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Up to 30% bonus when you buy Avios before 13th June

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British Airways has launched another ‘buy Avios’ promotion, offering a bonus of up to 30% for purchased before 13th June. The link to buy is here.

Buy Avios bonus

Frankly, this is not an impressive deal.  The bonus on 1,000 Avios is nothing – despite costing a rip-off £31.  The bonus on 2,000 to 6,000 is a pathetic 100 Avios points.  You need to spend over £300 on 24,000 Avios to benefit from the full 7,000 Avios bonus. In a couple of days, I will be running a post comparing all of the different methods of buying Avios points – including some obscure ones that you possibly hadn’t already considered.

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Comments (12)

  • Mr Bridge says:

    I just renewed my tax disc £225. I have always paid for it with a debit card. I did not know that dvla took amex.They charge a flat fee of £2.50 for all credit cards. So £2.50 bought me 455 avios (diamond club amex). 0.54p each.

    It would hurt dvla not to charge a cc fee, as its still cheaper than the 10’s of pound they pay the post office in commision.

  • Lloyd says:

    I’d be interested to hear whether it makes it a good deal for the amex 2-4-1? If you spend not much above the 10k that will only get you 15,000 avios with PP and lets assume you dont get many more points over and above this. I then buy 62,000 avios (household account) for £600 so that gives me a minimum 77k avios for the year. I’m working on the basis that each point is worth twice the value when using the 2-4-1 and so it then becomes a good deal. Good or bad?

    Great site btw!

    • Sir Stamford says:


      For background information about Avios valuation, have a look at this post from December 2012.

      The general consensus is that each Avios is worth about 1p. Using them in specific scenarios, they could be worth 2p to 4p each.

      31,000 Avios (i.e. 24k + 7k bonus) for £399 works out to be 1.3p per Avios. This is more than the general 1p valuation but it may still be worthwhile for you to purchase them if you are getting more than 1.3p per Avios on your redemption. I would also consider purchasing Avios this way if I need lots of Avios quickly as a result of an imminent redemption.

      When you consider that there are many promotions highlighted here that effectively allow you to purchase Avios for less than 1p each (e.g. Mighty Deal Shell Card allows you to purchase Avios for 0.43p each), you must ask yourself whether spending 1.3p per Avios is such a good deal after all.

      Sir Stamford

    • Rob says:

      The post that Sir Stamford linked is your best resource. Frankly, I would try to avoid paying anything above 1p per Avios unless you are buying a small amount to top off an account.

  • Nick Burch says:

    Does the Iberia 30% bonus offer that’s running at the moment not offer a cheaper route?

    • Rob says:

      Post on this in a couple of days! Very little difference, basically.

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Since Raffles is going to cover this later this week, I keep my reply brief. I haven’t compared at a lower Avios purchase level.

      You get effectively 31,200 Avios for €459 or £393 at the current spot FX rate. With BA, you get 31,000 Avios for £399.

      If you try to “double dip” by using an Avios earning card for payment (e.g. AMEX Premium Plus or MBNA Diamond Club AMEX), you will earn up paying 3% in commission on the Euro transaction i.e. the €459 would be circa £405. Therefore, extra £6 for 200 Avios!

      Sir Stamford