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Absolutely, positively your last chance to get free Cathay Gold (=BA Silver) via Amex Plat!

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I promise I won’t mention this again after today.  Honest!

However, if you were sitting on the fence about whether to apply for American Express Platinum before the free Cathay Pacific Gold card (= BA Silver = BA lounge access) is withdrawn, the crunch day is pretty much here.

Marco Polo Gold

You must apply for the free Cathay Gold card by 31st March.  You must have your Amex Platinum in your hand to do that.  Amex can take 10-12 days to get your card to you – although it is usually a bit quicker.  You would therefore need to apply for Platinum in the next 2-3 days to be sure.

I won’t repeat all of the reasons to get Cathay Gold, but you will find them in this post from a fortnight ago.

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Comments (130)

  • xcalx says:

    Raffles Have you any insight as to what may replace the MarcoPolo card if anything. Amex must realise that the end of this card will be a major devaluation of the programme.

    • Rob says:

      My best guess is Nothing.

      I have had Plat since 1999. There was never anything this good before and its hard to see what could replace it. Highly unlikely to be Lufthansa / Star status as LH and Amex have no relationship at all (pedant – Swiss Amex cardholders can transfer MR to M&M.) Virgin could do something, I admit, but Cathay was a global – ex USA – deal.

      Etihad or Emirates could also be tempted to offer something but that would be of minimal use.

  • Ken says:

    I’ve watched this thread with interest and quite keen on the MP gold card benefit…however I just gave up my Gold Amex Charge card in December and took out a BA Premium version. I presume I’d not qualify for the bonus MR points if I applied for a Platinum now, and therefore of dubious value to do so?

    • David says:

      Correct – you’d have to wait 6 months after cancellation of your last MR enrolled Amex card in order to get another MR sign up bonus.

      It depends what value you assign to the insurance and other benefits provided by the Platinum Card. Some people get a lot of value, others much less, dependent on personal circumstances.

    • Mark says:

      Do you have a partner who could take out the card instead and qualify for the signup bonus? The MP status would only then benefit you when travelling together, so may or may not help depending how you would likely use it.

    • Rob says:

      You could apply via your partner as mentioned above.

      Or just apply anyway! You will still get the card, you just won’t get the bonus (and, frankly, there is a 50/50 chance Amex will still give it to you as their IT is not the best). Apply for Cathay Gold and the hotel cards and then either cancel it quickly (getting almost all the fee back) or spend the £2,000 first just to check if the bonus posts. Personally I would spend the £2,000 as the risk / reward trade off is pretty good.

      Think how much Cathay will save you in free seating selection, for example, as well as the benefits (financial and non financial) of lounge access.

  • Anon says:

    Do the hotel cards expire immediately when cancelling the Plat?

  • Andrew S says:

    Raffles don’t apologise! For those of us without status upto this point, it has completely revolutionised my travel experience. I applied a month ago and just taken advanatage of the lounges for the first time.

    …and for BA – its incremental revenue as i would usually have flown low cost on these routes!

    • CV says:

      Agreed – sitting in the Glenlivet Whisky Snug at the BA lounge in Glasgow whilst waiting on a flight was rather enjoyable, even on a quiet Saturday morning! BA are my first choice whilst i have status to enjoy.

  • Bev says:

    We’d like the plat card for the status , however hubby already has the gold card. I was turned down for it 2 months ago for some reason( even though I used to have one 6m previously and conducted my account perfectly, not sure if it’s because we had £6k balance of hotels and fuel fees on the cards (?)).
    I was wondering if we could upgrade to plat from gold ? I know they won’t give us the points , but we won’t get them as he has the gold card at the minute. His gold membership renews at the end if this month.

  • Anon says:

    Me and my partner have a flight in May which I booked through my BAEC household ac. If my partner gets the CX card now will she be able to choose seats for us? – she’s part of the household ac.

  • Tania says:

    Travelling with husband and young daughter. CP card allows lounge access for 1 additional guest so probably not much use to the 3 of us or do you know of anyway we could all access the lounges.

    • Rob says:

      Correct – you can ask nicely but they have no obligation to let you in, assuming your child is over 2.

  • Tom says:

    Rather unexpectedly, mine just renewed umtil Feb 2015! Was due to expire in the summer and they extended me by 6 months.

    Is a great card for getting into the arrivals lounge in HKG!

    • Polly says:

      Hi Tom, we tried to access the arrivals lounge in HKG last dec and couldn’t get in, even though we travelled club world on BA, Cathay lounge said it was only accessible if we had been on CX? Any ideas on lounge criteria? We are heading there again , we have MP card too. Thanks

      • Tom says:

        Ah. I usually travel Cathay to HKG. Last time I travelled premium economy. I am BA silver so rarely use the Cathay gold any more, but you need BA gold to get into the Cathay arrivals lounge (and by the sounds of it, have flown Cathay!) and Cathay gold does just fine!