Beating the British Airways telephone menu system ….

It’s a Bank Holiday and real news is thin on the ground, so ….

Ah, the joys of sitting on the phone whilst a recorded voice takes you through three to four levels of ‘Press 1 for ….’.


As the BBC reported recently, Nigel Clarke had had enough.  Clearly a man with too much time on this hands (although you could say that about someone who writes an Avios blog …..)  he rang hundreds of major companies, banks, utilities etc and created a website featuring all of their menu options.

All you need to do is visit, look up the company you want to call, and you can find the list of numbers that you can punch into your telephone key pad in order to get straight to a real person.

Here are the results for British Airways to save you a few seconds next time you need to call!

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  1. danksy says:

    Wow, this guy really does have time on his hands!

    Brilliant way to save everyone else the bother though!

  2. Lady London says:

    A great tool to add to saynoto0870 dot com, to make another aspect of having to call companies easier.