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1,000 bonus Avios for Tesco conversion now extended to AND BAEC

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this post which described a new Tesco / British Airways promotion.  British Airways is offering 1,000 bonus Avios if you convert at least £5 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers to British Airways Executive Club and you have not done a similar conversion since 29th April 2012.

Since most Head for Points readers convert to BA, this promotion was not hugely useful.

A second version has now appeared, though.

Avios Tesco promotion is also offering 1,000 bonus Avios if you convert £5 or more of Tesco vouchers to before 30th June and you have not done a similar conversion since 29th April 2012.

If you usually convert your Clubcard vouchers to, you may want to have second thoughts this quarter.  Why not send them to instead?  You will need to open an account at if you don’t already have one, but this can be done very quickly.  As soon as your Avios have posted, you can move them to British Airways via ‘Combine My Avios’.

Full details can be found here.

(Want to boost your Clubcard points?  Click here and scroll down to the Clubcard logo to see our list of current promotions.)

Comments (46)

  • Confused_Person! says:

    I’m quite confused. Is there a material difference between transferring “vouchers” online as opposed to transferring Clubcard Points?

    I have 600 CC Points, but zero vouchers, and frankly can never work out how one comes by the vouchers.

    Does this promotion only work if you transfer CC points to BA Avios as well as transfering CC vouchers to BA Avios?

    • Idrive says:

      HI Confused_Person,

      you gain Cubcard points with your everyday shopping and you can see them growing on the receipt at the till or online (see current points on your CC account).
      At the end of the collecting period (last closed on 4th May) they get converted to vouchers, unless you selected autoconvert to Avios or BAEX miles or Christmas Savers. If you already autoconvert, you will not get vouchers. I used to autoconvert so my points were transferred automatically to BAEX . Last time in March, i decided to opt out from autoconvert and received 3 voucher at home (and online) after May 4th, which i now can swap as I prefere or keep them sitting on the account hoping that there will be some kind of promotion in the future (conversion bonus, ie 20% more avios or similar) . I took advantage of this last promotion and swapped 5£ worth of vouchers and I now have £10 pounds worth of vouchers which i did not exchange.
      Hope this clarifies.

    • Rob says:

      I wrote an introductory post on Tesco earning here

  • Confused_Person! says:

    Thanks Idrive & Raffles.
    So I that explains why I didn’t / don’t have any vouchers in my account.
    I think I get the conversion process now too.

    I was under the (wrong) impression it was possible to convert CC Points and CC Vouchers, but the only CC Points that are exchangeable are those going through as ‘auto-convert’. Everything else has to first get changed into vouchers and only once they’re in voucher format can they be spent…seems a bit bureaucratic to be honest.

  • Mark says:

    We have a BAEC household account – one of the members has had Tesco conversations within the past year, the other has never had a Tesco conversion credited.

    Worth trying £5 CC points to the account that has never had a conversion?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, it should work – although Tesco may reject the transfer if the surname doesn’t match.

      • Mark says:

        One potential area of complication given my wife has a different surname, however she’s currently down as the main card holder (which we did last year to transfer some CC points to her account) and I want to transfer to her BAEC account, so should work.

        Incidentally I’m now down as the affiliate card-holder on the CC account due to our having a shared interest as she has a supplementary Tesco credit card on my account. I wonder if I could register a separate Clubcard in my own name without them being merged?

        • Rob says:

          Yes, you are probably OK if the main name on each account is different.