Lots and lots of free Hailo credit for Amex cardholders!

Following on from their recent promotion (which Head for Points readers exhausted within a few hours), American Express and London taxi app Hailo have launched another collaboration.

This one could be even more lucrative!

(EDIT, lunchtime:  The limit of 2,000 card registrations has now been reached, looking at the comments below.  You need to read Head for Points earlier in the morning to catch the best deals, I’m afraid!  New posts are up by 7am, seven days a week!)

American Express is offering a £15 statement credit when you spend £20 with Hailo before May 14th.

Importantly, this does NOT have to be in one transaction.  It can be cumulative.  It is open to both new and existing customers.

Amex Hailo

You can change the payment card in your Hailo account as often as you want.  Nothing stops you from registering every Amex-issued American Express card you have (via this website here) and receiving £15 back on all of them!  (It seems that MBNA and Lloyds issued Amex cards, as well as supplementary cards, do not work.)

This promotion was sent to me as a British Airways Amex promotion.  However, when you go to the registration page, it is clear that all Amex-issued American Express cards are accepted.

We have four qualifying cards in our household, so that is £60 of statement credit we can generate.  It shouldn’t be much trouble running up £80 of Hailo charges.

With this promo, it is even worth using Hailo for short trips – despite the £8 or £10 minimum fare, depending on time of day – because the cashback will still massively outweigh the premium you pay over the standard meter fare.

To take part, this is what you need to do:

Download the Hailo app on your iOS or Android device, if you don’t have it already

Add your American Express card as your chosen payment card

Register the same American Express card at this website – you MUST register your card to receive the cashback

Hail a cab via the app

You will receive £15 statement credit when you cumulatively spend £20 before 14th May

The promotion is limited to the first 2,000 cards to be registered, so I would act today if you want to take part.

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  1. Weirdly it let me register my MBNA AA Amex. I received the confirmation email too. Is that normal, or might non-Amex issued cards be working?

    • Sandgrounder says:

      I accidentally registed a cancelled SPG and I got the email, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet….

  2. Do you have to show/swipe the card when undertaking the journey? I’d like to register the wife’s supplemental but I wont physically have it on me at the time of use.

  3. Waribai says:

    3 cards all successfully registered. Followed your advice and didn’t bother with the supplementary or MBNA ones. Thanks Raffles!

  4. Given the wording I suspect MBNA/Lloyds will be ok with this, and it also looks like supplementary cards will work when they have a diff card number.

    • But it also says “one credit per card” which could mean supps are or are not OK.

      • idrive says:

        it should write “card account” not per card. by the way, thank you Raffles, this is truly great!!

        • Andrew says:

          I think supp cards are fine – when you get the confirmation page it says: “Please note that the Cardnumber which you have just registered is the only Card that can receive the offer. Any other eligible Cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

        • AusTraveller says:

          I think that Supp’s don’t work – I registered both the basic cardholder and a supplementary on my account and I received an email confirmation for the basic but no confirmation so far on the supp (bearing in mind the registration was done about 20-30 mins ago)… Otherwise fingers crossed amex is just being slow…

        • AusTraveller says:

          Scratch that, just got an email confirmation on the supp

  5. I wish there was an equivalent for taxis outside London!

  6. T&Cs state lloyds and MBNA cards are OK but supplementary cards are not.

  7. Scott says:

    Raffles, surely you should have said that it is limited to 1996 as you have already bagged 4 of them…

    In all seriousness thanks for the heads up, I’ve registered my card now and had the confirmation.

  8. Jonny says:

    I registered 30 mins ago but still no confirmation ?!?

  9. Already gone 🙁

  10. Just tried to register now (10:00 BST) and was informed the maximum number of registered cards had been reached! Snooze you loose!

  11. Henry says:

    Bagged 6 at the crack of dawn

  12. andy21 says:

    I got a confirmation email on one of my 3 cards I registered. Is there any way of checking if one has registered?

  13. Missed another one 🙁

  14. pazza2000 says:

    Missed! Was this mentioned anywhere else? A sign of HFP readership that these types of things are now gone so quick 🙂

  15. Haroon says:

    If I already have the 10 pound credit on Hailo – from an earlier promotion i saw on here – how does that impact this deal?

  16. idrive says:

    it should have no impact. The credit will be deducted from Amex on your statement, as i see it

  17. Belsize says:

    Thanks as always Raffles. It’s a good job you send the emails out first thing. ..I have just booked the Aer Lingus cheap flights to the US in prime Summer holidays for my family this week (On the AL flights I had to go through 3 BA agents until I found one who knew about it) and am about spend my Amex voucher so I have been taking advantage of your work a lot these last few days. I do read flyertalk but you are much more succinct!

  18. I just did £12.30 on this to get home tonight, so if I can knock up another £10 in the next day or so we will see if it triggers OK for cumulative spend.

  19. Idrive says:

    I hit £20 last night nothing happened yet (I guess it will trigger once recorded) on the account. Though, weird, i was double charged on two different cards for the same ride (they are NOT both registered at the same tine) so i will need to challenge this now.

    • idrive says:

      I just got the email with the notification of GBP15 discount on my nominated card, the same day it got on the statement, it quotes
      “Your GBP15 statement credit will generally be issued within 5 business days, but may take up to 8 weeks to post to your account.”