Big news – you can now transfer ALL TopCashback money to Avios

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For over a year now, there has been a fantastic deal available for earning Avios very cheaply from cashback site TopCashbackYou could convert up to £50 of cashback per year into Tesco Clubcard points.  Those Clubcard points could then be transferred to or British Airways Executive Club.

This allows you to effectively ‘buy’ Avios points for just 0.39p each!

(£1 of TopCashback gets you 105 Clubcard points which gets you 240 Avios or 250 Virgin Flying Club miles).

You can read the full details of how to earn Avios from TopCashback in this post.

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For heavy cashback earners, the £50 annual cap was an issue – although you could get around it by having a separate TopCashback account for anyone else who shares your Avios household account.

There is now a way of transferring your cashback ABOVE £50 to Avios.

TopCashback Avios

Yesterday TopCashback announced that you can convert cashback money DIRECTLY into or British Airways Executive Club.

Before you get too excited, check out the conversion rate.  It is 1 Avios point per 1p of cashback.

As you get the 5% bonus for not taking your earnings as pure cash, you are actually getting 1.05 Avios per 1p of cashback.  This means you are paying 0.95p per Avios.

0.95p per Avios is a lot cheaper than you can buy them from British Airways.  It is not a fantastic deal, however.  My general recommendation on Head for Points is that – unless you specifically need to top-off your account for a redemption – 0.75p is a decent target to aim at.  You will never lose money at 0.75p.

For a lot of redemptions, 1p to 1.25p is roughly the value you will achieve.  You should therefore think carefully before turning something VERY flexible (ie cash!) into something which is not flexible (ie an Avios point) and which might not be worth much more than the cash alternative.

One possible upside is that this is a cheap way of stopping Avios expiring if your account has had no activity in three years, although I doubt many Head for Points readers fall into that category.

You can read more about this new deal at the TopCashback blog here.

If you are not already a TopCashback member, you can sign up via this link.  This is my refer-a-friend link, which unfortunately doesn’t get you anything special but does help support Head for Points.

PS.  There is one piece of small print to this deal.  Cashback from travel companies cannot be transferred to Avios.

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  1. Worzel says:

    I agree with your 3:41pm comment Raffles.

  2. andy stock says:

    First Utility – 4772 clubcard points – 11452 avios points.

    • I would pay 11K avios to get away from First Utility.

      I was going to say that I would never go with them even if I had a million avios, but that’s not true. In fact I think I would be happy to use them for a year if they gave me 200K avios, as that’s about £150 an hour for 10 hours on the phone and/or writing complaint letters to the ombudsman.

  3. James says:

    “I only redeem for something i could not afford to pay for”

    This is an oxymoron (I think), as you are always paying for it
    BA is happy to sell you a seat in £ or in avios, and you have paid £X for the avios, whether it is cheaper with £ directly or cheaper with £ to avios first, is irrelevant to the fact that you are still paying for it

    If you can’t afford to pay the £ price, then strictly speaking you are getting £0 of value for your avios, or more precisely, you are making 0 savings by using avios

    • squills says:

      I don’t think the idea of getting extra value (and therefore being able to afford something thru Avios that you wouldn’t have had the money for) is misplaced. A lot of my Avs are effectively free or nearly free. When I use those to pay for a flight, I’m getting the plane tickets far more cheaply than if I had to pay real money for them.

      • I’m not sure I agree with the value comparison against £ at all. If you redeem say 100k Avios for a flight, you aren’t getting £ in value, you’re getting 100k Avios in value. It may be that the use of the Avios currency brings the cost of a flight down to a range that’s acceptable, where use of £ only would never be acceptable. It’s true that I then couldn’t say that I’ve “saved” anything, but I could definitely say that I’ve exchanged my currency for something of value. Ultimately that’s what matters, getting real stuff that I value in exchange for my fiat money (whether that’s £, Avios or bitcoins).

  4. RogerWilco says:

    With two kids in the UK I’ve found the European redemptions very valuable. EDI-LHR-home flights are usually in the €400 range. Redeeming 15k Avios + 42€ taxes is a no brainer for me (0,024€/Avios). The Clubcard route is unbeatable, but I’m still undecided on the direct transfer – cash is king and I normally earn Avios for “free” (business travel)

  5. You’re clearly not from my bit of Yorkshire (thoil?) – my bit is the bit in the play-off semi tonight!

    • “Thoil” as in “I can’t thoil it” = can pay but won’t pay. Others may say “it is too expensive” or “I am not prepared to pay that much for it” without actually revealing any hint of their personal financial circumstances. In true Yorkshire tradition, “thoil” captures the sentiment more revealingly, honestly and succinctly.

      “my bit is the bit in the play-off semi tonight!”

      I am not into football but a quick check on the BBC Sport site of the Yorkshire teams in the fixtures for tonight make you either from Rotherham or one of the Ladies from Bradford or Sheffield.

  6. Too early to tell I imagine

  7. xcalx says:

    Looks like the £5 Giftcard Offer does not apply to policies for UK destinations

    • squills says:

      I’ve had about 10 of them lol (old rules, hasten to add).

      Try finding something for £5 in Debs 😉

  8. squills says:

    Poor man’s business seat = emergency exit row 😉

  9. Simmo says:

    Has anybody had either of these manage to pay out yet?

  10. Akkers says:

    Thanks. Figured out my issue. For some reason my clubcard number was no longer in my profile. Just withdrew the £50 this year.

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