House of Fraser ‘30% off’ giftcard orders being cancelled

I posted a few days ago about a discount deal for 30% off House of Fraser giftcards when you paid with an Amex.  This was offered by a company called SVM, who have run ‘discount deals’ on giftcards for Amex cardholders in the past.

House of Fraser gift card 2

A couple of people contacted me yesterday to say that their orders have been cancelled.  It is not clear if the entire promotion was an error, or if they ran out of stock early and forgot to remove the deal from their website.

In any event, if you did order, keep an eye on your Amex statement for the refund coming through.

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  1. thechiefexecutive says:

    When this ‘deal’ was posted on Hotukdeals one of the posters was concerned if it was legit and contacted Amex. Amex responded that they would investigate as SVM did not have authority to use the Amex brand in this promotion – which may (or may not) explain why the offer is cancelled.

    • I questioned its legitimacy on HotUKDeals as it seemed really strange that it was supposed to be promoted by Amex and yet in the T&Cs it said there was a surcharge for paying with credit cards including Amex, but no charge for debit cards.

  2. Ordered on 22nd, no cards and not cancelled yet

  3. Ditto here. Will be interesting to see what happens over next few days.

  4. When I called customer services yesterday they said was posted in error and would be refunding people starting Monday. Kept apologising and saying shouldn’t have been out in website. So we should expect to see moved back on cards later in the week.

  5. Big error then wasn’t it. moneys gone out of my account as well as above and no cards! Did think it was almost too good to be true and at sale time as well, My wife will be disappointed maybe the Mulberry bags had it! or maybe not.

  6. Sinizter says:

    I didn’t pay any surcharge to pay with an Amex.

  7. ineverturnright says:

    There may be a difference between ordering a top up for an existing card vs ordering a new card to be posted.

    I ordered one for £500 (physical card) and another for £1000 (top up). The £500 one was billed and delivered within a couple of days, and I have spent it. The £1000 one was billed but the gift card is still showing a zero balance, so I’m guessing it got refunded.

    I noticed that after ordering that they changed the system so that you could only order £20 cards (but I think you could order up to 20 cards, so £400 worth but a lot more hassle to redeem )

    • So are all orders being cancelled?

      I got conformation of order ,early last sunday morning but no vouchers yet.

  8. Eshaq Choudhury says:

    Just called them today as my cards hadn’t been loaded. It appears I gave them the wrong serial number. The serial number they need is the one starting with 80 on the bottom right hand corner and not the longer one in the middle of the card. I gave them these numbers which they will be sending across to House of Fraser to get loaded. Nothing said about cancelling orders.

  9. Just received this email from SVM

    Good afternoon,

    I regret to inform you that unfortunately we cannot fulfil your recent order for House of Fraser, as we do not have any stock available to fulfil the order. American Express also currently have no plans to make more stock available in the future. Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate stock outage and any inconvenience this has caused. The House of Fraser product was added to the web page in error. Our finance team are currently working through refunds for these orders, and I can confirm the funds will be returned to your card within 5-7 working days

    Once again please accept our apologies for our inability to fulfil your order

    If you have placed more than one order you may receive this email more than once

  10. Lorcancoyle says:

    Not expecting much of a reply, but have asked them to clarify the basis on which they’re cancelling my order having taken funds over a week ago – terms and conditions don’t seem to provide an explicit clause under which they can cancel orders after having taken funds

  11. I just received exactly the same email as above. It took them 8 days to realise their ‘error’ and another week or more to refund me no doubt, it’s so annoying as I just bought a sofa from The HoF and would have saved a hundred big ones. I guess I should have smelled a rat like earlier posters mentioned. My mum, as usual, is right about things seemingly being too good to be true being just that. Bah humbug.

    Not sure there’s much recourse on this one?

    • It wasn’t really about ‘smelling a rat’, because last year they ran an almost-offer with a 20% discount via Amex which Amex promoted heavily. So it certainly wasn’t ‘too good to be true’.

      Remember that Tesco was effectively selling gift cards at 20% off for the whole of December if you combined the ‘100 Clubcard points for a £20 giftcard’ and ‘150 Clubcard points for £50 of giftcards’ promos. A £100 spend would have earned 800 Clubcard points, ie 1,920 Avios.

  12. I got confirmation of my order on the 22nd, have just received the same email as above, it’s a bit or a b….. when you get a confirmation !

  13. Got the same email. Still no refund, anyone else had theirs come through yet?

  14. No refund as of yet. Got the email 7 days ago.

  15. Anyone got their refund yet? Can’t believe I’m still waiting. I’ve just sent Amex an email through their secure server to investigate and refund the money

    • Michael Christie says:


      i got my refund of nearly 1k last week….they kicked off process on 31st Jan so it did take a wee while… them here as they replied to my email as well eventually…

      Customer Care

      SVM Cards

      Tel: 0844 842 8200
      [email protected]