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E.ON changes its Tesco Clubcard deal for earning points from gas and electricity

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I wrote a piece recently about earning Avios via Tesco Clubcard by taking your gas and electricity from E.ON.  A few weeks later, I switched our own gas and electricity to E.ON – albeit that the transfer has not yet completed.

E.ON has just announced an overhaul of its reward structures.


Some customers who currently collect Tesco Clubcard points directly via E.ON have had letters saying that they will no longer do so.  On the upside, E.ON is giving them – upfront – the remainder of the points they were due to earn in their current contract year.

However, at the same time, E.ON has launched E.ON Rewards.

E.ON Rewards is simplicity itself:

You earn a capped 1,500 points per year for being on an eligible tariff

Points accrue daily and are awarded monthly

You can either transfer these to Tesco Clubcard (1:1, no minimum) or for High Street shopping vouchers (500 = £5 voucher)

Whilst it isn’t clear, it appears that some customers who currently collect Clubcard points will NOT be on an ‘eligible tariff’, which is why they are effectively being ‘paid off’!

How does this compare to the current deal?

At present, you receive 1,000 Clubcard points in year one, 1,500 in year 2 and 2,000 in year 3.  You will still receive an average of 1,500 points under the new scheme, and if you switch supplier each year – which you should – you will be better off.  You also gain the option of taking shopping vouchers instead.

However …. E.ON used to give an additional 1,000 Clubcard points a year if you took ‘dual fuel’ and a further 1,000 points per year if you took your own meter readings.  These bonuses are no longer available, and overall make the new offer worse.

It is worth noting that you must opt-in to receive E.ON Rewards.  This is presumably to keep costs down by not giving anything to people unless they pro-actively make the effort.  You also need to pro-actively visit the E.ON website to transfer your points, or they will expire after 2 years.

You can find out more about E.ON rewards here.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (12)

  • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    Where does this leave people like you and me who have just changed (or are changing) to E.On based on the Clubcard earning opportunities.
    Can a supplier change a tariff for which you are signing up half way through the process?

    • Rob says:

      Good question. I have had no notification at all of the change, despite being in the process of switching to a CC tariff. I was able to sign up to E.ON Rewards, which you should do ASAP as the rewards are calculated daily.

  • thomas says:

    Off topic… Shangri-La points are almost completely credited now, 1000 out of 1200 posted.

    • Frenske says:

      I just received an statement that my 500 points will expire on 31 December 2013. A bit cheecky of them … I better convert them in a voucher.

      • Frenske says:

        Nevermind, the Shangri-La website says points expire in 2015 which seems to me a reasonable time-line. I assume the e-mail with statement is wrong.

  • CV says:

    I see you can redeem then in 500 point chunks, so the additional 200 wont be much use.

    I plan on redeeming these at the Shangri La in Hong Kong, whilst staying at the Crowne Plaza which was booked using IHG points! Thanks Raffles!

    • tangey says:

      strangely, my two accounts both show 200 points each for week1-> week 4. But one of them has a total of 1000, the other a total of 800. There is nothing in the transaction history showing were the other 200 came from ?

  • Simon says:

    In the same situation here but seems you will get the points for the rest of your contract

    What’s happening to my loyalty reward for being a customer?

    We’re no longer able to offer our current loyalty reward, but if you currently receive one we’ll pay you what we owe you for the rest of your contract in one go .If you’ve opted to take your loyalty reward as Tesco Clubcard points, we’ll give you what you would have earned for the rest of your tariff in one go.

  • Jon says:

    How ironic that the advert opposite (at least when I visited this page) is for “The Little Book of Loyalty – case studies and tips to understand, engage and retain your customers”. Now there’s a word that seems to have lost all meaning in recent years. Perhaps one day companies will realise it’s a two-way street, rather than something that can be bought, and that they actually have to provide something worth sticking around for and invest in the relationship for the long-term. And they wonder why we churn our cards, insurance and utilities so often… 😉

  • Will says:

    I hate eon

    Forced to be with them as I rent. Took the cc points but much better deals out there. Not high. On the list when we own in January:)

    • johnw says:

      Any clause in your rental contract that specifies you must use a particular elec/gas supplier is unenforceable.

      Unless the landlord pays and you reimburse him, in which case you wouldn’t get the points anyway.