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10% discount code for British Airways flights from Gatwick and London City!

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We have featured two British Airways promotional codes in recent weeks.  One was for 15% off flights departing from Leeds Bradford (even if connecting to a long-haul) and 15% off long-haul flights in economy starting in Euro-zone countries.

A new BA discount code has just been released which is a lot more convenient for HFP readers in the South East.

Via this link, you receive a 10% discount on any short-haul flight departing from Gatwick or London City.

London City Airport

The rules are:

Book by 5th January

Travel by 31st March

Domestic, Eurotraveller and Club Europe all included

Short-haul departures only

Discount is off the total fare including taxes

Minimum spend £100 per person

Maximum 9 people per booking

Works OK on ‘hand baggage only’ fares as well as standard ones

You need to use promotional code EUROPEOFFER in the relevant box on the booking page.

If you have a paid-for BMI credit card (from the old days ….) then this can be combined with the 10% base fare discount you receive via the special BMI booking link at!  However, note that the Diamond Club deal cannot be used on ‘hand baggage only’ fares.

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Comments (12)

  • James67 says:

    London Airways agan! If it weren’t for all their staff and avios I ‘d really like to see BA get stuffed by Emirates, KLM, Turkish etc who are happy to provide regional pax with other options. Even from GLA/EDI there must be viable routes to north America, and perhaps Australia via BKK or HKG but they are just not interested. From MAN options will be even greater.

    • Richie says:

      If it was seriously viable then they would do it I’m sure. But I do agree that an Edinburgh daily and man daily to NYC would be a good idea. Perhaps some seasonal flights to Europe as well.

      • James67 says:

        United have done Newark for years. Air Canada used to do various Canadian cities for years and only came unstuck when LCC like Globespand and Zoom came on the scene and subsequently went bust. Emirates can fill 2x 773 a day to DXB and that hasnt stopped QR and TK moving in. I am sure the American market has scope, and even Eastern market too via CX code share but BA just want to be London Airways.

        • Baggageinhall says:

          Raffles, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve copied and pasted a post of mine from Flyertalk earlier this year:

          The lack of promo codes from the regions is a fair complaint in my view

          The remainder however, is not.

          1. The comparison with EK’s flights from BHX/MAN/GLA/NCL just doesn’t stack up. As popular as Dubai may be, does anyone seriously think that they would survive in any meaningful way if EK couldn’t transport people beyond Dubai? MAN-DXB (and the others) are simply the equivalent of MAN-LHR – a way of getting you to their hub so that they can transport you on to your final destination.

          2. The same for AA’s flights to the US and European carriers from the regions to their hubs. Whilst there may be some O&D traffic, a large proportion of those seats are taken by people connecting elsewhere

          3. The mind may boggle at why AA offers a flight to MAN when BA doesn’t. Does the mind boggle at why BA offers more points from London to cities in the US than any US carrier? Or for that matter why BA covers more points from London to France than AF, more points in Germany than LH.

          4. If BA made it impossible to fly from great swathes of the country via London to the rest of the world then perhaps its Britishness could be called into question but the name of a nation rather than a country is a matter of convention and not a strictly controlled AOC (in the French produce sense, not Air Operating Certificate) that is defined by the number of points covered

          5. Why can LH make it work from MUC? It’s a much larger country with wealth spread more evenly and multiple real financial centres. Please don’t read this as me suggesting everyone outside London has an outside toilet, a flat cap and a whippet (I married a Northerner so I understand that isn’t true, everywhere ) but a reason as to why multiple hubs can work. Their attempt at DUS hasn’t and some destinations from MUC have been discontinued / scaled down

          6. “If you build it, they will come” – I just don’t buy that as an argument. Nor do I see BA as having to participate in doing so if it did. Bavaria was capable of supporting long-haul flights before LH got there. They haven’t created the levels of demand to support these flights, they’ve chosen instead to instigate them seeing that it already existed. That seems not to exist in the UK and so regional flights don’t.

          • Alan says:

            Hehe I remember your post from the FT thread and still thinks it makes a lot of sense! (and I say this as someone from the ‘regions’!). What does infuriate me though is when BA, even 11 months out, have very poor redemption availability on domestic connections – my parents used a 242 for a South American CW redemption, yet couldn’t get their domestic connections. I ended using the enhanced Gold availability to get seats sorted (18k Avios + £70 vs £270 return for just those domestic flights), but it’s annoying to think that they should have these for free as part of the main redemption. If only they’d offer more domestic seat availability when connecting to long haul.

          • James67 says:

            This is all fine , and obvious too, but you have missed the main point of my grievances. I am not suggesting BA fly here, there and everywhere from Manchester or Glasgow but rather they should fly to those cities that do have the potential to sustain a viable route. Clearly New York does with United flying daily from both GLA and EDI which are only an hour apart. US Airways has flew seasonal from GLA to PHL for years and made it work, and they are now addung EDI. Air Canada flew to Toronto daily and other cities several times a week and few of those would be pax connecting elsewhere in Canada. So what if they do need connecting traffic to be viable though, BA is part of OW, they should be more ambitious with code shares. If Etihad can do it aggresively outside an alliance then surely BA can do it within one. Technically much of the worlds major and even secondary cities should be reachable with one change and this is indeed true with BA from London but from regions it is not possible for us to do so as BA is just London Airways so we are looking at an additional sector. If BA flew GLA or MAN to say ORD and HKG for example with codeshares on AA and CX then much of world would be a lot easier to get to from regions. BA have stood by and let other carriers enter the regions of their home market and slowly but surely they are poaching passengers by the thousands that should easily belong to BA. And the situation may be just about to get worse for them, Norwegian may not be much cause for concern but the likes of Air Asia X should be. What if Air Asia X begins flights fron LGW and MAN to both KUL and DMK, and worse still, a similar competitor for the north American market? BA will then be losing even more market share, not just from the regiins but London also. Passengers are getting ever more savvy,they want to get from A to B ever more quickly and cheaply and forward looking airlines are respibding to that need. I fear that if BA does not wake up and join the party soon their future will become more bleak. Sure they can stay profitable, but as what? A boutique airline with a niche market?

  • courtster says:

    Wow, you can get a same day TP run to Bordeaux for £151.81 in CE. Not bad for a spot of lunch.

    Saturday or Sunday
    BA2786 0705-0940
    BA2789 2020-2055


  • courtster says:

    Can even do a (long) same day to Marrakech for £250 and 160 TPs.

    BA2668 0650-1015
    BA2667 1835-2215

  • flyforfun says:

    Anyone now if this can be combined with the Shareholder’s Discount?

  • WOW Thanks for this Discount.