Regus business lounge to open in Terminal 5 – and you can qualify for a free pass

Here is an interesting development.  Most people know that there are NO third party airport lounges in Heathrow Terminal 5.  This is not entirely surprising, as BA / Iberia have monopoly use of the terminal.

It does, however, impact people who have a Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Diners Club or Airport Angels card.  They have nowhere to go unless they have British Airways or oneworld status.

Things are changing, though.  Regus has announced that it is to open a business lounge in Terminal 5 this Summer.

Regus lounge 1 Poultry

To quote Regus:

“The move responds to a growing demand for ‘third place’ work locations where business travellers can check their emails, hold conference calls and meetings and print documents. Regus Express will offer a quiet, professional business lounge with a co-working space, private workstations, to be known as ‘ThinkPods’ and secure WiFi, as well as meeting rooms available by the hour.”

They also offer unlimited free TV and coffee, which is handy!  I am a big fan of Regus.  At least 50% of Head for Points is written in Regus business centres across London, such as the one in 1 Poultry pictured above.

You will need a Regus BusinessWorld Gold or BusinessWorld Preferred card to access the Heathrow lounge.  However, you can get one for FREE via many loyalty programmes.

Full details are in this post I wrote in January.  However, if you meet any of the following criteria you can get yourself a free Regus BusinessWorld card:

Avis Preferred (all members – and FREE to join)

American Airlines elite members

National Car Rental (Emerald members)

RICS (any member)

TripIt (Pro level members, can be bought for $50)

United MileagePlus (Premier members?)

Virgin Flying Club (Silver, Gold and holders of the Black credit card)

If you meet any of the above criteria (and its not hard to meet the Avis one, simply join online for free!), this post from January has the links you need.  It is not 100% certain that UK-based members will qualify for some of these, but there is no harm filling in the form.

Clearly, as long as Regus is willing to accept applications for the Avis offer from the UK, signing up via Avis Preferred for free is the easiest thing to do.

If you have Virgin status, you should apply via that route as you receive the ‘unlimited visits’ Gold card rather than the ’15 visits’ Preferred version.

If you have BA or oneworld status then this won’t be of any interest to you as you have Terminal 5 lounge access.  For the status-less, especially business travellers who need to work before their flights, this is definitely worth looking at.

The Heathrow press release on the opening is here.

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  1. Volker says:

    Just remember this when you sign up for Avis Preferred: “Join Avis Preferred for the fastest way to rent a car and receive 500 bonus Avios on your first Avis Preferred rental plus a complimentary car upgrade on your next rental – only when you join via

    • Trevor says:

      I did this and it said to use promo code BA at signup. Then I signed up for the benefits from a Amex Plat card and it said I must join and use promo code PLATINUM. Mmmm, hope Amex does their thing and links the account with the stated benefits (which in truth, aren’t much compared to Hertz).

  2. James_G says:

    Any idea what the policy is with guests? Will my wife need to sign up for membership too or can I just usher her in with me?

    • Raffles says:

      If youn have a Gold (unlimited visits) then guest are £15. Not sure if Preferred cards are different given the 15 visits cap.

  3. So I have the mail with a temporary card. It says I have ‘two complimentary business lounge guest passes’ Does that mean I can only use T5 twice?

  4. The Toulouse airport lounge “La croix du Sud” also has a Regus logo on the list of card holders that can access it, I didn’t have my card on me and the person at the reception didn’t know about it, so she couldn’t tell me the conditions, but it should be possible.

  5. David says:

    There are links out there that anyone can use to obtain a Gold card, no affiliation necessary, some creative Google searching will get you there.

  6. This looks interesting to me. It seems I qualify by Avis preferred. I cannot find out how much it would cost after the 12 months. On the Regus website it does not mention preferred. Gold level is shown as £39 per month. Would this be what I would get offered 12 months later?

    • Free Gold cards never expire, at least my free one never has, which is a good reason for going the Virgin route if you can. Not sure about Preferred.

      If they want to charge after the first year, just apply for another free card with a different address.

      • Trevor says:

        Having followed David’s advice above, I did some googling and there are a few offers out there, some for 6 months Gold, a couple for 12 months, but nothing seems to suggest that it’ll be free for life. Think your card is a keeper!

      • Johnny5a says:

        I’ve been told mine (stupidly I made an enquiry) will expire in the summer …

  7. simon says:

    Got my preffered membership – thanks for the top tip

  8. RogerWilco says:

    At least in FI if you have a Diners club card, you can also get a Regus Gold card

  9. Another easy way to get Preferred membership is via ICAS.
    Like RICS, the offer is available to all members, and the application doesn’t require evidence of a membership number.

    The link to the application is here:
    The activation code is UKPICAS

    • Mike G says:

      Thank you. Preferred membership now allows 10 visits, not the 15 mentioned earlier.

    • Greenshadow says:

      Although it’s stated that you will get Preferred membership through the RICS route, you actually get Gold! My card arrived in the post this morning 😉

  10. Olybeast says:

    Sounds good. 🙂 thanks raffles. No free alcohol though so I’ll be sticking with BA lounges lol

  11. Andrew says:

    Is this going to be airside or landside? I presume airside but I can’t find anything definitive.

    • I was discussing this with someone today. It MUST be airside, surely, given BA’s 45 minute ‘conformance’ deadline for getting through security or else having your ticket cancelled!

      There is a big reshuffle of the restaurants in T5 at the moment. If I had to guess, it will be next to the Moneycorp which is next to Galleries North, which is currently some weird restaurant. But that is a 100% guess.

      • Brussel Sprout says:

        Appears it will be landside according to the Regus website which says it is in the arrivals area.

        • That would be disappointing …

        • Quark999 says:

          Yep, arrivals I’m afraid: Regus Express – Unit CA210 – Arrivals Concourse, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, Western Perimeter Road, Hounslow, London, TW6 2GA

          I’ve tried finding out what unit CA210 actually is, but that doesn’t seem to be public anywhere.

          It makes sense if you think about the purpose of these lounges – why would you have it in departures, if for example you are flying in to meet with people based in London?

        • Because they generally are not used for casual meetings in city centres. I agree, though, that the only DIRECT revenue generation this unit will have is from meeting rooms as it has no offices to hire out. It would be impossible to measure incremental sales of Gold cards to people who just want lounge access.

          Will still be handy for people who want to arrive at LHR early and do some work before going through security.

  12. Thanks, Raffles. Worked like a charm via the Virgin route. Will come in handy for writing projects.

  13. The Other Steve says:

    I’m surprised at this, considering there is a Regus centre opposite the Thistle already.

  14. pazza2000 says:

    I suspect this will be a very small location also, especially if landslide. May not have all of the facilities.

  15. Ross Parker says:

    This post and a free 15 minute block in my day just got me 15 free business lounge visits, two of which can be accompanied. A good return. Thank you.