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Earn bonus Clubcard points (= bonus Avios) completing Shopper Thoughts surveys

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Reader Chris dropped me a line a couple of days ago to say that Tesco was promoting ‘Shopper Thoughts’ on his latest Clubcard statement as a way of earning more points.

I haven’t written about this in 15 months and, to be honest, I thought it might have died a death.  The website is still there and, more importantly, it now says ‘Copyright dunnhumby’ at the bottom.  dunnhumby is a Tesco subsidiary so Shopper Thoughts is obviously a tiny Tesco company.


Shopper Thoughts

The concept is simple enough:

Shopper Thoughts is a new way for consumers to share their experiences and thoughts. This helps us to develop the right products and to create the best shopping experience we can for you

We’d like to know your thoughts

Every day you’re faced with lots of different choices. Not just along the supermarket aisles, but in every walk of your day-to-day life. If you’re a member of the Shopper Thoughts Panel, we will send you regular surveys to complete so that we can understand what you like and what you dislike, what issues are important to you and how we can serve you better in the future.

The small print shows that the scheme seems fair.

It gives the example of earning 100 Clubcard points for a 15-minute survey. If this is accurate, then you are earning 240 Avios (c £2) for 15 minutes of your time, so the hourly rate is not bad – especially if you are watching TV at the time!

More importantly, if you choose to take Clubcard points, they post after each survey. There is no minimum balance to reach before your points are transferred, which is the biggest problem with competitor e-rewards.

Further details and the sign-up page can be found here. Remember to select Clubcard points as your earning preference.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (21)

  • Simon says:

    I can’t seem to register on the website – an error comes up with whichever details I put in. Any guesses how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

    • TimS says:

      I had that earlier, gave it half an hour & tried again.
      Worked fine second time around.

  • Dave says:

    I signed up several months ago and have had no surveys. I contacted tesco CC and they said to contact the number on the ShopperThoughts website. When I pointed out that this is the Tesco CC number they were stumped and didn’t know where to go from there. IME not worth the hassle of signing up.

  • Gadgeteer1066 says:

    I must have registered for this when you last mentioned it. I had forgotten about it because I have never received an invite to a survey. Only realised I was a member when I tried to join and it told me my email was already in use.

  • thesaver79 says:

    I have received some surveys, not many, but I must have collected more than 300/400 CC points.

  • jose says:

    Trying to sign up but application declined! is anyone having the same problem?

    • TrollBasher says:

      Yup, been trying all day.

      All I get is “The registration process could not be completed” in red.

      • Sum0plus1 says:

        Same here. Best guess is they’ve got more people already registered than they need so they’ve switched the registration process off.

    • David BS says:

      And also this morning – over subscribed perhaps

  • TigerTanaka says:

    I just registered successfully.

  • Trevor says:

    The Mrs and I both received email invites to join this week, and I tried, but it kept telling me that my CC number didn’t match their records, even when I tried both normal and credit card cc numbers. Got a bit annoyed and sent them rude message about wasting my time.

    Based on the feedback here regarding number of surveys and points earned, I won’t be trying again though.

    BTW, this isn’t a subsidiary co, it’s just a department within dunnhumby (the market research company that suggested and launched CC all those years ago).

  • Michelle says:

    I joined shopper thoughts approx 8 months ago and have so far earned 1750 points. I estimate that I get 2-3 surveys a month!