No sign-up bonus now offered on the Lloyds Duo Avios credit cards

Anyone who has followed various reports on Head for Points about the Lloyds Duo Avios credit cards will know that they have suffered from some customer service failings.  However, the 20,000 Avios sign-up bonus on the Premier Duo card was attractive. Lloyds Avios The latest sign-up bonus ended yesterday. This was a pretty decent one, as long as you were prepared to jump through the various hoops required to qualify. But, as of yesterday, there is no sign-up bonus at all. See here for example.

This is a little odd, especially as BA continues to give out a bonus on their Avios cards.   If you were interested in these cards, give it a few weeks. I’m sure something new will be along.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

12,000 Avios / 12,500 Flying Club miles for £60 with Tesco's Mortgage Cover policy
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  1. Leigh English says:

    A weight off your shoulders Raffles-at least for a while!

    Having previously received a sign up bonus(1500 Airmiles) Mrs Gummidge signed up, telephoned customer services and managed to prise out of them the 40, 30, 30 day spend periods. Ist spend done(making note of each transaction) and now using Amex Gold until the next relevant date. We’ll see what happens-I don’t imagine though that Lloyds will give in without a fight!

    Slightly OT I’m struggling to get value from our 200k + 2-4-1. I’m looking at a Sin (Economy) redemption next year; however, when comparing with cash prices and factoring in Avios, 2-4-1, BAPP £150 fee and loss of cash price miles earn, I’m down to about 0.275p mile in a worst case scenario. I think (?) that Raffles has stated in the past that using a 2-4-1 in economy is not worth it-so, for me, it looks as though the BAPP will have to go.

    Great site Raffles thank you.

    • Yes, the only economy redemptions on BA that are decent value are generally either Reward Flight Saver or short low tax trips (eg within USA or Oz). Long haul BA economy is poor VFM due to taxes as you’ve correctly identified! Much better value from the voucher to be had in Club World 😀

      • … or last minutes trips when only fully flex high cost economy is available for cash.

        • Yes I was thinking of mentioning that one, but my guess would be that except for Golds (or indeed at times including them, although they could always pay double Avios) if the cash fares have gone that high then there’s probably no redemption availability left?

        • Sorry ignore my point re double Avios for Gold – I haven’t used it before and forgot there’s a 30 day AP requirement!

  2. Tis my post above!

  3. OK Alan, thanks for seconding my thoughts-very helpful as is the site in general.

  4. I applied last week for the Lloyds Duo cards and had an email on Saturday telling me i was approved and the cards were on the way. I wonder if the sign up bonus will still be included? What do you think?

  5. ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

    Did anyone else sign up for the 4500 avios deal for spending £200 per month (June / July / Aug) and actually had the points post?

    I got the ‘you’ve passed stage 1 and 2 emails’ but nothing about August’s spend 🙁

    • I am in the same position as you, but as well as the stage 1 and 2 emails, I got one entitled “Are you in line for a 4,500 Avios bonus?” on 21/8/13 which includes the encouraging line “P.S. We’ll be in touch again in October to let you know if you’ve been successful in getting your 4,500 Avios bonus. Good luck!”. I agree it’s strange that there was no confirmation of the August spend as there was for the June and July spend.

  6. In all the comments about the sign up bonus for this card I don’t think I’ve read a single comment from anyone who said they have got the sign-up bonus! I guess people tend to comment more when they have issues.

    I’m still waiting for my sign up bonus, If I don’t get it I’ll be joining the list of people taking Lloyds to the financial ombudsman as I was told the dates for the monthly £500 spend was your statement dates, it took me 4 phones calls until anyone could tell me what the dates were and even then I was told the incorrect information! I also achieved the £500 spend based on the 40, 30, 30 day rule, this is based on my calculation of the dates though!

    Comparing Lloyds customer service to AMEX is chalk and cheese, I’ve just got off the phone to AMEX after having an issue with my SPG points being tranferred and I’ve been given 5000 bonus SPG points as a result of the problems I’ve been having.

    • I have had issues getting the sign up bonus transferred. Did you ask for the bonus or did they volunteer it?

      • They volunteered, the person on the phone offered card credit or points so I asked for points.

        I’ve had no points transferred so far since I’ve had the card, they’ve relinked my SPG number to my AMEX card but that didn’t work, a customer service representative said they’d get in touch with me last week if they points still hadn’t transferred and then failed to get in touch.

        Seems like there is a problem with the way Starwood formats it’s SPG numbers and the way AMEX formats them.

  7. I would imagine this has something to do with the split of Lloyds, and whether the cards sit with Lloyds or TSB in future.

    Still waiting for my points from the £500pm offer. Never again.

  8. slightly off topic but 241 on BAPP was raised above somewhere.

    I think to get value you need flexibility with date and location. Guess I have been lucky whereas others not so lucky. Am off to Vegas in two weeks. First Return for two people and its about £1125 in total return To me that’s value. Our friends are doing this so we managed to get 4 seats out and back in First.

    Thanks Raffles for all your great advice.

  9. Within the comments section of one of Raffles’ previous items on these infamous cards I read this: “…missed out on the promo that earnt Raffles over a million Avios…”

    What fairytale promotion was that and how did it work??? Definitely before I became a serious Avios collector anyway…