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442 Clubcard points with a video game – new Tesco Direct codes available

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On Saturday I wrote about the new Tesco Direct video game promotion.

This earns you 442 Clubcard points on specific video games.  The 76 titles are listed on this page.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The cheapest of the 76 games is just £15.  As I outlined in more detail in the original post, the secret is to find a game that CEx or Amazon Trade-In will accept at a decent price.  This can bring down the ‘cost per Avios’ to 0.3p or less.  This page shows how Amazon Trade-In works.

In the original post, I listed two Tesco Direct codes for NEW accounts only:

TDX-DLCD – £10 off £50

TDX-HQ9T – £5 off £30

Tesco has now released two more discount codes.  These will work on ANY account, however many Tesco Direct orders have gone through it.

TDX-TH6W – £10 off £75

TDX-LVY3 – £20 off £150

These two codes are valid until 27th May, which coincidentally is the closing date for the video games promotion anyway.

The task for you now is to put together £75-worth of video games (at £65 cost after the code) in order to maximise the 442 points per title bonus and minimise the loss after reselling them to CEx or Amazon Trade-In …..!

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (23)

  • squills says:

    We’re actually down to 66 games at the moment as several have sold out 😉

    I think the trick here for newcomers may be to bide your time as a couple of the best titles are currently unavailable but are likely to come back into stock. Whilst CEX prices are holding up, those on Amazon & Ebay have dipped somewhat. The pricing is dynamic and may move up again. Especially for Ebay, you could easily see prices bouncing back towards breakeven inside a month.

    • Jack says:

      If anyone is based in or travelling to Ireland, check out the trade in prices here too. I’m actually making money on each game on a cash trade in!

  • squills says:

    Just sent mine off, did you realise CEX pre-pays for 24hr delivery? So you might have more time than you realised.

  • signol says:

    Unrelated, but keep an eye out for the Red Spotted Hanky Fantasy Football points – I just received an email confirming my final total. I wonder how long they’ll take to post?

    • Rob says:

      Only £5-£6 for me and my Mrs – that is what happens when you let the computer randomly select your team and then ignore it all season! Upside is that it took none of my time!

      • Alan says:

        I must confess I’ve been deleting both these and the Hilton F1 emails as they come in! As I’ve no interest or knowledge about either sport I’ve just left them on default. They mentioned a score of 422 in today’s email – does that mean a £4.22 voucher at some point?

      • pazza2000 says:

        If I could be so selfish as to ask for posts to remind us all of when the Fantasy Football / F1 points have been awarded, that would be much appreciated.

  • Barry says:

    There is also currently an offer of 500 Clubcard points for a £30 spend on Playmobil toys so anyone looking for presents might want to use this to get up to the £75 spend level

  • toddy says:

    O/T but I’m having a major panic with my clubcard points.

    I had approximately £600 in vouchers (waiting on an Avios bonus offer) and it appears that all of these have been “Cancelled”…but I now have £600 in points (i,.e that cannot be redeemed).

    Spoke to Customer Services and they are investigating (i.e didn’t have a clue!).

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • pazza2000 says:

      Bizzare. Have you ever had fraudulent activity on your Clubcard account before?

      I manage 4/5 Clubcard accounts in family members names across a few addresses, all with the same lax password and I have yet to have any cases of fraud, touch wood. I wonder what the criteria and methods of ‘stealing’ someone’s vouchers are…?

    • CV says:

      Sounds like your account may have been hacked, but Tesco spotted it and cancelled the vouchers and then reaccredited to your current statement period, its annoying they do it this way. There are a few mentions on this over on Paid to Shop forum.

      As for how its happening it must be an internal Tesco issue, my account was hacked over a year ago and i then told all my friends to turn off postal issue of vouchers as that was thought to be how it was happening. However since then i know of friends still having their accounts hacked. So, basically, it could happen to any of us regardless of password or postal preferences (well, thats my take on it).

  • Simon says:

    It’s worth checking your ClubCard account to see if you got any vouchers / coupons for Tesco Direct in your May statement. I got a £5 off £20 spend.

  • Rob says:

    Yes, did a tweet on this earlier

  • squills says:

    Frack SWizzair lol. Managed to get 5 of us out on EJ for the perfect pre-Easter Friday for under £200 all in, so maybe better than using Avs in economy BA. I have been hitting £30-40 a European BA flight quite regularly overall but the taxes add onto that.

    Just need a return flight now 😉