Got Amex Gold? Get 3,000 free MR points by adding the Gold credit card

Back in March, I wrote about the ‘private’ Platinum Credit Card from American Express.  Not to be confused with the Amex Platinum cashback cards, this card was ONLY available to Platinum charge card holders.

American Express has now launched something similar for American Express Preferred Rewards Gold cardholders.

Amex Gold credit card

Take a look here.  You can now apply for the Amex Gold credit card, to sit in your wallet alongside your Amex Gold charge card.

Why would you want this?  Well, there is one good reason – you receive 3,000 Membership Rewards points for signing up! As the Amex Gold credit card is free, you are getting points for literally nothing (except a ding on your credit report).

There isn’t much else to add:

You need to spend £500 in three months to receive the 3,000 Membership Rewards points

You will earn 1 Membership Rewards points for each £1 spent

There is no annual fee

You must cancel your Gold credit card if you cancel your Gold charge card.  The Gold credit card is not available as a stand-alone product.  (This is important, as otherwise it would be an easy way of keeping your Membership Rewards account active if you chose to cancel your charge card.)

Is there much point to having this card?  Fundamentally, Amex is encouraging you to run up debt that you cannot afford to instantly repay (otherwise you would use your charge card).  It will make your wallet thicker without adding any extra flexibility to how you spend, since it can’t be used anywhere where your Amex Gold isn’t accepted.

That said, 3,000 Membership Rewards points is worth having – that is 3,000 Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles.

It appears that you don’t need to have received the mailshot from Amex to apply for this – any Amex Gold holder can sign up. 

PS.  Ignore the reference on the website to ‘Platinum Credit Card’ – this is a typo from Amex!

PPS.  If you don’t already have an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold charge card, I suppose you could see this as an additional 3,000 points for getting one!  Remember that the card is free and you get 20,000 points for signing up, and you will then be able to pick up this card for the extra 3,000 points.  Find out more in my review here.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I’ve had one of these for a while and it was offered to me when I closed my Gold Charge Card!

    • Are you saying you could have closed the Gold Charge and opened this?

      • Are you sure they didn’t offer you a version of Gold Charge with fewer benefits? With the Platinum credit card, Amex has been VERY insistent that you cannot have it without keeping Platinum charge. Because, frankly, it gives you an easy way to keep your MR points alive – waiting for a transfer bonus – without paying Amex any card fees.

        • 100%. I have no Gold charge card or the Blue one. The only cards I have at the moment are the Gold Credit Card and a Virgin Atlantic White.

          They offered me the credit card back when I cancelled my Gold one in July and it has indeed kept my points balance active!

        • I also have the Gold as a standalone which they offered me when i cancelled the charge card, as a deal they “only offered over the phone”. It doesn’t mirror the charge card in benefits exactly – main obvious loss is the airport lounge access , he mentioned i wouldn’t have access to the travel booking service, and tripflex payment option (athough i can seem to access them but haven’t tried redeeming anything – not that tripflex is great VFM). I am fairly sure i am receiving less bonus offers than my other half and don’t have a mechanism for referral bonus points for signing up other people so opportunities for building miles quickly are pretty limited, and as far as i can see it is only a MR generating/maintaining card. The downside looking over the longer term is that the longer you keep this card open, the longer you extend the period before you can apply for a new Gold chargecard (“no bonus if you’ve held any MR card in the last 6 months” or similar)

        • By “travel booking service” do you mean the extra 1MR/£ that you get by booking via Amex Travel?

        • If the Gold Credit Card is your only amex card earning membership rewards, are you charged an annual fee?
          The Gold card is free when you are paying the fee for the Gold charge card, but I understand that if it is a stand alone, you’ll have to pay for the membership reward. I think it is £36. If not, a great deal!

        • Good point. MR is chargeable at £36 UNLESS your specific card gives it for nothing. Would be slightly surprised if a standalone Gold credit gave this.

        • I was offered an Gold “companion card” (agent’s phrase, not mine) when I rang up to cancel my Gold Charge card – and the agent mentioned a 3000 point bonus. I said no pretty quickly so I’m not sure if this was what he was talking about.

        • Yeah same here… Still don’t have the 3000 yet tho.

        • I was also offered the “companion card” – I was hoping to switch between the two so it’s a shame!

        • But if you keep your MR account alive with an MR points-earning card, doesn’t that make you ineligible for the next sign up bonus?

        • Yes

          It would be a trade off … keep your MR account alive in the hope of a transfer bonus but put off the day you can get another sign up bonus.

          But Amex is NOT meant to be offering this card as a stand alone product, even if some phone agents seem to be doing so.

        • Perhaps they are offering it to people who cancel but have no other amex issued cards in an effort to retain their custom. Do any of you who received this offer have other amex issued cards at the tine?

  2. Is this guaranteed? Does anyone know how Amex does its credit scoring, once you have some history with them is it all internal? For example, Lloyds appears to be all internal and does not credit search you when you apply for the Avios card, as long as you have another product with them (unless you want something stupid like to increase your credit limit within 4 months of opening a new card)

    Would I get the BA free, SPG and this at the same time, if I had £3500 to spend? My household income is quite high but I’ve only had good credit cards for just over 1.5 years.

    • No. Just getting BA and SPG in a short period is pushing it. I don’t see any reason to push it further now by applying for this. Diarise it to apply in 2-3 months.

    • Free2Rhyme says:

      I thought Amex won’t let you have 3 credit cards simultaneously anyways…

    • Amex refused me a card for over 2 years Kept claiming it was internal scoring and not my experian file which is flawless so I think it was an erroron their part.

  3. Assuming this card can be stand alone, so was planning on cancelling my gold card for 6 months then getting the plat card to get the bonus!
    Will this card prevent that as it’s still a membership rewards card?

  4. pazza2000 says:

    How big is the ‘ding’ on the credit card? I would be interested in taking this our for the bonus 3k MR and potentially to keep my MR account fee free (if I get lucky). However I already hold the SPG and BA cards the latter only being applied for 3 months ago.

    • There might not even be a ding – it depends if Amex bothers, given you’re an existing customer. ‘Ding’ is the same ding as if you switch electricity company or mobile phone provider, so not a big issue.

    • pazza2000 says:

      Currently holding so many cards (inc. 2 Amex issued credit cards), I am concerned of the effect this would have on my credit card. However if it’s simply an extension of my charge card, with little to no harm in ‘applying’ then it’s worth it solely for the 3k, isn’t it?

  5. Does the Gold Credit Card offer the bonus points on travel & overseas spend (or even the supermarket & fuel 1st year bonuses) or is it a straight 1 point/£ for all spend?

    I did apply for one when they invited my wife on launching it last year but I was declined as they were only offering it to customers who didn’t already hold a credit card at the time. For 3K points on a £500 spend I will probably give it another go.

  6. I suppose the credit card will give you 4 weeks to pay your bill after the statement, rather than the 1.5 weeks of the charge card. 2 weeks interest on £1000 is not a lot, but still…

    • Just the opposite – with the charge cards you actually have until the next statement date to make your payment, whatever the ‘due date’ that they put on your statement. Woe betide you if you pay later than that, of course!

      • Huh? Why would they put a due date if they don’t mean it?

        • Because they want you to pay sooner, it being a charge card rather than a credit card. If you pay by DD they collect it about a week after the statement date.

          Stewie is right though, they don’t actually apply a penalty so long as you have paid it by the next statement.

  7. Are you eligible for this if you have the Gold Corporate card? I can’t see any mention on the website although this is probably since this is supposed to be targeted at specific customers anyway.


  8. Thanks for this. Just applied and accepted. Will be used to purchase Christmas presents and the extra 3000 points will become useful!

  9. Just had a somewhat comedic conversation with a phone rep where he knew nothing about this card and insisted it didn’t exist until he spoke to a colleague.

    They wouldn’t cancel my existing Gold charge card (which I was hoping to do) but the CSR suggested that I would be able to do this once my new card arrives. Has anyone successfully got them to do a straight-up switch?

  10. Blackberryaddict says:

    Not entirely convinced about this one. Yes, I get 3000 MR which is nice. But I get 1.5 on my BA PP, and I average more than 2 MR per pound on my Gold (almost only use it for travel and foreign spend). And it is yet another piece of plastic in my wallet. I think by now I’ve got more plastic in my drawer than in my wallet.

    • Get it, cancel it. Certainly no reason to keep it long term.

      • Yep, that was precisely what I did with the equivalent Plat offer. Really couldn’t see the point in it but wasn’t going to turn down free points! They even managed to muck up the MR transfer out (as they created a separate MR account to my main one), so ended up giving me some more MR points in compensation!

    • BlackberryAddict says:

      Maybe I should indeed. And I worked out that with my Gold card I average around 3.3 MR points per pound if you include the 7.5k bonus.

  11. Hi
    please can I have the link to appy for this card.

    • The link is in the post highlighted in blue. Click on “take a look here”. it will take you straight through. Just signed up and accepted, here’s to an extra 3,000 points!

  12. No, because it is not publicly available

  13. I applied for and was approved for the Amex Gold on 10th Oct and the Tesco Clubcard credit card on 25th. Am I asking for trouble with the “ding” on my credit report if I apply for this card too?

    I may also have another ding from EE a couple of weeks ago for an iPad SIM. 🙁


    • If by “ding” you mean credit searches, they only stay on there for 6 months, and they are only a problem if you apply for mainstream bank cards, you can have 1 or 2 without affecting your chances.

      EE may only do an ID check not a full credit search

  14. Would this card likely count as, or be in addition to, the 2 credit and 2 charge cards reportedly allowed by amex?

    • Absolutely no idea … they may make an exception on this but honestly no idea.

      • Thanks, will give it a miss in favour of richer pickings.

        • pazza2000 says:

          Same here, if it was mearly an extension to the Gold card, akin to a supplementary card, then it is worth taking out for the 3k bonus. However if it is an application involving a credit check, then I’ll save it he hit for a greater sign up, -especially as already holding the SPG & BA cards.

  15. I have now got the gold card – good for when you need to spread the cost and still collect MR points.

    I now have two membership rewards accounts – one from my gold card and one from the credit card. Is this right? I would of thought as its a companion card it would all go into the same MR account

    • Yes it should do. However, don’t tell them. You don’t qualify for the Gold bonus if you already have a MR account – so don’t tell them you already have one! Once the Gold bonus has posted, ring Amex and merge them.