Two new IHG Rewards Club bonus codes emerge

IHG Rewards Club, the loyalty scheme for Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc, consistently releases special bonus points codes.  These tend to give additional points on your next stay or often all your forthcoming stays within xx days.

I did a summary of the 2014 codes released to date in this post.  A recent stay at InterContinental LeGrand in Paris netted me 13,500 points from these 2014 codes, as well as 2,000 points from the stay itself.

IHG Rewards Club

The two new codes are, interestingly, not compatible.

You need to choose between:

1036 – 1,000 points per stay until 31st May


1034 – 1,500 points on your next stay before 31st May

You can add your preferred choice from these codes to your IHG Rewards Club account at this page.

I should mention that a very small number of people have reported getting their IHG accounts closed down for ‘code abuse’.  IHG has been cracking down on some serious issues of programme abuse in China, involving computer hackers manipulating the scheme.  It seems that everyone who booked a particular InterContinental hotel in China during the recent PointBreaks offer has had their account investigated – whether they were actually Chinese nationals or not – and those using multiple codes have been closed.  (Although one Flyertalk member got his account reinstated and was given 50,000 additional points as compensation!)  You use these codes at your own risk.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Charlie says:

    IHG Rewards Club is unfairly penalizing its members for the Club’s defective computer systems. Many of the reward codes are unclear. Therefore people enter multiple codes. IHG should program it’s computer systems to block codes that are not compatible with the member’s registration profile. If they can’t do that then it is unfair to cancel member’s accounts because they have used codes that were written too widely.

  2. Jesse says:

    Thanks, Raffles. The two codes mentioned above seem to pale in comparison to those mentioned in the summary. Assuming that the codes in the summary are still valid, do you have a recommendation of which to use for a newbee?

  3. Can anyone tell me when the bonus points post.

    I added the last bundle of codes to my account earlier this year and booked (and stayed in) a cheap holiday in Express. My base points posted a few days later but my bonus points have not arrived. This was about 8 weeks ago now. Have IHG rumbled me or do they post later?

    • They post along with the base points. The codes don’t always work. Unless you are certain you are entitled to these bonus points, nobody has been rumbled here.

      • That’s true. However, I did get 15,500 points from an InterCon stay two weeks ago and that was purely from the codes on the last list I posted here. Hard to believe that Tims list failed entirely!

  4. Many thanks for the new code. Just in time as i have a HI stay tomorrow.

  5. Ben Nicholson says:

    Do these codes also apply for point breaks? I shall await my account investigation given that I have a PB booking in china in 2 weeks!

  6. Maximum Power says:

    Off topic – however I switched an old tesco clubcard account to auto enroll virgin miles and I got a 1,000 bonus not 2,000 so it must have reverted back!

    • The auto convert bonus was supposed to be 2500.
      I’m not completely convinced the 1000 that has turned up is the same bonus, it could be something else.

      • Maximum Power says:

        It’s deffo the tesco auto convert.

        31 Mar 2014 Tesco Clubcard auto tip promotional offer 1000 0
        04 Apr 2014 Virgin Money Tracker ISA 5000 0

  7. xcalx says:

    I have had 5 stays, (one nighters for the Big win promo) since I added the list of bonus codes. First stay 15000~ points. For all the other stays I have only received the base points of between 500 and 1200

  8. Do you know if using these codes would interfere with the Big Win promotion? I have a few stays booked that I need to qualify for my Big Win offers.

  9. pazza2000 says:

    1k here also for the VS auto convert. Is this a Clubcard or a Flying Club mistake?