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250 / 500 points for pre-ordering ‘Destiny’ from Tesco now working OK

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There have been some excellent deals in Tesco recently for pre-ordering video games.  The last couple (see here and here) were very generous – you paid £5 to reserve a video game (which you, ahem, forgot to collect) and received 500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points.

Last week I wrote about the latest video game to be included in this offer, called Destiny:


Tesco ran some expensive newspaper adverts last week to promote its pre-order offers on this game.  There was a problem, however.  No-one had bothered to tell the shops or the website people!

However, just a whole week later, the offer is now working as expected.

If you pre-order Destiny online (paying the full £40) you will receive 500 bonus Clubcard points, so 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Flying Club miles.

Far better, though, is to pre-order in-store.  You are looking for an empty box in the video games area, which scans at the till – you don’t take the plastic box home though!  You are charged £5 and you receive a coupon which allows you to pick up a copy on the day of release, with a £5 discount.

You will also receive 250 Clubcard points, which are added to your account immediately on the receipt.  This will get you 600 Avios or 625 Virgin Flying Club miles, which is a good return on your £5.

This offers run until 27th November.  It was original scheduled to end on 27th October, so it seems to have been extended in light of the mix up.

Do NOT buy more than one copy of each version (there are different versions for different consoles) per Clubcard.  Tesco is likely to remove multiple purchases from your account.  In any event, whilst this is not a bad deal, it is also not a slam dunk like the earlier versions which were half the cost.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (38)

  • Mark says:

    As promised I stopped at my local Tesco Extra today to get EANs (barcode numbers) for the Destiny pre-order, they are as follows:

    PS3 – 5052910886972
    Xbox – 5052910886996

    I can’t imagine that these will work at any Tesco store but if you’ve got one that sells console games I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet, that said my pre-order coupons mention nothing about where I have to pick the games up from so it’s worth a try I guess!

    • Nick says:

      Thanks Mark. In the past they’ve worked in both my local Tesco that haven’t sold the games. I believe that Tesco system is all the same across apart from the Tesco Express. I was questioned in a Tesco metro that didn’t sell the game before but just told them that I’d be able to collect from another Tesco. Staff haven’t got a clue.

      • Mark says:

        No worries, just wish I’d cottoned on to these pre-order offers sooner with Diablo III, CoD: Ghosts etc. In the absence of any other Clubcard point offers cropping up I’ll be focusing all my attention on ordering the new iPad Air from Tesco.

        • Nick says:

          Why’s that?

          • Mark says:

            Clubcard points! I seem to have become a bit obsessed, I’d planned on getting the new iPad from the Apple Store but I can’t pass up the opportunity to earn more points, especially seeing as I’ll be sticking it on my Clubcard credit card.

      • Rob says:

        Exactly. Avoid Tesco Express which has a separate IT system, it seems, and will not recognise these codes.

  • The Other Steve says:

    Forgive the possible stupid question, but when you say 250/500 clubcard points, does that include buying a PS3 or/and an Xbox one?

  • William Hughes says:

    I just, as always, walk to the entertainment desk, give them the barcode number and pay there. No need to mess about with the self service tills.

    I should have read first though, as I didn’t see the barcode was for PS3. I asked for PS4. She did it for me, but when she noticed it was for the PS3, she actually wrote on the receipt that I can use the discount for PS4. Nice lady. 250 extra points. Thanks!

  • Dave says:

    Just been to the Tesco Extra near IKEA at Neasden. Initially didn’t see any yellow coupon denoting the extra 250 bonus points but wasn’t to be detered so asked an assistant. He didn’t know, his manager checked and said no bonus points, but still not to be put off, got someone else and did a dummy transaction and low and behold the transaction went through for a copy of each format, Xbox & PS3 much to their surprise! and the extra clubcard points. Though to give credit to the manager I dealt with face to face, he took me at my word and said he’d award the extra points if it didn’t show on the receipt.
    I put the boxes back for the guy to see if I could then find a copy for PS4, more luck this time with that format and found the bonus coupon on a white label in totally the wrong place.
    I have had problems with this store in the past when all others have had the offer, but this time wasn’t going to be fobbed off by the excuse that they were a different ‘Tesco’.
    I agree with an earlier comment that Tesco maybe now getting wise to this, but again if they get a fiver for nothing, then they are happy to live with it, who knows how much they pay for an AVIOS?. Maybe they are testing the water and the next step will be an extra 100 clubcard points?

  • Ashley says:

    Just been to my local Tesco Superstore, and they know nothing about the game at all!
    I went with the barcode, and they wouldn’t put it through unless there was a empty case on the shelf!

  • Mark says:

    Feeling as though I’d missed out I went back to my local Tesco Extra yesterday, having previously purchased the PS3 & Xbox 360 pre-orders, and asked a member of staff if they had the pre-order packaging for the PS4 version. They went to find out and after a short wait another member of staff appeared with a box full of the promotional cases they put on display, they scanned it through and sure enough I got my 255 Clubcard points, but only after realising that I’d forgotten to use my bloody Clubcard! They added them on after the transaction by scanning the receipt so no problem in the end.