The new British Airways Club World washbag!

British Airways launched a new Club World washbag in late November, although I haven’t yet seen one in the flesh.  I have managed to find a picture courtesy of reader Carlo however:


As you can see, the old zip bag has been replaced with a shoebag-like thing!  Albeit that it is too small to actually contain your shoes, so you won’t actually be able to recycle it that way ….

BA has gone back to the separate male and female washbags of a few years ago.  The male version now contains a (cheap) plastic razor, a very small tube of toothpaste, a pen and some Elemis toiletries.  I’m not sure, apart from the razor, what is different in the female version.

I was told that the male / female split is based on BA’s overall average and NOT the number of men and women actually booked on each flight, with ZERO spares available if the flight is full!

Interestingly – and something which has caused some annoyance – the eye shades and ear plugs have been removed.  These are, however, still available on request.  I find it hard to believe that more men want to have a shave onboard rather than want a pair of eye shades, but there you are.

The addition of the pen is useful, as they are often needed for immigration and customs forms.  Even if you brought one with you, it is usually in your jacket pocket which is now in a wardrobe somewhere onboard.

To be honest, I have got rather ambivalent over washbags in recent years.  Many airlines either bring around a tray of items from which you can select what you want, or have a large number of items available in the toilets for you to take.  I am more than happy to take useful items (and I always use the Elemis toiletries at some point) but I still find myself throwing away a lot of the contents each time I receive one.  I have never used earplugs in my life, for instance!

Next job BA …. Can you get started on fixing the crazy sizing of the First Class pyjamas …?!

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  1. Club World pyjamas?!

    Best amenity kits by far are those given out by Swiss in C or F. We recycle them to carry our passports and electricals and toiletries when travelling.

  2. That bag is different to the new design one I received – which was a thin cotton one with popular sights of the London skyline on it. It generally struck me as the type of thing VS would give kids in Economy. I hope this signals they’ve rethought the design.

  3. Club World pyjamas? Think you’ve mixed something up there!
    The female bag has an apricot facial wipe instead of the cheap razor.
    That picture doesn’t really represent the new washbag in my opinion.

  4. That isn’t the new washbag. It is annoying they’ve removed the mask and earplugs, crew complain about having to do a separate run of them.

  5. The picture you have there is a VERY old design – notice the Club World logo on the tab on the handle – that is the logo which was used in the 90’s.

    The new bag is a flat drawstring bag with a kind of skyline of Elemis products and Big Ben etc on it. Nothing as nice quality as the one in the picture I’m afraid.

    Also beware that whilst earplugs are available on request, on my A380 flight back from HKG – requests had outstripped supply and I was unlucky not to get any. So take them with you if you want to sleep! I wasn’t impressed!

    • I rely on earplugs on a night flight. I associate taking your own with economy not business. I flew CW on 1st dec and got the old blue bag which was excellent. Assume raffles means F PJ’s which are good but the top shrinks in the wash too much!

    • Yes that’s the one I got

      • same as the one I got, horrible floppy formless thing…

        Flying Eva air in J in a couple of weeks, nice Rimowa amenities kit, shame on BA!

  6. Farringdon says:

    No eyeshades or earplugs in the new F washbag either. The crew had to bring them round separately.

  7. Mr Bridge says:

    Health and safety dictates that you cant have earplugs and shades, in case you forget your wearing them and decide to have a shave. you might hurt yourself.

  8. Raffles says:

    Picture replaced by an accurate one, thanks Carlo

  9. Do they give this out on all Club flights (not a great loss if they don’t)? Reason I ask is that a few years ago Emirates stopped giving out washbags on daytime flights and restricted their issue to night time flights over a certain duration, however theirs is a proper washbag.

    • Yes, I have always got them on daytime CW flights.

      The stuff mounts up. The kids get one too so we end up with 8 bags per return trip. Keeps me in moisturiser if nothing else …..

      We didn’t get anything on our Emirates flight from Dubai in November, a day flight. No great loss.

      • Our kids didn’t get any. It was my first time in BA business, and assumed they might have something special for the kids (like BMI used to have even in economy). The kids didn’t get anything and I didn’t get around to asking. All being equal I would’ve liked the extra toiletries, since they are actually good enough to use, but it wasn’t a big enough deal to specifically ask for them on a full prechristmas overnight flight.

  10. The new washbag is probably the cheapest looking I’ve ever seen (well, on a reputable airline). Can’t believe they have removed the ear plugs. Yes, they’re available on request, but it always take the crew half an hour before they bring, so I have to wait rather than sleep.

    Would rather have the razor available on request as I’ve never seen anyone shaving on an airplane.

  11. Señor Whippy says:

    I flew Club from SAN a few days ago and was disappointed on receiving a wash bag which looked like it should contain a kiddie’s chocolate bar Christmas selection pack. Not having ear defenders or an eye mask shows the poor quality of this new wash bag issue. There should be some aftershave or perfume included and antiseptic handgel would be a bonus. I would imagine less than 10% of men actually use the free razor on-board: if you were planning to use one, you would take your own, surely?

    • How would you get it through security

      • I’ve previously brought (decent) disposable razors through security previously. More to the point what’s the use of them giving you the cheapo one in the bag without some shaving gel? Hyatt gave me a nice can of shaving foam that fits within the carry-on liquids bag so I’ve been carrying that recently!

  12. Brussel Sprout says:

    I was similarly sceptical but found it great from taking an Ipad and other sundries down to the beach…

  13. I got this yesterday and also thought it could be useful to carry small electronics.

  14. Just returned from seattle club world, was on a skiing trip and after a few days growth decided to use the razor,
    I’d have been better off trying to shave with a spoon !!!!!!
    As first experiance of business class can say that neither my wife nor i were impressed with the content of the bags.

  15. cmcbugg says:

    It’s good for the beach at least.

  16. Thywillbedone says:

    +1 for antiseptic hand gel

    One wonders what is the annual saving to BA of not including ear plugs…such a low value item!

  17. The eyeshades and ear plug thing really irked me when we flew over Christmas, as others have said it’s the kind of thing you associate having to bring to Economy not CW.

    I raised it with BA customer service who told me that travelers had voted not to have them (I assume instead votingfor the disposable razor for the gents)…. does make me wonder which subset of customers they targeted? Those obsessively clean shaven ones I assume…

  18. BA still a long way behind Cathay Pacific and Virgin Australia on the amenity kit front. VS did have great shoe bags and amenity kits that could be reused as iPad carriers, unsure if they are still around?