15,000 Miles & More miles for £190 …. plus 6 months of the Int'l New York Times!

Lufthansa is running a generous offer in conjunction with The International New York Times (formerly The International Herald Tribune).

As you can see from this webpage, you will receive 15,000 Miles & More miles when you sign up for six months of home delivery of The International New York Times.

New York Times

For a UK resident, this will cost £190.  This works out at 1.26p per mile, which is a cheaper than buying them directly from Lufthansa.  You also receive a daily newspaper for the next six months!

There is a slightly cheeky alternative if you’re willing to take a bit of a riskVia this link, you can order a subscription to an address in Thailand for roughly £90.  In theory, you could arrange for the newspaper to be delivered to a Bangkok hotel – I doubt they’d mind – whilst pocketing 15,000 cheap Miles & More miles for yourself!  At your own risk, of course.

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  1. MaltapointsTom says:

    I got a response from a Bangkok law firm on this, who expressly consented to people having the paper copy sent to their office, per the below:

    “You’re welcome to use one of our Thailand office addresses. We would like some newspapers coming in for clients to read.


    Given that the “send to Thailand” option (around 0.6p a mile) is apparently not a breach of the ts and cs, and this is now a fully legitimate address to send it to, it’s possibly a bit less cheeky…

    • RogerWilco says:

      I see only “Western Europe” and a bunch of countries under the link – how you got Thailand.

      BTW the UK is far the cheapest option compared to Euroland (190£ vs 305€)

      Still, just for the miles I think it’s far too expensive. If you read the paper, excellent extra

  2. Not a product I’d normally buy but noticed you’ll also get unlimited access to NYTimes.com, including the international edition. Free access to the NYTimes apps for your smartphone and tablet. I’m not a NYTimes.com reader but occasionally hit their paywall when clicking an interesting news link on the iPhone Stocks & Shares app.

    • Farringdon says:

      An online subscription to the NY Times costs about £10 a month, so if you find that useful, the incremental cost purely to get the miles comes down.

  3. How about the 18,000 Avios with The Economist subscription on Iberia?

    Anyone tried that out? Should subscribe for my friend in Switzerland

    • Lady London says:

      I’d be really interested to know if anyone did the Economist offer. I’ve hesitated because it says “up to 18000 miles” and gives a phone number. I was rather thinking the subscription associated with the full 18000 miles might be a large one…?? would love feedback if anyone;s actually scored the full amount on this one.

      • You can’t do it to a UK address. The workaround is to order to a foreign address and in a few weeks ring and ‘move’ to the UK.

        • MaltapointsTom says:

          You’re welcome to send it to my Maltese address in the meantime, quite a good read 🙂

  4. Oops typo about the Swiss part since that requires CHF800 for 18,000 Avios (not worth it!)

  5. I’m assuming the delivery address doesn’t have to match the M&M registered address then?

  6. any chance to redeem those miles for other SA like miles&bonus – aegean ??

  7. Sorry for the side question..

    Would it be Ok to ask for a little insight? In the last few months my partner and have cashed in the bonus of 2 SPG, 2 Gold, 1 Virgin Atlantic MBNA. I also hold a BA Amex.

    Where should I go next to grab another bonus? I believe I can’t have the Platinum, now that I have the Gold, right? And also I don’t feel like paying the heavy annual fee (although is refunded pro-rata). Is anything left? I still have about 3-4k to spend in the next couple of months or so. New home, more spending…
    What would be the right strategy? Cancel the BA Amex seems like the more obvious and perhaps one of the Gold cards. I’m going to cancel the two SPG soon anyway.

    Any advice would be great, if I may ask. Thanks!

  8. I live in Switzerland. Once again I’m reminded how expensive it can be here. The offer here costs 490 CHF (approx. 320 GBP)! More expensive than simply buying the miles. However, maybe I’ll get it delivered to my parents address in the UK and I can always read the online version.

  9. I have seen it still being called the IHT in some markets! Quite confusing.

  10. Another OT question – Does anyone know of a good transfer or reward for 8500 miles?

    • Best bet is to spend 7,500 on some Heathrow shopping vouchers. You need to be a Heathrow Rewards member and (oddly) you must use the HR website to redeem your Lufty miles for the vouchers.