It’s a miracle! BA launches a regional flight – from Edinburgh to Ibiza …

I must admit, I did a major double-take when I received this press release!  It is true, however.

British Airways – the airline that does not run a single flight with a non-London origin or destination – is launching an Edinburgh to Ibiza service for the Summer.


When you look at the flight times, which are shocking, you will see how they are doing it.

Outbound (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) it will depart Edinburgh at 22.35, arriving in Ibiza at 02.35.

It will then turnaround, so the inbound will run Thursday, Saturday and Monday, leaving Ibiza at 03.35 and arriving at Edinburgh at 05.40.

The planes which makes the last trip to Edinburgh in the evening (and the first flight to London in the morning) will therefore be going on a little diversion instead of sitting on the tarmac.

Let’s hope the cleaners have time to get to it before the first of the business travellers get on board …..!

The first flight is on 23rd May and the service will run through to 8th September.  Club Europe seats are available, and frankly you may be glad of one.  No idea what the on-board meal service is for 03.35 departures!

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  1. Hideous timings requiring hotel room to be booked from previous day and for extra night unless you wish to be waiting from noon the day before.
    That said it is welcome that they are finally operating from a point other than London though not sure this will remove the London Airways tag
    BA more than ever becoming a leisure operator outside of fortress Heathrow.

  2. Perhaps this is an indication as to how tight things are?

    As for the grub:

    Our last BA flights were this summer- LHR to Agadir rtn in economy(morning out, afternoon in) = Brie and Jam croissant out & Falafel wrap in-can’t be any worse!

  3. BA did have a regional departure from EMA to TFS a couple of years ago. I think they were just filling space on a charter.

  4. Isn’t SIN-SYD technically a BA flight with a non-London origin or destination?

    • SIN-SYD is the same flight number as the LHR-SIN section though. It’s technically the same flight, just with a stop along the way.

  5. I’d rather pay to fly on another airline than use miles & go at those times.

  6. Perhaps it’s a viability experiment. If it is viable then we may see more such flights where BA have aircraft parked overnight outside LHR.

  7. Johnny5a says:

    could be a sign of things to come, utilisation of equipment.

  8. I think you guys are overlooking something. This flight would be perfect for young people wanting a few days out in Ibiza to party. You could get out after work on a Thursday , on an airline that gives out free vodka!, drinking 6 on easy jet will set you back a fair bit!! and when you arrive there is still 5h partying left. Have a couple of days running round San Antonio paying 60euro to get in each club and snorting more coke than even colonel gaddafi ever could. Catch a couple of stds ,
    and you don’t even need a hotel room for the last night. You can check out at 12 , leave the bags at the hotel , hit the beach for a few hours, 6pm Go down bar street . And turn up at the airport at 2.45am smelling of vomit.

  9. EvilGazebo says:

    Catering: big fish, little fish, cardboard box…..

  10. andy stock says:

    I would rather use a daytime Easyjet flight than these flight times!

  11. What's the Point says:

    The flight back at 3.35 am is going to be a very quiet flight, unless the party manages to carry on through airport security and Ibiza airport (not the most pleasant places to be in the day time!)

  12. Checking via Skyscanner and the BA flights are on average £30 cheaper than Jet2 and FlyThomasCook.

    Nice to see BA taking the battle to the low-cost/charters!

  13. This sounds like the old BMI slot, for a flight which used to start in STORNOWAY, land in Edinburgh and then fly to somewhere in Spain (probably was Ibiza).

    Given that Stornoway was usually server by nothing bigger than a Saab 340, it was strange to see a medium-sized passenger jet!

  14. flyforfun says:

    Somehow I don’t imagine the type of target audience BA has for this flight is the same as HFP!! Many of my friends have endured flight timings to/from IBZ in their youth because of costs or simply it meant that they got to there quicker. Now in their “middle age” they prefer, and can afford flights with better timings – and these are the people that will pay for Club Europe just because it’s a holiday and they want to a fab time from the start.

    Sure, land at 2.30am, dump bags at hotel and go to an after party, or sunrise party. By the time you get your hotel room you’ll be ready for some sleep in the afternoon anyway and then go out an do it all again.

    Check out means you’ll probably have to use the pool shower to freshen up before a late dinner before arriving at the airport and sleepwalking onto the plane. The hardest part for me would be getting off the flight back at EDI as I’d probably be in deep sleep!!

    There will be a market for it I’m sure!

  15. I travel most weeks to IBZ in summer… Most airlines serve Ibiza in this way in summer e.g. Monarch from London and Easyjet from London and regional bases. They tag on an extra flight at the end of the day so all they really need is an extra crew.

    The outward flight tends to be in party mode and everyone goes straight to their hotel and then out for the night. One night in Club from LGW even saw a supermodel in her rollers getting ready for the night out !!!

    The flights home are dead – everyone just sleeps

    BA have expanded the LON-IBZ market and have up to 7 flights per day now mid-season from LCY,LHR and LGW

    BA served IBZ from LGW in this way years ago with an 0500 departure

    The differing clientele on different flights from London is interesting… EZY flights from LTN and STN are party central , BA flights to LCY are home counties families on their way home from the villa with 40% gold card holders (according to the handbaggage tags and conversations)… and often very very full Club cabins

  16. They have been running an Aberdeen Balearics service every summer for the last two years, normally on an E190

  17. Speedbird_ABZ says:

    They do weekend charters from Aberdeen to Barcelona and Palma using the LCY Embraers, so you can’t book through BA. I think it’s Barrhead Travel who charter them for cruise departures etc.

  18. Surely BA holidays will do some kind of package that means you get a room in Ibiza until you are due to go the Airport. Having looked at the schedule it looks likely that as Edi has two night stopping a/c from LHR and one from LGW that the first inbound LHR will be used and this a/c will most likely form the second morning flight to LHR to allow for delays. I guess that’s one of the reasons Edi was chosen. If it comprimises the domestic schedule it won’t last long.

    I could see it working better throughout out the country on a fri/sat night when the first domestic flight in the morning is circa 0800. Interesting to see how this works out.

    ps the only time to arrive in Ibiza is early morning !