Still going! 1200 Avios for a £5 video game pre-order in Tesco

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A promotion in-store at Tesco last week offered 500 Tesco Clubcard points – 1,200 Avios – when you paid £5 to pre-order specific ‘coming soon’ video games.

This promotion closed for most of the titles on Sunday evening, although yesterday it was still working.  We don’t know if they will still work today, but the titles featured in this initial post still gave 500 points yesterday.  I don’t want to actively encourage anyone to buy those titles, though, as they could stop functioning at any point.  Keep an eye on the comments to this post ….

Two of the games involved ARE legitimately still available until the end of this week. 

The games are ‘Disney: Infinity 2.0’ and ‘Skylanders: Trap Team’.

This Tesco Direct pages confirms that these two offers run until June 22nd.  The games SHOULD be offering the same bonus in-store until the 22nd as well.

Do NOT buy them from Tesco Direct as you need to pay the full price.  In a Tesco store, you simply pay a £5 deposit which allows you (if you wish) to collect a copy from Tesco on the day of release, paying the balance at that time.

Skylanders Trap Team

As a reminder, this is how you go about it:

Visit the video games corner in a large Tesco store

Pick out empty ‘pre-order’ cases for either of the games listed above, across any of the available formats (Xbox 360, PS3 etc – Skylanders seems to be on seven formats!)

Pay £5 at check-out for each empty case you hand over. Do not take the case home!

Your till receipt should show the 500 bonus points

Do NOT buy exactly the same game twice on the same Clubcard, whether in the same transaction or in different transactions. If you do that you have crossed the Tesco ‘bulk buying’ line.

This offer will also combine with the ‘£5 cashback for spending £10 in Tesco’ American Express deal that I posted about last week.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Still working at 3pm today.

  2. Just got Destiny, Battlefield, Fifa 15 all PS3 in Salford Extra. No SELs but 500 points a piece.

  3. Awesome thanks guys im understanding now. Do you need to ask for the points or are they auto applied to account?


  4. I just did this at my local tescos on two club cards and it worked a treat. Only had 13 different games at my tesco branch but thats easily 31,200 avios for £130. Enough for a return business flight in Europe.

    • 2ndlevelcontactofbiffin says:

      The offer appears to continue today – just pre-ordered Battlefield and FIFA 15 (both Xbox) from a South London TX generating 1010 Cc points for a £10 spend.

      • 2ndlevelcontactofbiffin says:

        …also generated a £9 off £60 spend voucher which was a convenient way of recouping the initial outlay…

  5. Reported on pts that still working this morning.

    • billythehamster says:

      Thanks for confirming. It’s pay day today so it’s time to fill my boots with Game Pre Orders.

  6. Lyssie says:

    FIFA 15 and Battlefield still working last night, circa 22:30, at Dundee Kingsway store.

  7. n4ynx says:

    Still works at canada water tesco as of 5min ago. Fifa and battlefield

  8. LTshef says:

    Still working in sheffield tesco as of an hour ago.

    Go here for the barcodes:

    There’s a correction though for the Destiny PS3 barcode:
    5 052910 886972
    There’s only a single 9 towards the end, not two 9s.

    Then generate the barcodes here (using EAN-13, but that should be automatic):


  9. Got 2 today in Belfast – Disney inf Marvels – on xbox and ps4

  10. wilfred47 says:

    Is this still working?

  11. Still working as of 11am today (21st)

  12. wilfred47 says:


  13. SurbhiM says:

    Still working on all titles. Bought a combination of 9 on ps3 and xbox at my local extra. No issues at till. 4500 points!

  14. Andy Ashbridge says:

    Still working at 20.30 at Tesco Kilmarnock. 3 different Fifa 15 + a Destiny preordered.

  15. Reports on PTS the offer has finished today and people getting refunds as no points added

    • Col A-B says:

      What is PTS?

    • This is correct. I bought a pre-order for the Disney Infinity 2.0 game this morning (as I thought the offer ended at the close of today, as per the Tesco Direct website, although there was no mention of bonus points on pre-ordering the game in-store).

      No bonus points were awarded, so I returned the game and was refunded £5.

  16. Lyssie says:

    Hmm, off to see if still working in Dundee. If not, will be very unhappy that I only bought two titles 🙁

  17. Djouzef says:

    It doesn’t work anymore!!! ….tried 20 minutes ago and went for refund straight away in Tesco Blackwater

  18. foz101 says:

    Dead today. RIP

  19. Howard says:

    My wife bought two and only 10 points credited. We went to customer services who checked the display (still said 500 points). This was yesterday (Sunday).

    We were assured that the 1000 points would be posted today. was advised to call club card if there was a problem.

    I will check and post later.

    • You may get problems with getting the bonus points as ckubcard have stated already to some people calling up that the offer finished a week ago.
      Go back and get a refund to the store as cannot see them adding your points.

      • My Bonus Points are showing on my online statement for this month and they showed immediately on my till receipts. I don’t think they’ll take them back, that would bring really bad publicity for them.

  20. Howard says:

    Just had confirmation from Tesco that our 2500 points have been credited to our account. Well done Tesco!!!! Bought 5 last Sunday.