Avios sale – £1 Reward Flight Saver routes launch ALREADY BOOKABLE

Today sees the launch of one of the most interesting parts of the 2014 Avios ‘sale’!

(Don’t forget, though, that until noon today – Monday – the previous offer is still running.  Until 12pm, you can still book a hotel in Vienna, Dubrovnik, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul and The Algarve for 50% off!  The 50% discount applies whether you pay by Avios or by cash, and you can stay up to 30th September.  Full details in this post.)

These flights are already bookable – at least for some routes – as at 8am on Monday!  Until noon on Wednesday, the taxes on Reward Flight Saver tickets will be dropped from £35 to just £1.


The following routes are included:









You will need to fly between 31 January and 31 May.

Only economy seats are available.

One way flights are available for 4,500 Avios plus 50p!

It works OK with UK connections as well, so a one-way Manchester-Heathrow-Amsterdam is still just 4,500 Avios plus 50p!

Remember that avios.com has greater reward availability than ba.com for economy short-haul flights.  (I think avios.com can access G availability, if these things mean anything to you!)  You should therefore look via avios.com and not ba.com, and use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move your points across.

ba.com should only be used for open-jaws (if allowed) or stopovers (if allowed in London on regional departures) which avios.com cannot handle.  The only exception to this is for BA Executive Club Gold card holders, who get additional economy seats made available to them and will therefore be better off looking at ba.com.

Remember, though, that you can only book Reward Flight Saver tickets on avios.com if you have ‘earned’ an Avios point in that scheme in the last 12 months. There is little point opening an avios.com account today (with the intent to make a transfer of Avios from ba.com) because you will not be able to book Reward Flight Saver tickets. Unless, that is, you spend £31 to buy 1,000 Avios in avios.com to activate the account – although this may make sense if you want to make a number of bookings and can see availability at avios.com which is not at ba.com.

The avios.com flight booking page is here.

If you need to cancel, the standard £25 fee should not apply as long as you cancel online.  You will only lose your £1.  All your Avios points will be returned.

(Want to earn more Avios? Click here to see our latest articles on earning and spending your points and click here to see our list of current Avios promotions.)

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  1. Couldn’t resist, got a long weekend (3 nights) in Nice. Got good flights from MAN-LHR-NCE on 25th-28th Apr/il

    Booked 3 nights in the IC Cannes with the proceeds of the IHG Big Win.

    Hope everyone has a good time!

  2. thesaver79 says:

    Does anyone know how long it’ll take to have the avios recredited when cancelling a booking made via avios.com?

    • On ba.com it is immediate (need to log in and log off to see them). I would imagine avios.com is the same?

      • thesaver79 says:

        Because you can’t do it online via avios.com, I had to call. They said it can take up to a couple of days to process. Still no Avios in my account. I’m in contact with their social media team to find out more.

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to book a weekend away in April but at the moment am not sure due to work whether I can stay for 2 or 3 nights. I want to book both options and then cancel one of them at a later date once I know my work rota.

    If I did this would I only lose the £1/ticket and would my avios be refunded? Or would I have to pay £25 cancellation/ticket? I am booking through avios. Many thanks!

    • Almost certainly ‘yes’ if you can cancel it online, you will get the Avios back and just lose £1.

      • Thanks raffles.

        But when I called avios they said a £25 fee would apply if cancelling. According to their terms and conditions I think it is £25 too. I just didn’t want to leave it and the have to pay £50 for the cancelled tickets, therefore negating any saving!

  4. thesaver79 says:

    Just to let you know, this is what Avios told me about the refund they’ve done for met today.

    “The Avios normally take 7-10 days to be refunded as these requests go though to our Ticketing Team on a queue. I am currently looking to see if there is any way I can get these refunded to your account sooner if you do think that you will be booking in our sale. “

  5. John Peden says:

    I’m looking for Reward Saver Flights but they all come back costing Avios + £300 or so for two passengers in Economy. What am I doing wrong? I’m selecting RSF from the Avios site and have tried a few different routes (all from MAN) but they all come back costing hundreds of pounds (and thousands of Avios).

    • thesaver79 says:

      Which destinations have you tried? Are you sure you’re choosing BA flights?

      • In addition to those questions – have you earned at least one Avios in the past year?