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Step-by-step guide to redeeming your Shangri-La Golden Circle points (and Week 3 reminder)

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Last week, I ran this post outlining a great promotion currently being run by Shangri-La Hotels and their Golden Circle loyalty scheme. If you play their online game for 5 of the 6 weeks it runs, you will have enough points for a $100 per person food and drink voucher valid at any Shangri-La property – which is exciting, given that they are soon to open at The Shard in London.

This is a reminder that Week 3 is now available to play on the Shangri-La website here. (At the time of writing, there seems to be some problems with game running in various browsers. If it doesn’t work, leave it a day and try again – I’m sure they will fix it.)

Unfortunately, it is now too late to register for this game if you want to earn the $100 food and drink voucher. There are only 4 weeks left, earning 200 points per week. The best you could do is 500 points per person, worth a $50 food and drink voucher per person.

Golden Circle

Reader Tony got in touch to explain exactly how you redeem these points. Over to Tony:

“I redeemed 3,500 points for food in Hong Kong earlier this year. [Readers should know they can’t] just rock up to the bar and use your GC card to pay the bill.

Points appear to be valid for two years plus the remainder of the calendar year from issue
You have to go online and redeem your points for the vouchers. You have to nominate which property you are using them in and also whether it’s for F&B or the Spa at this time.
These then come through as an e-mail with a long alphanumeric code on it. For me this came through straight away and the voucher is valid for 6 months.
The terms state you must make a reservation for the venue where you want to redeem the voucher. This appeared to be enforced in HK.
On the day you want to use the voucher you have to take the e-mail to the business centre in the property with photo ID and tell them which venue you’re using. They will then input the code on your email and convert this into a paper voucher. This has a local currency equivalent stated and at least in Hong Kong there was no dodgy spread – I think we got HK$778 for every US$100 voucher.
You can only redeem in $50 and $100 lots, so if you want $150 or $200 then you have to apply for multiple vouchers. And as has been noted, the maximum redemption against a single bill is $200.
Full T&Cs from the voucher (April 2013) are below.
    1. A Non-Room Award confirmation is valid for six months from the date of redemption is made.
    2. Advance reservation with the participating food and beverage outlets or CHI, The Spa is required.
    3. A Member or Nominee must validate the redeemed Non-Room Award in exchange for a Golden Circle redemption voucher in person by presenting proof of identity document at the Business Centre prior to the service being used.
    4. Redemption vouchers can only be used at participating food and beverage outlets or CHI, The Spa on the date of validation.
    5. Redemption vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. All unused value will not be refunded whether in terms of cash, GC Award Points or otherwise. Any excess amount will be charged to the Member or Nominee.
    6. Redemption vouchers cannot be used to purchase merchandise or services that are contracted out by the Hotel to a third party.
    7. Redemption vouchers cannot be used to settle charges on banqueting, outside catering and event spends, or expenses charged to a room account.
    8. Redemption vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotional offers.
    9. Redemption vouchers must be presented at the time of payment.
    10. A maximum value of USD200, or local currency equivalent, worth of redemption vouchers can be used to settle payment for each transaction. The value of voucher(s) will be converted to its applicable local currency equivalent at the Hotel’s prevailing exchange rate.
    11. Once the redemption is made, no amendment or cancellation is allowed.”

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Comments (40)

  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    This is weird.

    I could hardly get the game to load on Chrome or IE, but when it did, all you had to do was “pull” a cord.

    When I logged in for the wife and daughter accounts, wouldn’t load – BUT if you scroll down, you can click the Collect Points button anyway!

    Then I get the code and input it, so hope all is well!

    ps Thanks for the reminder Raffles

    • Tom says:

      Yes – the trick seems to be clicking ‘stop’ in your browser. The ‘continue’ button then appears on the right hand side and you just enter your details.

      Very odd……..! But all done. Thanks Raffles!

  • Don says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get it to work at all on Chrome, Firefox or Safari on Maverick. Or Safari and Puffin on iOS 6.

  • Frenske says:

    Got the 200 points of the first two weeks. The website for 3rd week seems buggy. The loading circle kept going round forever, but when scrolled to the bottom there was a continue button and after clicking that I could fill in my details to get the activation code. Maybe that is the challenge of this week. 😀

  • Ben E says:

    So I’m struggling in both IE and Chrome… I can get to the chain, and pull it. The ‘multiply’ gets coloured golden and then scrolls to the left. But what do you do next?

    • Ben E says:

      Scrub that, I managed to do it on Opera mobile. Bascially you just get the entry buttons to the right afterwards.

  • andy21 says:

    Are the restaurants at the Shard open yet as I don’t think the hotel opens until next year?

    • Rob says:

      There are restaurants open in The Shard, but these vouchers will only work in the ones inside the hotel which, as you say, won’t open until early next year.

      • Mark says:

        Not Oblix then… shame that looks quite nice, and would even be affordable with a $200 discount 🙂

        • Anders says:

          I’ve only been to Oblix for drinks, seemed rather crowded if you want to go for dinner. I think the restaurants on the other side offer a lot more space. Aqua I was genuinely impressed by (although those urinals against the glass wall are rather terrifying…)

          Have played all 3 weeks of this, so far have only had points from week 1 posted. Keeping tabs on Award Wallet.

  • Tangey says:

    Bug!er, I’m travelling the next two weeks and there doesn’t appear to be a way of retrieving your membership number from the website. Not be back until this day fortnight, at which time I’ll have missed 2 weeks.

    Ho hum.

    • Stephen says:

      AwardWallet is your friend!

    • Janeyferr says:

      Can you not search your emails? When I signed up they sent me one titled “A warm welcome from Shangri-La’s Golden Circle” which contained my membership number.

  • Rob says:

    Wierdly I just played this on a Mac in an old version of Safari and it worked perfectly, first time!