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Good new Clubcard pre-order deals on DVD's, Blu-Rays, games and CD's

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Tesco Direct has launched a number of new pre-order deals on upcoming entertainment releases.  These all offer you a chunk of bonus Tesco Clubcard points in return for ordering (and paying) now.  The Clubcard points post immediately, not on the day of release.

If you were planning to buy any of the highlighted items then it is clearly a good deal.  You may also find it worthwhile to buy some of these items and then sell them via ebay or to CEx.

Tesco store

Here are the new deals:

150 Clubcard points (360 Avios, 375 Flying Club miles) when you spend £10 on pre-order DVD’s

100 Clubcard points (240 Avios, 250 Flying Club miles) when you spend £8 on pre-order CD’s

200 Clubcard points (480 Avios, 500 Flying Club miles) when you spend £15 on pre-order blu-rays disks

500 Clubcard points (1200 Avios, 1250 Flying Club miles) when you spend £35 on pre-order games

It is worth noting that Grid 2 (X-Box and Playstation versions only) comes with an extra 200 points, netting you 700 Clubcard points from a £36 game.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (19)

  • larryflyer says:

    I think this is a worrying development. Previously, Tesco was periodically offering a flat rate 500 bonus CC points (= 1200 Avios at standard conversion rate) for pre-order computer games. A good deal to take up online if you actually wanted the game anyway (or could be bothered to resell), but even better with a few games offered in store with 500 points for a £5 deposit only (and you could ‘forget’ to buy the game when eventually released). Many of us saw this as a good investment opportunity.

    This latest offer, with carefully graduated bonus points for different spending levels, suggests they are now trying to stop people effectively ‘buying’ CC points for ridiculously low (so, for Tesco, uneconomic) prices.

    I fear we have seen the last of the ‘fishy’ deals…


  • signol says:

    I don’t know how I managed it, but since I signed up to auto convert Clubcard points to Avios, I’ve got a rate of 800 Avios per £2.50 CC points, a rate of 3.2 Avios per point. Was nice especially as when I enquired about not receiving the 1.5k sign up bonus as I’d auto converted before.

  • Tommy says:

    Does anyone know if these deals are targeted? I don’t seem to get any extra bonus points when I add to my basket, and I had the same problem last time Raffles recommended a similar offer.

  • Rob says:

    Tesco has now fixed the bug which was offering bonus points on ANY disks! I have changed the links appropriately.

    Tommy – no, not targetted as they show even if not logged in. They work fine for me, if you select a £10 pre-order CD it clearly shows 110 Clubcard Points in your basket.

  • flyforfun says:


    I hope you are wrong, but seem to be right. I’ve not seen a good offer in ages, not since they did 500 points on £8 to £10 pre-ordered CD/DVDs some years ago. I bought 50 of them! When I converted to the tesco points to BA miles (pre Avios days) they doubled them! I was a very happy shopper and even happier when I redeemed them with an amex 2-4-1!

    • larryflyer says:


      Err… sounds like you missed out on some rather good offers more recently, e.g.
      – numerous offers of 500 CC pts when you buy 2 x HP Inkjet cartridges (cheapest ones often around £8.50 each; most recently, some stores had shelf-edge labels implying 500 points for EACH cartridge, not two, which you could then haggle for at CS);
      – 3 iterations of 500 points for £5 on game preorders (COD, GTAV, and then more COD); 10 to 15 orders per CC account provide a decent yield whilst (fingers-crossed) staying below the radar;
      -3V prepaid Visa debit cards (an interesting special case of the 150 CC pts when you spend £50 on gift cards – with conditional spend vouchers and money off petrol, they are effectively paying YOU money for the privilege of giving you CC points!

      I think Raffles has covered all of these here on HFP, but always worth keeping an eye on Flyertalk and PaidToShop as well.

      • Colin says:


        just to check – you managed to get 15 orders per CC account? Got away with it ok?!

        • richie says:

          i purchased 50 copies of dan brown inferno about 6 weeks back on pre order with 500 points for each one. sold them all on ebay. i put 30 on mine and 20 on Mrs. Richie account.
          happy days

          • Colin says:

            i ordered once copy and they cancelled the order!

          • Michael Christie says:

            i’ve just ordered 5 grid 2 games over 2 CC accounts and will that will get 1900 avios points per transaction – and then more if there’s a conversion. will see if they arrive lol

      • flyforfun says:

        @larryflyer Yes, they were good deals, but the CD/DVD was just before xmas so I got most of my gift shopping done in one swoop! It was sweetened for me with the unexpected conversion bonus double.

        Not sure people would have been to happy to receive printer cartridges as presents!! 🙂

        And not everyone likes Dan Brown! 😉

  • Max says:

    Hi Raffles

    A bit OT as the other thread has closed.
    RE: 3,500 Clubcard points (8,400 Avios) for taking out £15 of Tesco Life Insurance!

    I had 3 payments debited from my Account so far.
    Is it OK to cancel the DD with AVIVA as the min. period has elapsed to trigger the bonus?

    • Rob says:

      The points apparently go on a week after the 3rd payment is taken. I would wait for that, and if they don’t appear I would call and chase. No need to cancel the DD until a couple of days before the 4th payment.

  • Danny says:

    Max – Reading the t & c, it does say if the Life Insurance is cancelled within the first 6 months the points would be taken back…

    Have you already received the points?

    • Lakin says:

      Wait until you have the points – reports on FT suggest they do arrive a week or two after the last payment. If they don’t show up you can call to request them, and once you have the points it is safe to cancel.
      Danny – The old terms stated 3 months and Tesco should honour that. They changed shortly after to 6 months which was still a good deal. The offer has changed again so I can’t check but I am pretty sure it was worded that you would not receive the points until after x months, not that they would take them back.

  • GlennM says:

    Dear all,

    Theres a weekend only Tesco Wine special offer – The Code is XXP44P for £50 spend getting 500 clubcard points. £50 spend also gets you free delivery. This is in addition to the recent wine CC offers.

    Regards, Glenn