A decent Avios bonus promotion on wine from Laithwaites

Wine retailer Laithwaites, the UK’s largest mail-order wine retailer (it runs The Sunday Times Wine Club as well as pretty much every other branded mail-order operation), has been a BAEC partner for many years via The British Airways Wine Club. It has also offered deals to avios.com members since the Air Miles relaunch.

The British Airways Wine Club usually offers 1,000 Avios for your first order of a 12-bottle case of wine, with a paltry 250 Avios for subsequent orders.  Cases are priced from £80 plus postage.  There is no obligation to make further purchases after your first case, but you need to proactively cancel.  It is not a cheap way to accumulate Avios.


However, at present they are now offering this deal:

A 12-bottle case for as little as £51

FREE delivery

1,000 Avios

A pair of Dartington crystal glasses

You are getting tied into something, though.  Every 12 weeks, Laithwaites will contact you with details of a new case.  If you do not specifically say that you do not want to receive it, either online or by phone, it will be sent to you and charged to the credit card you used for your initial order.  Here is the small print:

I understand that, every 12 weeks and at Christmas if eligible, I will be notified of the next Laithwaite’s Wine Plan selection, and Customer Favourites selection if applicable, which I will automatically receive unless I request otherwise. I will be charged the appropriate sum for each delivery – all currently £89.99 except Season’s Rose and Taste of Spain which are £79.99, Taste of Australia which are £99.99 and the appropriate price for my Customer Favourites case (Pinot Grigio & Friends and Merlot & Friends currently £79.98). (A £7.99 delivery charge will be added). There is no obligation, you can delay or stop your deliveries of Laithwaite’s Wine Plan cases at any time – simply let us know.

So, in return for the cash saving on your first case, you are going to have to deal with some admin from Laithwaites going forward.  Once you have got your 1,000 Avios banked you can quit Laithwaites Recommends, but this may take a month or so.

Whether you want to go for this depends on how well organised you are.  Overall, to be honest, it is a pretty good deal – 12 bottles of wine at a bargain price, 1000 Avios and the wine glasses.  I doubt the wine will be too bad, given that they want to encourage you to buy more.  And you can always give it away as Christmas presents ….

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  1. squillion says:

    Yep the Laithwaites wines are generally very drinkable, the wine buyer is very good indeed. A pleasant & professional operation and they don’t seem to take offence when you cancel after the first order, the telephone team is staffed by lovely gels with more than a touch of class & fine manners so please treat them with respect & you’ll get great service in return. I’ll have a go at signing up for a second time but will ask them if it’s OK for the points first, will let you know how I get on.

  2. Myrtlepies says:

    I would echo squillion’s comments. I’ve used the BA Wine Club for years and never had a bad bottle. The 250 Avios isn’t generous, but if you’re buying the wine anyway you might as well get something in return. Customer service is good with very occasional not-too-pushy sales calls, and you can manage the account online to skip or cancel orders.

  3. I joined the BA wine club years ago – got the first case with my free BA branded corkscrew and then cancelled all subsequent orders quite easily.

    There was no Avios bonus back then mind, but at least they didn’t mind me being 15 year old at the time!

  4. AviosNewbie says:

    Hi Raffles, probably not the best place to ask this, but as this is today’s post: have you ever bought Avios from friends? And if so, what’s the price you’d consider a good deal? I have somebody who wants to sell 100,000 avios for $1900, which will work out to around £1172 – so 1.17p per avios. Good deal? If I buy them, I’ll use them for a transatlantic CW flight.

    • Clearly depends what you have in mind. That price is a little steep because tax is £500 on top. That means you are paying £1,700 for the flight. You can get a US business class seat for much less than that in a sale, and a cash ticket would earn miles back.

      I would start at offering £750 for 100k and work up a bit if necessary. Remember that your friend needs to book the flight from his account, the Avios cannot be directly moved to you (unless you pay BA a fat fee.)

  5. Just ordered this and going to offer some bottles to friends.

  6. I got the invitation by post and I think I am going to get that too. but I am still waiting for Tesco to come back with the 800 CC for case!!

  7. At the moment Tesco Wine gives 1000 points when you spend £100. Use code XXF6GN.

    Not as good as a few weeks ago when it was 1000 points for a £60 spend (which sorted out this years Christmas)

  8. Come on !!! You need to inform us with this kind of promos!

  9. For those of us less interested in the quality of our wine, you can get 1000 Tesco Clubcard points when you spend over £100 on Tesco wine at the moment with the code XXF6GN, plus there’s 25% off when you buy two or more cases – so you’re looking at 1100 Clubcard points at least – a good 2600 Avios.

    • Whoops – I went to the vet in the middle of typing that!

    • I’ve always found the Tesco Wine to be pretty good, and some of the champagne deals are really good. My OH has bought 2 cases of the Moet 2004 which with discounts averaged £26 a bottle i think (shame i don’t think Moet is all that good).

  10. andy stock says:

    Mothers Christmas present sorted! Thanks Raffles.

  11. There is also what appears to be a permanent offer of 3,000 Flying Club miles for your first Virgin Wines order, you need to order a 12 bottle case to get the points according to the help section, the cheapest case I could see was a lot more than Laithwaites at £74.99 plus postage.

  12. Smiley miley says:

    Virgin Flying Club have a similar offer which offers 3,000 flying club miles. You pay £59.88 for 12 bottles and get two free Dartington crystal glasses.