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Which is the best hotel loyalty scheme? – an introduction

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Starting tomorrow, I am launching a series of articles on the seven major hotel loyalty schemes.  Each programme will be covered in two articles, to be run on the same day.

The first will look at ‘the facts’, such as the number of nights required to earn status.

The second article will be a discussion of the best and worst aspects of that programme.

At the end, I will take a look at and its Welcome Rewards programme which may be an alternative answer for some people.

If you are looking for a simple answer to the question of which scheme to join, you will be disappointed.  Sorry!

Different people want different things from a hotel loyalty scheme:

If your employer pays the bills, you are unlikely to bothered about free internet or free breakfast.  (In fact, by lowering your nightly bill, such perks would be a hindrance as they would lower your points earning!)

If you want to redeem in luxury properties, you are going to struggle with schemes like Club Carlson which do not have much top-end coverage.

If you want global coverage, you will struggle with Hyatt Gold Passport and its modest coverage outside the US.

If guaranteed upgrades and status benefits are what you want, you are unlikely to go wild about IHG Rewards Club.

If you have an American Express Platinum card, you will already have permanent Gold status in Starwood Preferred Guest and Club Carlson and Platinum status in Le Club Accorhotels, so you may be focussed more on the best redemption options.

If you want to give yourself a nice backhander by booking work stays via a cashback website, IHG Rewards Club will be off your list because it doesn’t appear on such sites.

…. and so on.

The other issue when comparing hotel schemes is that the points you earn are heavily skewed by bonus promotions which change every quarter.  I could have done a complex mathematical table to show how much you need to spend in each hotel to get a free night.  However, realistically, a large percentage of your points will come from the bonus point promotions I list on the Head for Points ‘Hotel Offers’ page.

The list of current bonus promotions may also encourage you to ‘hotel hop’, either between hotels in the same chain or different ones.  For promos based on stays, you could swap between hotel A and B every night to maximise your stay count.  This may be worthwhile based on the current promotions, but consider the inconvenience first.

There is one other issue which rarely comes up in these comparisons.  Life is short, and it isn’t worth massively inconveniencing yourself purely for the points.  If you have the choice of spending two weeks in a brand new Holiday Inn or a 20-year old unrefurbished Marriott, you should take the Holiday Inn!  Unless you were getting back late and leaving early every day, of course.

(Where did I spend 20 nights last year?  In a Jumeirah property in Dubai, paid for with cash This is despite the fact that I could have booked free nights at any number of Dubai properties owned by other chains.  Why?  Because I was travelling with my family, and this particular hotel offered the ideal balance of cost, quality and facilities.  I try not to compromise when my family is involved.)

My personal view

To set the stage for the discussion that will follow, here is my personal take on the major hotel programmes.  It is hugely unlikely that you will agree with me!  I will exploring these points in more detail in the coming days.

Club Carlson – they are still learning the ropes as the programme has only been around for about 3 years.  It has the most generous earning rate from ‘normal’ spending although offset by fewer promotions.  Gold status is free to Amex Platinum holders.  Surprisingly good selection of solid 4- and 5-star London hotels, although massive gaps in their high-end portfolio elsewhere in the world.  Very generous Amex transfer ratio of 1:3 with the odd transfer bonus as well.  I use them mainly for booking hotel rooms for visiting friends and family in London.

Hilton HHonors – it is often easy to get Gold via regular promotions, and Gold gets you breakfast and free internet.  I value this on personal stays.  I value the ability to transfer in Amex points and Virgin miles, which means I can redeem without having to earn points from stays.  However, the devaluation last year destroyed the value in the luxury hotels I tend to use.  Why pay 80,000 points for Conrad New York when InterContinental Times Square is 50,000?

Hyatt Gold Passport – this is generally seen as the best programme for upgrades (top tier members get guaranteed suite upgrades four times a year) and Park Hyatt is easily the best luxury hotel chain that is part of a bigger group.  Hyatt has a small footprint, though.  The programme has been devalued for non-US members by the introduction of a US credit card and a transfer deal with Chase – European members are suffering from ‘points inflation’ whilst not being able to join in, as there are no non-US credit card options.

IHG Rewards Club – this is my favourite redemption option due to the number of very good InterContinental hotels in places I tend to visit, and costing just 50,000 points per night.  The group has fantastic coverage almost everywhere and runs regular bonus point promotions.  However, you will receive almost zero status recognition except at Crowne Plaza hotels.  Since they withdrew from Amex Membership Rewards I tend to guard my IHG points more carefully.

Le Club Accorhotels – this scheme has no interest to me, despite getting Platinum status via Amex Platinum.  It has few big promotions and their points scheme only rewards you in money off vouchers or a modest amount of miles.  This allows no ‘arbitrage’ – on an expensive night or in an expensive city, there is no benefit is using points as you only get a fixed Euro value for them.

Marriott Rewards – on the face of it, this is a decent scheme.  They have lots of hotels, a solid points earning structure and regular promotions offering a free night (in a low to medium quality property) for just two stays.  Somehow, though, Marriott Rewards has never stirred my heart nor that of the wider frequent flyer community.  Is it the lacklustre UK credit card?  The lack of free status via Amex Platinum?  The lack of points transfer opportunities from Amex?  The lacklustre hotel portfolio?  Only the ‘flight and hotel’ reward packages seem to generate any excitement and these require a huge number of points.

Starwood Preferred Guest – Amex Platinum gives me permanent Gold.  The ability to transfer SPG points 1:1 to airline programmes is fantastic.  They have some super luxury hotels, but they are either at crazy prices (30,000 points …. you sacrifice the equivalent of 35,000 Avios if you redeem) or they don’t take part in SPG at all (see the main SPG resorts in Dubai).  It is possible to generate SPG points via the SPG Amex card and Amex Membership Rewards transfers, so no need for you to stay with them to earn points.  Suites are available on points but only 5 days prior to arrival!

Tomorrow we start our analysis, alphabetically, with a look at Club Carlson.  I will cover two chains a week over the next four weeks.

Hotel offers update – August 2022:

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Want to buy hotel points?

  • Hilton Honors is offering an 80% to 100% bonus when you buy points by 18th September 2022. The annual limit is doubled to 160,000 points plus your bonus. You can buy here.
  • Marriott Bonvoy is offering a 25% bonus when you buy points by 15th September 2022. You can buy here.

Comments (42)

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  • Toddy says:

    Great summary. My personal favourite is IHG due to the variety of properties not just in the UK but across Europe, as well as the bonus points offers.

    Slightly off topic but your post reminded me about something….I thought that all intercontinental properties were 50,000… However, I have booked for Vienna property for 35,000, is this because it’s an older hotel!?

    • Alan says:

      I think this changed last year when they revamped their rewards categories. I managed to redeem for the IC San Francisco at 45k a night when the cash rate was over $600/night – superb value and really makes the point re the benefit of a points based redemption as opposed to the Accor cash redemption.

    • uk1 says:

      I have also just booked 4 nighs at IC Vienna at 35k per night …. and have had full upgradeand benefits confimed. Very happy and unexpectedoits cost.

      • Will says:

        The Mumbai IC in India is 25k points a night. no idea if its any good but have been looking at it for a while as BA fly there and wife has family in the area.

    • Rob says:

      Some are under 50k, it depends on the average room rate amongst other things. Dusseldorf is 45k I think.

    • Rich says:

      IC Moscow Tverskaya is also 35K a night, the cost is normally ~£220

  • Maximum Power says:

    I agree with your Summary – I am only a member of 3

    My favourite – IHG – Had 1million points – booked 14 rooms for 2 nights for a stag do in amerstam and pocketed 1k for myself. Then used the rest for a week in an all inclusive hotel in Gran canaria followed by a new suit.

    Club Carlson – Had 1 million points and stupidly had a moment of weakness and traded them for £100 gift cards.

    Marriot rewards – not a massive fan for the same reasons you suggest, however this 50,000 miles thing has got me excited, thats if they don’t catch on I already have an account ( which is practically dormant)

    Only recently started collecting Avios – with the Amex card

    • Frenske says:

      Whaaaaaatttttt!!!! 1 million Club Carlson points gives you £100 gift cards. So £100 gift card equals to 111 – almost 4 months – days stay in a Category 1 hotel or a 20 days stay in their luxury hotels. Lol.

      • Maximum Power says:

        Yes I know – I was 25 at the time – I was’nt thinking straight – young and not very understanding of the value of things lol

      • Rob says:

        You can get 0.5p for a Carlson point on a good day, so 1m would have got you at least £5000 of free nights!

  • ankomonkey says:

    Looking forward to the Welcome Rewards commentary too. I recently booked 7 nights with them and joined up. Looks like you need to stay or redeem once a year to retain your credits. I already doubt I will see any value from my 7 night credit unless I mattress run somewhere dirt cheap to reach the 10 nights needed to achieve the reward…

    • RogerWilco says:

      Welcome Rewards: if you need status, this is not for you, as these stays are not “eligible” But otherwise it’s a good scheme. You get a straight 10% in rewards – 1 free night after 10 paid nights, for the avarage value of thise 10 nights.

      For others I usually book via For my own stays I still mainly book eligible stays with my main chains (IHG, Hilton, Carlson) but if I stay elsewhere I book usually via

      • Mark says:

        The rewards aren’t worth 10% as they are based on rate excluding taxes, and you still have to pay the tax on the reward nights. You also don’t get reward credit on redemptions. Max value would be 11 identically priced nights for the price of 10, plus taxes on the 11th night. Assuming 10% of the room charge is tax, that works out at a discount of just over 8%.

        Still with the online cash back plus typically 3 Amex MR/£ I tend to think it is the best option for the regular leisure traveller who gets little from business stays, as is the case for us.

        Will be interested to see if I still think that after the series is complete 🙂

    • oliuk says:

      Yes that’s correct, you need at least one stay per year to keep them active. I was able to do a mattress run a night, in London, for just £14 with no problems last year 🙂

      • dave says:

        Hilton is trash. Before I was using it for a week in Venice for 175k now I’m burning points solely on points and money to save a measly $50 or so. Of course this is what they want me to do.

        The result is do my best to get as much from the hotel as possible. As Diamond that means every 9 stays in 10 I get a suite that easily rivals those programmes that offer guaranteed suites. No matter if I’m on my own dime or my employer I can’t book suites. HHonors is now more of status benefits than points. With my stay pattern I re-qualify for Diamond by the end of March anyway!

        I will move my business elsewhere once I hit BA GGL and probably start some status with another chain.

    • Rob says:

      Depends how much you paid for the first 7! Do they have any rubbish £5 hostels in Thailand where no-one would ever know if you checked in or not?!

      • Simon says:

        There are £7 hostels in Bangkok which are eligible for Welcome Rewards , there might be cheaper places elsewhere but you need to make sure the property earns you a Welcome Reward point, not every place does.

  • Andrew S says:

    Hi Raffles,

    It would be interesting to know if booking by if you can add your FF stay number at checkin. I have been sucessfull usually when the rate is standard.

    • Mark says:

      I usually try. I’m sure I’ve had Hhonors credit in the past, but at a stay last week they told me I wouldn’t get any points.

    • RogerWilco says:

      You can add it, but no points anyway. I do usually get status benefits, if applicable.

  • Will says:

    you should also do one on pointless hotel loyalty schemes. e.g. you covered accord but what about best western rewards. I am a diamond (top tier) with them which essentially means a free paper!

    • Rob says:

      Those are the schemes I literally know nothing about, because they are pointless.

      Best Western has just introduced lifetime status, the press release they sent out said that 30 Brits had qualified already! Hopefully not you.

      • Mark says:

        I’ve stayed at a Best Western a few times recently for work, where there are no better options.

        No status, but I have earnt around £30 in Amazon vouchers so far which seemed the best the way to take the value. I wouldn’t normally opt to stay at Best Westerns!

      • will says:

        lifetime diamond status is even more of a joke. I mean seriously. look here:

        now your points never expire and you are dimond forever (or until they change their mind). IHG has had points never expire since…. ever?

        Best Western Rewards gives nothing. the real reason I got it was a status match from Accor (free status with Amex Plat) to then once in a lifetime match my IHG back to platinum as it had slipped. That and my boss likes to stay at BW’s (the one in doncaster is actually nice btw)

  • thesaver79 says:

    Raffles, have you seen the current promotions Accor are running? Good points/avios boost opportunities.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, I will cover that this week. It isn’t time sensitive so it will fill a gap on a quiet day!

  • Dave says:

    Don’t forget IC (Royal) Ambassador when discussing IHG Rewards Club.

    Paying for Amb can be good value if you stay in InterContinental Hotels and if you stay frequently then Royal Ambassador means you no longer pay the annual Ambassador fee.

    • will says:

      Raffles has covered Ambassador before so expect it will be covered either seperately or joined in with IHG as its techincally another IHG scheme.

  • TimS says:

    On a slightly related topic, does anyone know if booking day rooms at Crowne Plaza can earn IHG Reward points?
    Or does it have to be an overnight stay?

    • Rob says:

      Should be OK if it shows on IHG as a bookable rate

    • will says:

      whats a day room? and where?!

      • TimS says:

        It’s a room that would be used during the day (ie not overnight). They are more commonly used by transiting aircrew on very short stops, with an early check-in and a same-evening checkout.

        And it’ll be at CP Dubai.

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