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Hilton and BA launch ‘triple or quadruple Avios’ promotion

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Hilton and British Airways have launched a joint promotion which is running until November 30th.

It is simple enough.  You need to have your Hilton HHonors account set to ‘points and miles’, which means that you will earn 10 Hilton points and 1 British Airways Executive Club Avios point for every $1 equivalent you spend.

(The other alternative when staying at Hilton is ‘points and points’.  This would earn you 10 Hilton points plus a bonus of a further 5 Hilton points per $1 spent, with no airline miles.)

You will earn QUADRUPLE Avios points – 4 per $1 spent – when staying at any of these London hotels.

You will earn TRIPLE Avios points – 3 per $1 spent – when staying at any of these hotels across the rest of the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

You MUST register for this promotion in order to earn the bonus via this page.

Hilton St Georges Park

Is this worth it?

I tend to value a Hilton HHonors point at 0.3p and an Avios point at 0.75p – 1p.

Under normal circumstances, I would recommend taking ‘points and points’ for Hilton stays.  The additional 5 Hilton points per $1 are worth 1.5p.  The additional one Avios point is only worth 0.75p – 1p.

With this promotion, though, the maths changes sharply.  Triple Avios is worth up to 3p per $1 spent and quadruple Avios at the London hotels is worth up to 4p per $1.  This is at least twice as much value as taking the extra Hilton HHonors points.

Disappointingly, the new Conrad Westminster (or Conrad St James – both names are now being used) – ie the current InterContinental Westminster – is not taking part.

Don’t forget to register before your next stay or you won’t receive the bonus!

PS.  Whilst I didn’t want to confuse the debate by bringing in additional calculations, remember that you would normally earn 50% more Hilton points by crediting miles to Iberia Plus and not BA.  However, Iberia Plus is not taking part in this promotion.

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Comments (46)

  • Davis says:

    I notice on the list of UK hotels that two Hamptons say Pre-Sell date TBA

    Does this mean that the hotels are for sale and will fall out of the Hilton Group ?

    Just curious…

  • Scott says:

    I’ve got a few US bookings coming up so it’s far from handy that this promo completely ignores them 🙁

  • Danny says:

    Some hotels have started to enforce the rule that only continental breakfast is free to gold and diamond members, and not the hot/cooked breakfast. For example at the Hilton Croydon, they charge £5 extra if you want the hot/cooked/ options!

    • N says:

      I’ve been told that at other Hiltons occasionally, but got a full brekky at Croydon a couple of weeks ago. Just depends who serves you.

      • Rob says:

        I got full brekky at Hilton Munich City recently – and that was on a booked night (Hilton generally respects your benefits on third party website bookings even though you get no points). Breakfast was usually Euro 29 – I won’t say I ‘saved’ Euro 29 since if it wasn’t included I would have nipped into a local baker and spent Euro 7 or so on something!

    • Graham says:

      I’ve noticed this as well. £5 extra is still not terrible but it still devalues HHonors imo.

    • Rob says:

      Conrad New York offers a limited number of options (everything is cooked to order, no buffet) for Gold members. The alternative is a $20 credit towards the full menu, not that $20 goes far!

  • Danksy says:

    When I used an Avios bonus weekend from Lloyds TSB to travel and stay in the Dublin Doubletree I never received any points despite running a bar bill to £150!

  • Kipto says:

    I stayed at the Hilton in San Diego last week and on checking in was told that Hilton had pulled the full cooked breakfast for gold and diamond members and I got a voucher for two for a drink and one food item at a Starbucks below the hotel. Needless to say there was a long queue in the morning. At Palm Springs the next day I was given a certificate for continental breakfast only and had to pay extra for a hot breakfast. It appears that it varies from hotel to hotel

    • Alan says:

      Lol that’s quite different to what you said in your initial post 😀 A cooked breakfast was never part of the benefits – it’s only a ‘continental’ breakfast (see Most properties in Europe and Asia go well above this, but the US properties are notoriously stingy, perhaps due to how easy it is to gain Gold/Diamond there via credit cards. So it sounds like it’s just that property that has changed what they offer, it’s not a change to the overall offering.

  • Sididdly says:

    I’ve just had points and miles posted for a stay this week and the quadruple miles have not posted for me. In fact I seem to have had a disaster by changing my preferences to points plus miles. I got 6273 base points but only 4136 bonus points and 627 miles. Not happy.

  • What's the Point says:

    I stayed at Hilton Watford on Thursday, and have only received the standard BA Avios. I await Hilton Customer Service team’s response.

    • tony says:

      Two stays for me last week and only the standard miles have tracked, too… It does say allow 6 weeks so maybe the bonus miles get swept on at the end???

  • Elaine says:

    Only standard for me too from a stay in a London hotel on Tuesday night.