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Hilton and BA launch ‘triple or quadruple Avios’ promotion

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Hilton and British Airways have launched a joint promotion which is running until November 30th.

It is simple enough.  You need to have your Hilton HHonors account set to ‘points and miles’, which means that you will earn 10 Hilton points and 1 British Airways Executive Club Avios point for every $1 equivalent you spend.

(The other alternative when staying at Hilton is ‘points and points’.  This would earn you 10 Hilton points plus a bonus of a further 5 Hilton points per $1 spent, with no airline miles.)

You will earn QUADRUPLE Avios points – 4 per $1 spent – when staying at any of these London hotels.

You will earn TRIPLE Avios points – 3 per $1 spent – when staying at any of these hotels across the rest of the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

You MUST register for this promotion in order to earn the bonus via this page.

Hilton St Georges Park

Is this worth it?

I tend to value a Hilton HHonors point at 0.3p and an Avios point at 0.75p – 1p.

Under normal circumstances, I would recommend taking ‘points and points’ for Hilton stays.  The additional 5 Hilton points per $1 are worth 1.5p.  The additional one Avios point is only worth 0.75p – 1p.

With this promotion, though, the maths changes sharply.  Triple Avios is worth up to 3p per $1 spent and quadruple Avios at the London hotels is worth up to 4p per $1.  This is at least twice as much value as taking the extra Hilton HHonors points.

Disappointingly, the new Conrad Westminster (or Conrad St James – both names are now being used) – ie the current InterContinental Westminster – is not taking part.

Don’t forget to register before your next stay or you won’t receive the bonus!

PS.  Whilst I didn’t want to confuse the debate by bringing in additional calculations, remember that you would normally earn 50% more Hilton points by crediting miles to Iberia Plus and not BA.  However, Iberia Plus is not taking part in this promotion.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (46)

  • Kipto says:

    On a separate note, but still Hilton linked, Hilton have dropped the free breakfast perk for gold and diamond members.

  • Max says:

    Just as well Iberia are not participating as they do not appear to be fortcoming in awarding an miles earned do they? My account remains at zero.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      They seem to do transfers in batches. Takes ages but then you get a few months’ worth at once.

  • Simmo says:

    How does something like this work for prepaid stays?

    I’m staying at the Hilton T5 again soon, but booked and prepaid using their summer promo offer.

  • Myer says:

    I assume that if you go for this promotion, you will no longer be eligible for the Hilton extra points promotion, which I understand is more interesting.

  • Col A-B says:

    Annoyingly this is for new bookings, not existing reservations.

    • RogerWilco says:

      I don’t see that in the T&C

      • Col A-B says:

        It is in the T&C of the email I got from BA Exec Club 3 days ago, along lines of “For new bookings between 11 Aug & 30 Nov”.

    • Rob says:

      Don’t worry, whatever the rules may say it is very rare that the date of booking has any impact.

    • RogerWilco says:

      Is this the BA T&C? Looks very different from the Hilton T&C

    • CapnJack says:

      Hmm, well!

      I just noticed an interesting glitch on my account. I signed up for this promo last week (thanks Raffles) and have just seen on my HH account that the last 2 Hilton stays, one from mid July and one early August have had the BA Q2 2014 Offer applied to them – retrospectively despite changing the myway preference AFTER the points were awarded.

      18 Aug 2014 BRITISH AIRWAYS Q2 2014 OFFER – STAY 2 – Hilton XXXXXX 0 2000
      18 Aug 2014 BRITISH AIRWAYS Q2 2014 OFFER – STAY 1 – Hilton XXXXXX 0 1500

      These entries are totally separate from the earlier statement items.
      I don’t think I’ll rush to complain about it, I’ve already triple tripped these too 😀

      In fact – as an illustration of the vagaries of the system, check these 2 stays out:

      2014 HH2 DOUBLE YOUR HHONORS OFFER 0 6224 0
      Base Points 6224 0 0
      50% BONUS ON BASE POINTS 0 3112 0
      DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2014 0 3112 0
      DIAMOND MYWAY BONUS 0 1000 0

      So, 19672 points for a 4 night stay at a cat 8 hotel , whereas:

      2014 TRIPLE YOUR TRIP OFFER 0 5544 0
      Base Points 2772 0 0
      DOUBLE POINTS OFFER 0 2772 0
      EMEA OTA 2500 POINTS OFFER 0 2500 0
      50% BONUS ON BASE POINTS 0 1386 0
      DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2014 0 1386 0
      DIAMOND MYWAY BONUS 0 1000 0

      … 17360 for a 1 night stay at a cat 5.

  • RogerWilco says:

    Would this promo stack with the “Triple your trip” promo?

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Should do. Triple your trip works independently of earning style.

      • James says:

        I reset mine to points and points for ‘triple your trip’. Suppose I’ll have to set it back again now!

        Got a free breakfast yesterday btw

  • What's the Point says:

    In my experience all Hilton promotions stack, and you get the bonuses irrespective of when you have booked the stay (even though it normally says something in the T&Cs and about bookings made after a certain date).
    You just have to make sure you have signed up to it and stay before the end date.

  • Stephen says:

    Do you put you BA or Avios number on the Hilton website preference change field for British Airways (Avios) ?

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      I don’t think you can change the miles partner online after you’ve made a booking. The hotel should be able to do it for you though.

      • Alan says:

        Indeed – any changes made to preferred earning partner made after booking are ignored, you need to get the hotel reception to manually change them (I normally do this at check-in and double check at check-out!). Earning preference (points+points vs points+miles) changes made on the website are however honoured up to booking and until 23:59 CST post checkout.

        Wrt the breakfast change mentioned above – unless the OP has something they can point to regarding this I’d just take it as a bit of trolling and ignore!

        • RogerWilco says:

          And one learns something new again. It also explains why I received BA avios instead of the expected VS miles on a recent stay.

          Will have to keep close watch on this at check-in/out as I already have some bookings where BA was not the preferred partner.

          • Alan says:

            Yes it takes a bit of getting your head around! I learnt the hard way on a Route 66 trip with lots of stays!

    • Rob says:

      It must be a BA number, Hilton is not an partner