Cardiff, Western Ave) at lunchtime today, but they didn’t have any of these available for pre-order yet. It didn’t look like the computer game pre-order stand was set up for this game yet. Is availability ok in other Tesco stores? Guess I’ll have to check back in a day or two…

  6. Scottish Steve says:

    Just back from my local Tesco Extra. I checked the Games section and there was none in the aisle, so asked at the customer service desk and they said you had to pay the full amount when pre-oredering. Anyone else been told the same?

  7. You are looking for a standalone which has the boxes on, these seem to be randomly located in stores (one has it just inside the entrance)

    Not seen any on the preorders section in games depts.

  8. Available at Chelmsford and Southend today. In both cases a separate stand near the TV area. Nothing in the main games area. 2 of each type done.


    • Fidelityutensils says:

      Next to the TVs in the Glasgow Silverburn Extra too, nowhere near the pre-order section, and right at the front door of the Rutherglen Store.
      One of each format on each of the Clubcard Accounts without any bother.

    • Cliff says:

      Which Chelmsford ? Miami roundabout , parkway home plus or Springfield Road. Nothing in the Maldon Extra, but loads of 3V 😉


  9. Neil says:

    My local Tesco had them with the rest of the pre-order games so it is worth checking there. Can confirm 12 May end also.

  10. Whiskerxx says:

    Been to three large Tescos. Two didn’t have the game, the other had it on the main DVD stand. bought two copies without any issue, but had to pay at direct order counter Was asked for my postcode and telephone number, which I provided. I then asked why I had to do this as all of my details will be recorded on the Clubcard. I suspect it was a local policy to try to help limit abuse

  11. whitenoise says:

    Went into my local Tesco and they had a pre-order section in the middle of the X-box games to the left and the PS games on the right. Simply took an Xbox and PS version to the checkout and paid my £10 and gained 1010 points, easy =D

  12. porky says:

    Anybody seen these in London? AND if so, what stores as I haven’t seen anything in the 6 Tesco extras that I’ve been to.

    • Certainly none in Cromwell Road today! No 3V either but I got a £4 fee £50 card anyway as I’d got a £4 off coupon expiring this week.

  13. Susan says:

    3 family clubcards: 1PS+1Xbox on each = 3030 lovely CC points or 1 x BA one-way from Edinburgh to Rome for £30 + reward saver which I’ll pay with a Visa 3v! Thank you Tesco (which gets to keep my deposits so we both win) and Thank you Raffles!

  14. Michelle says:

    I found them in a small store, with the normal games, but none in a big store i went to to get the 3V cards

  15. waldek says:

    anyone can confirm still available Southend or Chelmsford, please?

  16. waldek says:

    anyone can confirm still available Romford Gallows Corner

  17. porky says:

    Was at Gallows last night. Had display but no boxes and thus nothing to scan.

  18. Just popped into the big Tesco in Banbury (near what used to be General Foods and smells of coffee)

    Lots of these in the normal games section.

    Also got the last 6 3V cards!


  19. bookish says:

    Found this at The Meadows in Camberley today. It is on the end cap with all the other games for pre-order.

  20. Waldek says:

    I managed to pre-order the call of duty ghosts game today at Roneo Corner, still available if anyone from east London.