Bumper bunch of new IHG Rewards Club bonus point codes!

(EDIT: I have added additional codes to this list since it was first published)

Via Belgian travel blog (yes, they do exist!) bart.la and Loyalty Lobbyvarious new IHG Rewards Club promotional codes have come to light.   These will give a decent boost to your next paid stay at a Holiday Inn, HI Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc.

IHG issues these codes to incentivise members, usually lapsed ones.  They are sent out by targeted emails or by leaflets included with new membership cards.  However, anyone can register for these codes.

IHG Rewards Club

Here are the new 2014 codes we know about:

1039 – Receive Gold status after one stay (aimed for Hewlett Packard employees but …..)

7667 and 4040 – New Stay Bonus (1,500 points on your next stay)

4047 and 3007 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus (5,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only)

6636 and 8000 – Anniversary Bonus (1,000 points per stay for 60 days, may be the same offer)

2656 and 8994 – Welcome Back Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, may be the same offer)

3050 and 8834 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only)

9944 – New Member Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay)

9990 – 2000 Bonus Points Per Stay for 60 Days

8647 – 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay for 90 Days

6796 and 8645 – Weekend Stay Bonus (usually requires a US account address, posts a few weeks after your stay)

3006 and 3007 – Elite Member Winback Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only, may be the same offer)

6783 and 8317 – Platinum Bonus (seems to post when your Platinum status renews)

5000 – 1000 points on your next stay within 60 days

You can add these codes to your IHG Rewards Club account at this page.  You may not be able to register for all of them because some may represent the same promotion, just with a variety of different sign-up codes.

You should also look at my last post of IHG Rewards Club codes.  Some of these may also still be working in 2014.

Because all of the codes have a limited 60-90 day life, do NOT sign up until you have a paid IHG stay coming up.

If you are working towards ‘The Big Win 2’, these codes may make the promotion more lucrative than it would otherwise have been, as each individual stay will now generate a decent bonus.

The ‘My Offers’ page of the IHG Rewards Club website has been broken since the New Year, so unfortunately you will not be able to see what offers have definitely been activated on your account.

(If you are booking an InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites or Candlewood Suites, please consider clicking here to book via our affiliate link.  We earn a small commission on every booking.  Thank you.)

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  1. Akhil Gupta says:

    Will these post on a stay that I have booked via Hotels.com. The booking is showing in my IHG account as I asked the hotel to put my IHG rewards number onto the booking? Thanks

  2. whiskerxx says:

    Well I got quite excited when I read the title, and I’m pleased that some people reading this have had some success, but this is rather old news Rob.

    • Fortunately – as you say – not to everyone! As illustrated by nearly 100 comments.. and my observation is that hotel threads often don’t get that much pick up!

    • New codes only became available a couple of weeks ago, with no-one knowing what they would earn. So it needed someone to use codes, stay at hotel, then have the points post to account. Would say the news is very current (with codes verified) and applicable for rest of the year.

    • I won’t run them until someone has proved they work, which generally means John at Loyalty Lobby as he literally lives in hotels, mainly IHG.

      We only had confirmation of some of these earlier this week.

      We are, what, Janaury 17? The majority of these codes only got released in various mailings after January 1. Stays take 5 days to post after you check out. Not sure how it could have been much quicker!

      • Wow, someone is being pretty negative. I for one was thoroughly grateful for you publishing these, Raffles…

        • whiskerxx says:

          Apologies if it sounded negative.
          I have benefited hugely from the information provided by Raffles and Headforpoints.
          But usually I read stuff on here and think – how the hell does he find out about all this stuff?
          On this occasion I’d already signed up and points had been posted, so it was greed and gluttony on my part which led to my disappointment that it wasn’t a whole new batch of codes, along with my astonishment that I had gained a benefit before it was posted on Headforpoints.

          So I’ll end more positively, with a thank you for the fairly recent reminder about the opportunity to get a 40,000 bonus for the PC Black Visa.
          I signed up a couple of weeks ago, used the card for a stay last night and am awaiting the points to post, and the card should provide further benefit as part of my Big Win 2014.

      • New Stay Bonus 1500
        Anniversary Bonus 1000

        All just posted for me. Weekend Stay and 5000 point platinum bonus didn’t post despite being sat/sun night and platinum.

        • Weekend Stay tends to require a US address in your profile.

          Platinum Bonus requires you to be Plat and posts in arrears – my wife got it last week but hasn’t done a stay in 2 months.

  3. Got declined for priority club credit card looks like a common problem for those with a hilton credit cards anyone successful cancelled hilton card and reapplied for priority card successfully?

    • Ditto Jason, yet getting the IHG credit card is part of the criteria for my big win.

      It is therefore impossible for me to win!

    • I was accepted for the PC Black last week and I currently hold a Hilton card as well. They gave me twice the limit on the Hilton.

      I have to say though, I think it’s appalling of IHG to make the CC application part of the big win. Lots of people don’t want or need that card.

      It’s also a poor challenge for those who get all their company travel booked for them as I do. There’s no way I could fulfil it on company travel alone as ours aren’t booked direct and that’s one of my targets too.

  4. Thunderbirds says:

    After sending in my two pieces of ID by post I was accepted for the Black IHG card at the beginning of this week. No problems for me as I only have cards via AMEX and MBNA. I too have the additional 20k offer on my big win so I used the old 40k application link mentioned above and will post when/if a bonus comes through.

    • james67 says:

      Thanks for trying the 40k link. The thread may be closed by the time you know so please email Raffles what happens so he can keep us informed. After reading these latest replies I was curious so rechecked my Big Win and sure enough the cc was there for me too. This is somewhat odd as I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t there before because I recall something else being there that I didn’t understand so I made a mental note to study it later. That something else has now been replaced with the black visa! Obviously I would prefer to use the 40k link if it tracks for big win so I will await results of your application.

  5. 3007 not working for Gold with UK address.

    The code you entered is invalid for your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your country, region or program. For further assistance please visit the IHG® Rewards Club Customer Care Center page.

    • Thanks. I only added that yesterday, it wasn’t in the original post. Only seems to work for a few people looking at comment elsewhere.

  6. The 5137 code is not a “Book with us” code. Having just registered it says you have to stay at The Venetian or Palazzo resort and you ten get 4000 per stay.

    • Odd! Sometimes codes are used for different things in different regions.

    • Strange, the FT thread on IHG 2014 promo codes mentioned 5147 as The Venetian or Palazzo code. could be both, but region dependent.

    • Well I am in Germany at the moment so perhaps that is why? Should have waited until I got back to the UK!

  7. Rob,
    I was just reviewing my IHG account. Few strange things
    1. My platinum was downgraded to Club. I received my status using a status match in Oct 2013. I called them up and then they changed it back to Platinum immediately. I suspect some batch jobs downgrading 😉

    2. I could not complete the Fall Big Win, But I did the christmas sale for 25 quid rooms in Edinburgh for Friday and Saturday nights. Surprisingly the stay was considered for Stay more & earn more (4 nights), Book with us (2 Stays) and Win in a weekend (2 Sat. stays) . I did all stays in HI Express, so I could not do the complete big win. But I did get few bonus points for it.

    • Some discussion at Flyertalk about similar batch downgrading, especially of credit card holders. Seems to be an error although you may need to email to get it corrected.

    • I had the same issue, emailed them and got a standard reply saying black card qualifies for platinum status as long as you hold it.

      I replied rather curtly saying I knew that, as I’d stated it in my original email and could they actually fix the issue and after 4 days they did.

      They’re having problems with big win stuff registering again. Book with us isn’t updating on the big win page, but all the other things relating to my stay updated a week ago. And who knows when it’ll recognise I got the black card. I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out by april though 🙂

  8. Hi all, I added a bunch of codes and had my first stay at a HI on Saturday. I suddenly can’t login to my account (trying to check how many points I got). Does this suggest I have had my account closed? I keep getting an error message saying system unavailable

    • Unlikely, a stay checking out on Sunday would not even post until Thursday. IHG also emails usually if they block accounts.

      • Thanks Raffles. I’ll give it a few days and then give them a call if my login details still don’t work. Just seemed rather odd that I could login on Sunday, but not from Monday.

        Appreciate the response, and many thanks for all the codes

  9. Thanks to this thread I just picked up 16.5k points on a £39 stay (that I already had planned). Quite a haul, and pretty pleased with that! Thanks Raffles.